D1 Baseball Journey: Cut from the Group to D1 Athlete

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Chicago Cubs Obtain Mark DeRosa, Kerry Wood, Jake Fox and Jake Peavy in Six Team Deal!
April Fools! This story was developed for the Delusional Cubs Fan weblog and I’m sorry to all the broken hearted Cubs fans but you have to let them go now.
By delusionalcubsfan on 2010-04-01 13:37:50

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50 thoughts on “D1 Baseball Journey: Reduce from the Group to D1 Athlete”

  1. I’m a 16 year-old sophomore in high school and I deadlift 315lb at 4 reps and I’m 5’6" 145lbs. I didn’t start my freshman year of hs and I play on one of the top club teams in my area. I had a great summer baseball wise. This is a great video man. A lot of people including me will see themselves in you and your story. Keep it up man! Hopefully it’ll work outfor me. Working harder every day.

  2. i made varsity as freshman and played an okay amount and i played all year with a broke elbow i got surgery (tommy john) and i’m trying out for a good elite team for once because i never had the money for it until now. think i should try for D2 or D1 at all? or just go juco and build up from there

  3. So I’m 16 years old going into my Junior year and this summer I went 6-0 and I had an ERA of .4 but I feel like I should be pitching Varsity. I’m 5’10 and I weigh 205, and I only throw around 78MPH. I’ve been lifting for about 4 months now about 5 days a week, and I’ve changed my diet and everything, but I still throw the same speed, as I did 4 months ago. I squat around 350 lbs and my deadlift is around 315 lbs. Why isn’t my velocity Increasing? Can I have some tips to get my Velocity higher.

  4. I saw this video on my recommended and I saw you played at pierce. I live 10 minutes away from the campus and play high school baseball in the area. You definitely got me to subscribe. I’m pulling for you.

  5. "You’re too strong to pitch" "lifting hurts you" Walk into a D1 program and MLB weight room with those guys getting after it and tell me that. I’ll never understand this comment section.

  6. Should have went to utrgv, that’s where I may be going to play baseball next year. Would have been really cool to meet you.

  7. Hey Mac I’m going into my junior year and have a passion for football. I want to play the position of safety but have never been able to gain enough weight… what did you eat during your time of intense weightlifting?

  8. I appreciate this video man. I went through something relatively similar this past year as a Freshman. Came in with expectations to play, then had a coaching change and got 9 ABs. I was going to transfer to a JUCO for next year, but ultimately decided to stay put and prove the new coaches wrong. Did well this summer in a great collegiate league and looking to continue to build upon that. Thanks for the needed motivation, good luck with everything this upcoming year

  9. Cool video dog. I’m a JuCo guy who after high school decided not to play college ball and did other stuff and had the same feeling as you- realized how much I missed it. So I went back for summer ball and got re recruited and ended up playing JuCo last season for my freshman year (sophomore academically). Been hitting the gym a lot lately. Same kinda story. Keep workin hard brother good luck this year

  10. Sad how people make baseball their life like its the end of the world if they stop playing. Next thing you know youre graduating college with a shitty degree and subpar education.

  11. Love your video! What are your favorite exercises in the gym that you see as most beneficial to your game?

  12. Amazing story, Mac. It comes to show that if you really want something, you WILL find a way to get it no matter how difficult it may be. I’m currently a junior in college from the Pacific Northwest myself who turned down D3 offers to attend a D1 school just for the academics. In my years away from playing ball, I’ve had this itch to play again competitively and I know now I’ll be making the decision to walk onto my D1 team my senior year.

    To all you younger guys in high school, know that now is the time to decide if you’re serious about playing college ball or not. You’ll need to challenge yourself every day and resist the temptations to slack off and skip a workout or go out and party. Playing ball at the select or high school is one of the greatest privileges you can have and so many people take it for granted. Be the outlier and do whatever it takes to improve every day and make your dreams a reality!

  13. This is so so inspiring! I am trying out for high school baseball on Wednesday and I have been planning if Baseball doesn’t work out I will try football but this makes me look at things so differently. Thank you for the video bro! And congrats, hard work pays off!

  14. lol let’s see if they kick you off the team for havin’ a YouTube channel like "destroying" the ncaa kicker

  15. As someone into bodybuilding and has been lifting for a while, this makes me want to walk on at my college and see what I can do lol. I’m bigger and stronger than some of the football players at my school.

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