Dear David is a DEMON?! VIRAL Ghost Story Theories!


CONFUSED? Watch the very first 7 components of the Dear David story
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HEY MY LOVES! Nowadays I’m going to chat with you all about some of my current Dear David theories. This story is just obtaining scarier and scarier and I hope you all enjoyed hearing my thoughts! If you enjoyed this video give it a thumbs up & SUBSCRIBE! Until subsequent time… ILYSM!

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My funny small demon
By Normajean Rae on 2017-ten-24 09:14:54

52 thoughts on “Dear David is a DEMON?! VIRAL Ghost Story Theories!”

  1. Loey was talking abot how adam feels so tired all the time and suddently an ad about a protein bar just came out. Idk, I thought it was weird.

  2. I was kinda believing this whole dear david thing, but honestly the pictures that adam posted just looked so fake, especially the one on the chair

  3. Yes!! I also believed Adam used the Ouija board and didnt report it after everyone was like "nooooo dont use it" so he didnt tell anyone out of embarrassment. The ouija board theory to me seems like its a large explanation if adam did use it.

  4. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but everything related to David is green. The cactus that fell after he apparently knocked it, the glass he moved on the table, the marble in the attic space, and of course the chairs he’s appeared in. If this is made up by Adam, props to him for such a well-thought out story

  5. have you heard about fantastic daily he was kinda the start of these viral games but than he was about to get exposed by someone and had to come clean and it was a whole production company behind it

  6. I honestly thing that this is just a story. Like the way that adam writes? he explains everything so nicely and posts picutres to visualize the story and I think thats really cool but thats probably all there is to it.

  7. I think David is a ghost, and David was a real boy, but a ghost is "possessing" him to get to Adam. I think David would want to possess Adam to "be stronger" and that’s why he’s always standing over him. I think saging the house only made David angrier. Maybe if he got the Ouija board after saging the house then he messed with it and somehow invited David back in?

  8. hey Loey, i heard on the news that the fire in California probably wont be contained till the new year. i remember in one of your videos you saying you lived near the evacuation zone. i was just wondering how you were with the whole situation.

  9. I’ve never fallen so in love with a story before! Loey, I came across your channel/the Dear David series about a week or two ago and I’m obsessed with you and the story!! You do such an incredible job at telling the story, I am just feigning for more updates ? love u Loey!!

  10. Omg I’d LOVE a full video on Dear David, and on the games! I’m so interested in them. I’ve recently came back to your channel and have been binge watching your videos, and I’m so in love! Thank you for the great content! ?

  11. i always had the theory he was a demon. i feel like he wasn’t a good spirit from the start . is it just me?

  12. ttps:// click the link this boy story is a lot like david

  13. Truly an Addicting story, don’t worry Loey, ur not the only one who is addicted. Love all ur videos! Love u Loey! (And yes I’m going to like my own comment, I’m weird like that haha)

  14. I’ve followed this story from the start and it’s so entertaining to see you tell it and see your point of view!

  15. I don’t get why he doesn’t contact a medium or a person specialized in helping the souls to pass on the other side. Not through his twitter account stuff but just in a normal way like people would. Just contacting someone who’s not a paranormal show youtuber or dunno what.

  16. Hi ? i love you so muchh? much love from the Netherlands ??(I’m obsessed with this story and with you! You’re drop dead gorgeous) byeee???

  17. I feel like one of these days, that doll in the back is going to attack loey. that’s how much these videos make me paranoid ?

  18. I’m not the only one who thought that he was trying to possess Adam~ Yay. And Girl that maroonish color on the jacket looks amazing with your eyes ♥

  19. My theory is that Dear David is a demon, and he gets permission to haunt/take over your body when you ask the third question. The original idea of the story is that if you ask him more than two questions, you die. Maybe that means he drives you crazy, destroys your life, and takes your body. When Adam tried to cleanse his house it wasn’t successful because he already gave David permission to enter his life, and that couldn’t be revoked without something like an exorcism. He would need to cleanse himself, not his space. (I’m treating this as an alternate reality game btw)

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