8 Accurate Paranormal Military Stories | True Terror Vol. 5

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Unique Reddit Post (stories are in the remarks):

Military personnel who have been deployed to other countries what is some weird and unexplained things that you have seen? from Paranormal

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encounter of zorro
this flower shot was sudden . . . i was out taking boat pics tonight ?? correct

so, i’m on my favourite pier , the one particular with the picnic tables 🙂 and this man who seems to be like he could be in the military with a german shepherd stops,
i comment &quotwhat a stunning coat he has . . . and markings on the face&quot
i say &quot his title must be zorro! &quot
&quot no, his name is tracks, he is element husky &quothe tells me
apparently at the shelter this canine ran so quick , it truly is white paws had been just a blur like train tracks.
i should’ve run in the opposite direction then . . . as an alternative , the canine comes to me
i pet it cautiously
the owner warns me he may jump up and not to be afraid

oh! a passing massive white dog and it truly is owner is about to stroll by
this man warns everybody that the g. shepherd will &quotbark&quot and not to be afraid

he barks alright, and does a copperfield , whirling dervish right out of his leash
we all watch him go for the jugular of this white puppy
it truly is a horrible scene, biting, blood
the owner of the shepherd bewildered looks at the leash asking yourself &quot how’d he do that??&quot
rather of going to help conserve the other canine!!!!

one more man and i hide behind the picnic table ( don’t laugh ) he was previously there sitting on it
okay, it truly is calmed down now, the chaos is over , the white canine looks like it will live
and the guy says &quot which is the first time which is ever happened!! &quot

at this point , i just realise that i was petting some household guard canine
the place they have ten poster sized warnings slapped on a fence that says
&quot BEWARE DANGER GUARD Canine &quot . . . Preserve OUT &quot

the man calmly walks away like nothing happened !!!
meanwhile i warn this younger household with 3 kids to remain away from this guy and his puppy
and point him out

so, you happen to be all wondering where this is headed?? hahaha
as this dude comes back my way, i rapidly flip about to steer clear of the maneater
and commence taking photos of the echinacea!!!!
he asks, nonchalantly strolling by &quot anything exciting there?? &quot

barely looking above my shoulder, i say &quot just some bees&quot
By girlguyed on 2008-07-23 19:39:21

Each year at the commence of November females and guys in the Britain and numerous commonwealth nations start to put on a red poppy in the run up to Armistice Day on 11th November. Referred to as Remembrance Day in the Excellent Britain, it is the day we bear in mind the guys and girls who have fallen in conflict in the safety of their land. The Armistice was the binding agreement that finished Planet War I and it was signed on 11th November 1918 at 11am.

At eleven o’clock on the eleventh day of the 11th month, United Kingdom stops for two minutes to observe a silence. Remembrance Sunday is observed on the 2nd Sunday in November with parades, memorial services and the laying of wreaths at war memorials in cities, towns and villages all in excess of Wonderful Britain. The symbolic representation of Remembrance is the poppy and it has been adopted by the Royal British Legion who do so much wonderful perform to help former military personalized.

The 12 months after the finish of Planet War I, King George V devoted a day to observe the private who had fallen in the course of the four yr conflict and the 1st two minute silence was observed in London on 11th November 1919 at 11am. The next day, the Manchester Guardian claimed that the 2 minute silence was impeccably observed.

The poppy was chosen as the symbolic representation of Remembrance for two reasons its red colour mirrored the bloodshed and the in the war torn fields of Flanders, the poppy was one particular of the couple of living issues to bloom. The poppy is refered to in the poem “In Flanders Fields” which was penned by the Canadian medical professional John McCrae in 1915.

The style of the poppy worn as a symbol of Remembrance varies slightly from nation to nation. In Fantastic Britain, the arrangement of the poppy is a flat, stiff paper leaf mounted on a plastic stem. Some also have a single green leaf and it is held in place with in a single pin.

Wreaths laid at memorials on Armistice Day and all via the yr are typically created of artificial poppies and today nations everywhere have taken the poppy as the basic symbolic representation of Remembrance.

Rob Atherton

65 thoughts on “eight Correct Paranormal Military Stories | Correct Terror Vol. five”

  1. If I was a soldier and I feel not normal and the area is giving me creeps like I’m being watch then I’ll shoot everywhere

  2. wow I love this amazing lucky everyone is ok and zorro did not keep going but really enjoyed reading this and could almost picture it all.

    i love the end line just some bees……….

    thanks for correcting my tag……
    have a great night

  3. Damn I live in San Diego and hearing that last one almost makes me wonder where that took place in Pacific beach

  4. yikes! I was scared just reading that! didnt the other dog owner raise a fuss? that sheppard should have been in one of those body harnesses!

    great picture and I like how the story ties the image and the title together!

  5. You sound like a transsexual who has smoked 3 packs a day for 40 years trying to approximate a female voice. You’re not spooky, you sound like a faggot.

  6. I cant subscribe due to your rampant mispronounciation of words. Not corPSe men, coreman. Not cachEs its cashs. Pleeeaase fix your vocabulary.

  7. Holy shit, Camp Kinser!!!!! Hey, Creepy!? if i dug up some old files could you look into the ghost sightings of Camp Hansen, Gate 2? shit apparently got a Marine medically discharged coz he went goofy from it. Old Imperial Japanese ghost used to ask gate guards for a light. most recent stories are from the late nineties i think

  8. Evil spirits are attracted to areas where humans left earth and went to he’ll. Hell is their final destination.

  9. I remember one story from a long time ago of one of the stogey shaped ufo’s actually love tapping a ship, apparently by accident, before God pulled it up into the heavens to get lit

  10. You’re doing your channel a dis-service by cursing. You’re not cool or anything by doing it. It just shows your un-professionalism and IGNORANCE. By now !!!

  11. after some inspection . . .
    i think the other owner ( and their dog ) were so terrified
    they left as soon as they could . . . if i only thought to get the marine police involved, their office and boats are right at the entrance to this place!!!

  12. back when i was doing basic training, it was week 6, my platoon likes to play around at night, we barely got sleep deprived as most of us before we joined were already well conditioned, second platoon was above us, the base in canada is called weinwrightq and was an old camp for german soldiers who were killed
    around, 1:23pm i woke up to take a piss, laid down and listened to my music(not so supposed to) but i did couldnt sleep, out of no where my sheets got ripped off me and i got up right away and no one was there and i heard down the hall from 4section "who the fuck slapped me!" so i thought someone was playing around and than i see this black sheet slithering around the hall with a white face but no eyes or mouth or nose, i thought i was sleep deprived.
    next morning we talk with second platoon and they said they seen a snake like thig coming up the stairs and scaring them, i dont know what it was but it terrorized us, a bear could walk in and we wouldnt be afraid but this thing didnt look like it belonged on earth, it slithered and it could stand up, im going to say around 7feet because most of my platoon were around 6’3 to 6’6 so this thing was pretty fckin big, to this day i still dont know what it is

  13. I might have spelled it wrong but when I searched up foo fighters a US air plane from world war 2 poped up

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