Dee Gordon Never ever Wanted to Play Baseball

With a former main leaguer as a father, and a slew of cousins and uncles who played the game, Dee Gordon was pretty considerably destined to turn into a baseball player. Except he kept resisting, and was almost tempted to pursue playing college basketball. But ultimately, Gordon relented and fulfilled his destiny. Now he’s 1 of the best young infielders in baseball. VICE Sports sat down to speak with Gordon about his journey to becoming an All Star.

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50 thoughts on “Dee Gordon Never ever Wanted to Play Baseball”

  1. Those two men in the stands look like the type to reveal the secrets of the game to you and make you the kid who only hit homers

  2. the reason why girls weren’t at baseball games is because girls like pussies not real men like baseball players and rodeo guys

  3. I’m not a huge Gordon fan and I realize PEDs HGH roids is bad but give him a break he said sorry plus he already gets shit from people.

  4. Little did he know in about 2 1/2 years he would lose his best friend on that baseball team, RIP Jose Fernandez

  5. The only reason I don’t like Dee Gordon is because he is the only reason my character hasn’t reached the MLB in the show 17.

  6. honestly what he did pissed everyone off and it pisses me off too but I think a lot of use if had the opportunity to make 50 million dollars we would do it. Dee obv comes from a hard childhood so I can see his money first mentality. Not saying what he did was right but just saying I can see why he did it.

  7. His dad (Tom Gordon) had one of the best curve balls I’ve ever seen. I wasn’t a Royals fan but I’d watch when he was pitching. Baseball isn’t boring, ask your pops 😉

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