Diablo 3 : Angels vs Demons Story Trailer

Diablo 3 : la trailer animé qui envoie du lourd !
Blizzard Entertainment vient de mettre en ligne un nouveau trailer animé de Diablo three, revenant longuement sur les origines et la finalité du conflit opposant les légendaires archanges aux démons du jeu.
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&quotWild Horses&quot by Bishop
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50 thoughts on “Diablo three : Angels vs Demons Story Trailer”

  1. why doesn’t blizzard make a tv series with this material? its not like they can’t monetise this.

  2. Diablo is absolutely terrifying and sinister in this. Now compare this to the diablo 3 game version :/

  3. that’s true if you let him live with blood over blood you let the bad guy live he keeps terrorizing people and guess what happens next war will never end if he hasn’t killed them we would have been in peace

  4. what was the point of uploading the same exact thing, it’s in the diablo’s official channel too, search Diablo: Wrath

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