Darius Rucker – Correct Believers

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If I only had a brain !
Baum’s Strong Females
For the previous 104 years, men and women saw what they wanted to in the Wizard of Oz. In the fifties, conservatives in the government pointed an accusing finger at L. Frank Baum, its author, insisting that Oz is a communistic society lacking cash, exactly where all comrades operate for the common great. At instances religious groups saw the book as demonic, pointing out that Baum pictured witches as nothing more than intelligent females: some very good, some undesirable. Economists saw the story as a march to the gold standard with “oz” standing for ounces of gold, the green of Oz as the color of cash, and the brick road as an “obvious” reference to the yellow metal. Other folks insisted that the story was a political tract with the lion representing England. In truth, the emerald green of Oz might be a reference to Baum’s ancestral home of Ireland. Yellow brick was a typical creating material in 1900. The name “oz,” according to one of Baum’s sons, was inspired by a filing cabinet in Baum’s office. The files have been listed alphabetically with the final a single labeled, “O – Z”
Frank Baum insists in the introduction to The Great Wizard of Oz, published in 1900, that “old time fairy tales” contain a “fearsome moral to every single tale.” He would have nothing at all to do with putting a moral in his stories. Baum insists the story “was written solely to pleasure young children of right now.”
With that stated, and in spite of what the author insists, there is a wealth of metaphor and meaning in his operates. Probably the most constant theme that runs through most of his many books is the message that girls might strive to be robust females. In ten of his fourteen books, the hero is a girl or lady. Accurate power in Oz, both good and evil resides in lady. Dorothy, a small girl in the original story, leads (virtually drags) her three adult male close friends by means of a life’s journey, assisting them uncover themselves. They uncover that they often had the courage, kindness, and intellect that they mistakenly thought they lacked. Oz himself is a fraud.
Baum was an ardent advocate of woman’s rights. As a newspaper correspondent, he wrote many articles on the subject. He campaigned vigorously with his wife, mother-in-law, and Susan B. Anthony to win the vote for females in the new state of South Dakota. The vote was lost but his strong feelings for the equality of ladies continued to be expressed in his stories and papers.

– Dr. Len Radin
By Len Radin on 2007-11-06 18:12:56

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  1. watch live from Daryls house, is stunning show….I am not sure what perfection is but that show was pretty damz close

  2. I’m here because of turtle tales 2 lol , my 3 year old loves that movie and this song was the opening of the movie and I just love it

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  4. You deserve a:

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  5. I’ve said it before & I’ll say it again, this is one of my favorites. I love this song & the video…. LOVE DARIUS RUCKER

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  7. This song is like your favorite leather jacket. It never gets old, just more beautiful with age. Thank you Darius for this classic song.

  8. I can’t believe this the first time that I’ve heard this song It was amazing. thank you Darius. you are country. thank you

  9. i love ME SOME "hOOTIE:"!!! THIS MAN, he has a way of expressing what I feel, just a good man, Thanks Darius! Your voice just connects, thanks so Very Much!

  10. Fabulous portrait. The lighting is superb.
    I had no idea that this story had caused such controversy. Fascinating sidebar.

  11. I LOVE THIS SONG SO MUCH! My sister is getting married this September and they chose this song to be their wedding song and I can’t wait! Darius Rucker is one of my favorite Country musicians!

  12. Thank you brother. Good songs in country music genre, that you have! I was before actually a rasist, but when I found Jesus, that is it about my fears: Not the white skin, but the hard, whit is pure not black from sin. That is what makes us The God’s family. In Finland also. Thank U Jesus and bro Darius!

  13. Gli Abruzzesi -Gentili e Forti-

    SI NASCE-SI MUORE-IN MEZZO SI VIVE (Anche fotografando)
    TO BE BORN-TO DIE-BETWEEN TO LIVE (Even shootting)

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  14. The Americans who never shrieked from propelling the Global Community Forward, Happy Thanksgiving and a Merry Christmas to follow America !!!

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    Theater and Performing Arts Award

    Please remember to Award at least 1 other photo for each one you post.
    Recognizing each other will help grow our group!!

  16. My mom danced to this at her wedding and it was beautiful. There are now 6 kids in my new life and it is scary to think you will be replaced. As they danced I watched him go to each kid and have a few seconds with each. I thought my life my life was over when my mom and dad got divorced. I am 14 and he came up to me last. He held out his hand a danced with me. This ment so much because I got my own song. I love my new huge family. It was a beautiful day.???

  17. this song fit me and my wife so much we had it for our wedding song, it was asif it was made just for us,

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