Drag Racing Against Cops

Each Wednesday at the Sonoma Raceway in California, higher school students line up on the drag strip and go one particular on 1 … with a police vehicle. It is all element of a program hoping to place a good ‘spin’ on law enforcement, supplying teens with a protected space to hit the accelerator. Now in its 23rd year, “Top the Cops” was initial founded by Kevin McKinnie, a retired police officer searching for a way to support curb illegal drag racing. By harnessing teens’ need for speed, McKinnie and his fellow cops are assisting to get much more kids off the street scene while fostering a positive partnership in between law enforcement and the nearby neighborhood.

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18th California Hot Rod Reunion @ Famoso Raceway
Came across Mike Mitchell The World’s Fastest Hippie’s ’72 or ’73 Cuda. Mike passed away in July 2000. Dev or Devin (hope I did not screw up his name) owns the vehicle now. He plans on keeping the very same color and design and style when painted. Demands lots of function but I’m confident he’ll get it up and running one day. The car did not make it to the track according to Dev because the automobile was taken from Mike. He owed a debt to some tuff guys/drug dealers and they came and took the automobile. If you appear actual tough you see a faded out line&quot Mike Mitchell&quot painted on the yellow banner on the side of the automobile. Some particulars on the body look various then the psychedelic painted Cuda he use to drive , that paint job was equivalent to the Corvette psychedelic paint scheme. Dev or anyone else out there please give me some a lot more info on this automobile. Here is a short story about Mike Mitchell here

www.draglist.com/Phil/Views/Farewell to the Hippie – Mike Mitchell Passes On.htm
By ATOMIC Hot Hyperlinks on 2009-10-16 10:51:14

50 thoughts on “Drag Racing Against Cops”

  1. If only they did this down here in Florida maybe everybody wouldn’t hate the police down here as much as they do.

  2. Actually the police force do this in las vegas, and they don’t use stock cars. They modify the police cars to well over 1000 hp sometimes and drag race kids so they don’t street race.

  3. I bet a there gonna be that one kid who beats a cop and then gonna go on a high speed chase thinking he could out run them

  4. This is genius. I want to love the police instead of fearing them. I’m going to try to make something like this work in Tucson AZ!! Wish me luck

  5. What is this boring piece of rich kids racing cops.

    Might just stay on the streets racing till morning.

  6. Doesn’t Phoenix or somewhere have a "beat the heat" event where you race cops in impounded cars before they get crushed?

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