New Story 2017,
Named Dukhiramer Borat.
this animated moral story is best suited for children and teens.

REPOST FROM december 2014 — the mosaic of interpretation — that which is time, space and distance is only memory and connection — THE EMPEROR WEARS NO Clothes SYNDROME : paintings, scott richard, san francisco (2014)



the capacity to decide on and arrange the rainbow’s spectrum can be transformed into an intellectual motif — the rainbow of consciousness and the explosion of the person inside the entire.

all of us are born into this social contract of humanity. we do not have any choice about this. we are raised and reared inside the boundaries of these social contracts.

at present, in this component of the world, there is a loosening of the moral and religious hold on sexuality and the variety of the human heart’s potential to be larger than the limited and difficult gender roles of the past.

both sexes, guys and females, are beginning to recognize themselves inside a considerably greater context and understanding than we think the previous afforded.

it is just 1 of the outgrowths of a materialized capitalistic method of social contracting.

with moving imagery and invisible worlds now firmly entrenched across the country, the effective syndrome of &quotthe emperor who wore no garments&quot can take full effect.

in the original tale, the narrative stops brief on the exclamation of a little girl kid who says, &quotbut, mommy, he’s not wearing any clothing!&quot

and of course, the moral proper and the rigid uptight sexual judgers all come down on the period with their verdict — which truly is that the emperor has been cheated and defrauded in front of every person.

but we currently know of this lesson.

so possibly we truly must be asking exactly where our correct naked leaders are — not the one particular who got cheated and defrauded and paraded in front of his subjects by clever tailors. we should be asking exactly where our naked leaders of greatness and awesomeness and full human glory might be.

we truly must be taking into consideration the idea that our leaders shouldn’t need to have to be covered up in metaphorical or physical buffers and boundaries.

but our leaders are weapons makers and drug dealers and pornographers.

our leaders spread disease and pestilence and result in wars in other countries.

our leaders are not rainbow warriors. they are gold and diamond collectors. they use time and drugs to rule and reign. they use entertainment and news to delight and bemuse.

we are the fire kids.

we love our power.
but we never worship the sun like we utilized to in the alleged previous.

we worship ourselves.

and this worship of the self is the exploding dahlia.

we are these dahlias floating by means of space. and every of us explode 1 day.

— arbiters for the will of torbakhopper

By torbakhopper on 2014-12-01 00:00:00
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