eight Brief Sci-Fi Stories – Arrival

8 Quick Sci-Fi stories of alien encounters! Over two hours of audio such as:

1. Arrival – read by Colin Baker – :00
2. Nightmare – study by Peter Barkworth – 25:10
3. Telemart 3 – read by Rula Lenska – 36:08
4. In The Hereafter Hilton – read by Dennis Waterman – 54:08
5. The Light Of Other Days – study by Anton Rodgers – 1:09:30
6. A Glitch In Time – read by Jon Pertwee – 1:31:28
7. Dream Fighter – study by Martin Kemp – 1:36:14
eight. Silent Companion – study by Martin Jarvis 2:03:28

Providence R.I. – Swan Point Cemetery H.P.L. Grave 03
The photo shows the grave of H.P. Lovecraft. He was listed along with his parents on the Phillips household monument on the Swan Point Cemetry, Providence Rhode Island.

Howard Phillips Lovecraft (August 20th, 1890 – March 15th, 1937)–often credited as H.P. Lovecraft — was an American author of horror, fantasy and science fiction, especially the subgenre known as weird fiction.

Lovecraft’s guiding aesthetic and philosophical principle was what he termed &quotcosmicism&quot or &quotcosmic horror&quot, the idea that life is incomprehensible to human minds and that the universe is fundamentally inimical to the interests of humankind. As such, his stories express a profound indifference to human beliefs and affairs. Lovecraft is ideal recognized for his Cthulhu Mythos story cycle and the Necronomicon, a fictional grimoire of magical rites and forbidden lore.
By Daniel Mennerich on 2011-05-21 21:16:28

The Urdu common fiction is blessed to have writers like Umera Ahmed. In Pakistan, the penetration of the well-known fiction among the masses is not a lot. Nonetheless, it is not much less either. Specially the Urdu popular fiction extends beyond the urban population. Of course, the English common fiction is study among the city dwellers only.

Umera Ahmed started her writing career from the well-liked fiction digests. The digests in which she contributed a lot are the Khawateen Digest and the Shua Digest, each belonging to the very same group of publishers. She also wrote a handful of Urdu stories and novels for Pakeezah digest.

An intriguing fact about Umera Ahmed is that she has carried out masters in English literature. Yet she chose to write stories and novels in Urdu . There can be numerous reason of why Umera chose to create in Urdu. A straightforward explanation is that Umera Ahmed has always wanted to attain the masses by means of her writings and in Pakistan, reaching the masses is attainable only if it is accomplished by selecting the Urdu language as the medium.

Umera Ahmed has touched distinct subjects whilst writing in the Urdu language. The topic of her initial novels was the self-esteem of the women of Pakistan. She specially wrote about the self-esteem of the females who are not really considerably physically endowed and usually deemed ugly by the society.
She urged the plain searching ladies to develop their character and careers in a way that the looks grow to be a secondary point not only to them but also to the folks around them.

Right after writing about the self-esteem of the girls for a even though, Umera Ahmed started to write Urdu stories and novels on Pakistans bureaucracy. One particular of her extremely famous Urdu novels on Pakistans bureaucracy is called Amer Bail.

Umera Ahmed is also identified for another distinguished style of writing. She wrote a lot of novels on the religious subjects in Urdu. Umeras writings on the religious subjects are distinctive due to the fact of numerous motives. Her style is not preachy at all. She has proper storylines and character constructing, in contrast to several other writers who make Urdu religious stories.

Although there are numerous novels of Umera Ahmed, which became bestsellers, nevertheless some novels of her broke all the records. For instance Peer-e-Kamil (S.A.W), Meri Zaat Zara e Benishan, Man-o-Salwa and so forth. The most famous of Umeras novel among these is the Peer-e-Kamil (S.A.W).

Soon after making a lot of extremely popular Urdu novels and stories for the digests, Umera Ahmed proceeded to write for the Tv. She has written stories and scripts for numerous Tv drama serials and quick plays now. Due to her engagements at Television, Umera has stopped writing for the digest, though the digest audience nonetheless misses her and craves for her writings. One more reason men and women say that Umera left writing for the Urdu digests is due to the fact soon after reading the Peer-e-Kamil, peoples expectations from Umera became too high. So rather of writing in stress, Umera stepped ahead to create for an entirely distinct audience.

