Craig Cunningham – “Life or Limb” | ESPN Characteristic 2017 (HD)

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Craig Cunningham’s heart stopped for 83 minutes soon after struggling from cardiac arrest. ESPN’s Tom Rinaldi tells the story of the extraordinary efforts to conserve the hockey player’s lifestyle.

A David and Goliath struggle the place real to the Bible story the smaller sized combatant won. France has a lot of much more Hockey gamers and fans than Australia, but I can’t remember the final time a French group beat an Australian group.
By Chris J. Bartle on 2011-03-01 19:15:52

9 thoughts on “Craig Cunningham – “Existence or Limb” | ESPN Function 2017 (HD)”

  1. I’m just thankful no one is saying it was gods will. Wrong. The paramedics doctors and everyone involved are heroes, not some story about a person they made up so people would pay taxes and not kill each other.

  2. I know Jesus died and Craig survived albeit maimed, but this is something worse than crucifixion. And we go on killing each other over wars and having a million limbs blown off in this fake God’s name. Also, scarily what happened to Craig nearly was my fate when I had to be pulled onto a stretcher by the EMS squad several weeks ago and I was unconscious. When I came to after a near fatal overdose I realized that after losing my best friend to cancer last year who I knew nearly my whole year that my 12 suicide attempts were absolutely no solution. I was in a hospital bed with a loaned I pad when life came back to me and a realization cut deeper than a knife. I watched NHL players on the I pad and since hockey is such a huge part of my life something happened. I started crying because I knew I had to find the will to survive and found it in them again. It was back to some kind of garden full of pleasures I had lost along the road to nowhere. I have spent a whole lot of hours in tears. However, nothing lasts forever. The pain turned to pleasure, but I can’t believe people I haven’t met yet even though I’ve come so far were who gave me back my life, my world, my hopes and dreams. All I can say is they must be angels and Clifford T. Ward who died of MS wrote a song proving my point in the 70s called "Heaven." Also, when I first got hooked on hockey half a lifetime ago a song of his called "Wherewithal" proved to me for the 60th time that love does exist. Peace on earth and may no harm come our way again.

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