Dimie Cat – Crime Tale

Release date: July 22, 2009

All songs written by Dimie Cat and Franck Rougier

Created by Franck Rougier
Lead vocals and backing vocals by Dimie Cat and Franck Rougier
Programming, Editing and Sound Layout by Franck Rougier
Mixed by Franck Rougier

Mastered by Jean-Pierre Chalbos at La Source Mastering, Paris
A&R by Dimie Cat and Franck Rougier

Cover photography by Vanessa Filho

© 2015 Dream’up, All Rights Reserved.

Il sapere umano appartiene al mondo
Il sapere umano appartiene al mondo. La condivisione e la fiducia sono alla base della conoscenza, del progresso culturale e scientifico la mercificazione delle opere di intelletto, espressa attraverso l’imposizione del copyright, è un crimine. Musica, scritture, computer software, foto, pellicole. Se il prezzo non è quantificabile, il valore è inestimabile. Lucrare sui prodotti intellettuali significa considerare la propria mente alla pari con un qualsiasi bene commerciale. &quotTutelare&quot le proprie opere significa arrestare la divulgazione del sapere uccidere la conoscenza.

In questa sede: non applico il copyright alle mie foto perchè considero tale pratica una mortificazione, per me e per gli altri. Le Creative Commons ci sono per essere usate.
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Il sapere è come il sesso: meglio se libero.


Human information belongs to the globe. Sharing and trust are the base of information, of cultural and scientific progress the commoditization of intellectual performs, expressed by means of copyright, is a crime. Music, writings, software, photos, movies. If the cost isn’t quantifiable, worth is inestimable. To obtain from thoughts items implies to take into account our mind equal to any consumer products. To &quotsafeguard&quot our operates means to end the intellection to destroy the knowledge.

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It truly is not a critical note towards who’s obtaining a distinct behaviour. I just feel someplace we shoud begin ignoring distrust.

Knowledge is like sex: much better when free of charge.

By b3by on 2009-04-23 18:35:25
tags No country or city is cost-free of criminal, hence crime is present all over the place, the only big difference is the extent of the crime prices. Very same is the case with New York City too. Crime prevails right here as well nevertheless, the quantity of violent crimes more than the final fifteen many years has decreased. The evidence for this is the crime price graphs drawn for distinct many years. The graphs display that, the variety of murders that took area in the city in 2007 was way less than the one particular that took spot in earlier historical past of the city. In the course of 1980s and the early 1990s the crime rate was sky high due to crack epidemic, a huge number of gangs and illegal firearms which practically absolutely everyone had. The crime fee soon after early 1990 dropped speedily, even though after this the crime rate increased in the following history, nevertheless, it by no means went to that peak yet again. The causes assumed for decrease in crime charge are the finish of crack epidemic and various demographic adjustments that took spot.

The largest gangs like forty thieves and the Roach Guard started in 1820s. Nonetheless, to tell the individuals about these crimes and the corruption of old law enforcers the New York Herald was began by, James Gordon. The murder of Helen and Mary in 1836 and 1841 was given vast coverage by the newspaper, uncovering the corruption and the crime. Therefore a new police force was commenced in 1844 to deal with the predicament. Riots broke out in the city in 1863, 1870, and 1874, but they have been all suppressed by the new police force.

Ahead of 1980s there had been several mobsters in the early 20th century, nevertheless, the mafia was the most feared criminal organization. In 1980s the crack epidemic hit the city, hence the violent crime rate rose immensely. Following 1990 to 1993 the crime price commenced to drop as the epidemic came to its end. Considering that then till 2002 the crime charge decelerated swiftly several think that it was simply because of the large number of police officers that had been provided charge and the capture of the key gangs by the police.

In 2005 the city accomplished the lowest crime price considering that the 19th century and in 2006 a new law relevant to guns was passed by the legislature, which was to manage the amount of men and women who had been entitled or permitted to possess a gun. Along with that, the new laws established a gun offender registry, which required city gun dealers to inspect their inventories and file reviews to the police twice a yr. In 2007 a program for extensive roadblocks and installation of web of camera had been laid to hold a tab on the terrorist and the criminals in the city. In 2007 the amount of homicides was just 494 but in 2008 the quantity of homicides increased to 523. In 2009 there was a decrease again to only 466 homicides. The lowest crime rate in the history of New York, even so in 2010 there has been rise in the quantity of crimes once more.

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  1. socio.. mi stai convincendo ad abbandonare ogni sorta di tag lo sai? 🙂 sei odiosamente contagioso..

    p.s. la foto è proprio bella… menomale che la ho come sfondo del desktop

  2. Socia, sono solo parole, ma io ci credo. Ne ero convinto anche prima di iniziare a scattare ^^
    La foto e’ uscita bene solo perche’ ero particolarmente ispirato dalla compagnia e dal paesaggio 😀

  3. Lo squarcio della psiche…ecco cosa è questa tonalita piu chiara nella foto…La gente è ottusa e non vede squarci,anzi…li annulla. Meditate su quanto vi è scritto sotto la foto…

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