Asad have keen interest in Urdu poetry and Urdu literature. Asad have read a lot of books on Urdu literature which forced him to continue studying and exploring Urdu. Feel totally free to make contact with Asad at asad_asrar@yahoo.com

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  1. Hermoso monumento, drámatico cielo !
    Ojalá tengas un bonito día !


    ¡Qué raro y maravilloso es ese fugaz instante en el que nos damos cuenta de que hemos descubierto un amigo!
    William Rotsler (1926-1997) Escritor estadounidense.

    Felices fiestas y próspero año 2012. P1090166

    Para tí una bonita canción de Robbie Williams "My way"

  2. Water as a surprise weakness is ridiculous.
    Perhaps there is some intelligent civilization somewhere that is unaware of water. Perhaps water would be dangerous to them as well.
    They would certainly learn about water and the danger it represents to them long before they reach our planet.

  3. Do you have more lights? I do need some on my photostream:-)
    There is nothing more to say; AMAZING!

  4. For the first story… I get a some sort of sick feeling in my gut (hard to explain) from thinking about all the news/broadcasts about the first contact with extraterrestrial life. All the garbage that would spew from every tv program, internet videos, online boards, etc. I can’t really explain it to well but I feel like it’d be a shit show and I guess it might be a little selfish in saying that I, personally, am not ready to handle that. That being the arrival of aliens. It might be wishful thinking but I hope that the Earth is able to "sort their shit out" in the next couple hundred years because I honestly don’t believe we’re, as a race, capable of dealing with Aliens at the currently year.

    I literally want to die but dying is too much of a hassle. Imma stop thinking about such depressing thoughts, it’s not good for my heart.

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    Hay sido encuentrada en lo grupo.
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    Parabens! Congrats!

  6. Fantástica Daniel, tétrica e inquietante como sus Obras. Una gran fotografia para un Gran Escritor.

  7. Oh this is bliss. An hour and a half ago, I thought to myself, "Hey Noises, you know how you’ve been complaining lately about how all the creepypastas you used to like are now just collections of basic-white-girl "omg, so, like, there was this hella creepy guy who I didn’t like who liked me, hashtag terrifying," or "one night I was followed …I think. I’m not sure but I was like, so scared omg," and you’re hating it? Why not just youtube search "sci if stories?" And here I am. Listening to Colin Baker, Dennis Waterman and Jon God Damned Pertwee For Crying Out Loud OBE, KoToR, PhD etc etc <<his full title. This is such a nice change from "pretty sure it was a skinwalker" stories read by gap toothed semi-literates who can’t pronounce the words, ‘pretty’ ‘sure’ or ‘was’ without making themselves sound like the infant children of lexicographers reading daddy’s texts on obscure words in dead dialects.

    To be honest I hardly hoped I’d find anything good. This is bliss. Bliss I tell you.

  8. Ten years after Dirst Contact, the Aliens from the first story retaliated against the destruction of their ship by simultaneously subjecting the inhabitants of Earths main cities with an affternoon off scattered showers.

  9. I may just be a noob and there is a way but it would be nice to have a way to skip around even time stamps in the description would work.

  10. Many folks are missing the point of the first story. The water is not important as the whole story is about communication and how even the best intentions can be misconstrued. watch the movie, it explains it all better.

  11. jon pertwee is the worst narrator. his voice was so annoying i had to skip the story. he has a slight lisp and sounds like he is slightly handicapped.

  12. ‘The Great Man’ ? our President? not since Roosevelt (and in the past, of course, Lincoln) – with some very good ones – but obviously one idiot!

  13. Well, this image most certainly and most effectively reflects something of the essence of his dark ideas. Very well done and clearly an apropos treatment. Bravo!

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  15. Jon pertwee sounds so much like his father! Amazing stories but not in the order you described! Thanks for the upload though, very enjoyable ???

  16. What brillant stories! The "light of other days" was a moving story indeed. Thanks for giving us these treasures.

  17. Played this before going to sleep. Enjoyed the first one and got through half of the second one before drifting off. Thanks for sharing!

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