Behold the Gasser. In the 1960s, the Gasser was to drag racing what today’s Pro Modified or Drag Radial cars are. They have been
entertaining, fierce and unpredictable.

Quain Stott has offered up a lot to preserve at least one particular modest pocket of period correctness in drag racing’s contemporary nostalgia crazy. If you want to see the closest to what they have been in the 1965 – 1967 era, then you want to drop in for a South East Gassers occasion.

Stott races and runs the organization 1 which holds its participants to the strictest of period-right requirements with no exceptions for loved ones or pal.

In this CPTV function, go behind the scenes with the Southeast Gassers.

Tale of Ekati
By 5 Furlongs on 2008-06-07 17:16:07
tags There are a lot of misconceptions when it comes to betting on the horses. Some people believe that it’s not possible to profit in horse racing. Some believe that all you require to do is bet the favorites. Still, other folks believe that the only way to make funds is to bet the large long shots and pray for a miracle. All of these thoughts are false. You can make funds betting on horses, and you don’t require to choose favorites all the time or bet on miracle finishes typically.

Right here is a juicy piece of data for you. The favored wins the race (thoroughbred racing) about 33% of the time. For that reason, if you simply bet the favourite, you will be losing 67% of the time. Since favorites do not often spend also nicely, you would end up losing more than the long run. Still, cash can be created betting on favorites. Every race is various. In some races, the favored may be an even income favorite. In others, the favored may be a 3-1 favourite.

How you bet is just as essential as how considerably you bet. A typical bet is known as across the board. When you make this wager, you are betting on the horse to win, place and show. If the horse comes in first, you win all three bets. The show bet is the most conservative wager in horse racing, and it pays like it. It’s typical to be paid only 20 cents on the dollar for a show bet. Several inexperience bettors location a show bet “to be safe,” but it is a funds sink.

Unless the horse is going off at a very good cost (odds), generating a show bet is a losing proposition. The best way to wager on a good horse is win and possibly place—never show. Believe about it this way, if I told you I had a proposition that you might win 33% of the time, and it will pay 1-5, which implies you bet $ five and win $ 1, would you jump on it? Of course you wouldn’t. This is sort of what it’s like to make a show bet on a good horse.

At the end of the day, how you wager can up accounting for half or a lot more of your accomplishment prospective. Bettors that do not figure this out wonder why their bankroll is not larger after their “winning” day. Location your bets correctly and you will be halfway residence to getting a effective horse racing bettor. Money can be and is, created in horse racing every single day. On busy days, there are much more than a single hundred betting possibilities to take benefit of. 1 final piece of tips. If a race is not favorable to you—odds wise—move along. There will be a lot more races to bet on.

The author is an skilled horse wagering editor at SportsGamblingReview.com. He also writes a day-to-day weblog on horse betting with up to the minute odds, news and picks.


  1. Now THIS is the way drag racing SHOULD BE! Pedal to the metal, no break out, no electronics and manual transmissions! I LOVE IT!!!!! I ran an E/Gas 57 Chevy until the drag strips went to bracket racing and automatic transmissions! Standing on the brakes before the finish line is not my idea of racing! I hope this "gasser style" racing keeps growing and growing!

  2. Southeast Gassers – in about 2 months I’ve gone to nearly 4 years of Gasser drag racing… watched some of the youtube videos 5 or 6 times! As good as it gets!

  3. Thank you Quain and Donavan Stott – Greg Porter -Dale Wilson and Mr.Cromer these are just regular folks ,they are my real hero’s they bring back memories of my Dad in his 49 Ford y’all go see the South East Gassers best show and all these guys will talk to you tell you all about their cars and just hang out as Big Daddy Dale Wilson says ( its as real as it gets)

  4. old gasser racing had different classes to even out the feild depending on weight , engine size, horse power, and type of fuel used. look it up. learn some history

  5. WOW…by far, the coolest shot is the in-car at around 4:20. You can see the reflection of opponent’s car door-handle-to-door-handle for the entire run, right thru the traps…they were locked together….very cool!

  6. I just scored a barn find. It’s a 57′ two door post with a tunnel rammed 1970 LT1 and Muncie 4 speed. It has a one piece front end. it sat since the mid 60’s. I pulled the heavily modified 283 out and stuck the lt1 in for now. The 283 came with a 60’s Winter Bros. intake and a one off 8 pack set up made from 4 down draft Delorto two barrel carbs on a modified 1957 fuel injection manifold complete with red anodized velocity stacks. Came with a 1966 title and registration( last time it was driven) It is about 80% rust free and even came with the original front clip. It’s also a real Bel Air!

  7. Someday I will tour the tracks and meet some of you piston heads,Love this shit and headed out now to Eagle Field runway drags to try and not break on  the first day.

  8. Great video! I only really found out about Gassers fairly recently, at first I thought they looked too tall and weird but when I found out WHY they were built like that I got it and they grew on me. Love the no-fucks-given attitude of them now and can totally understand wanting to keep racing with the old tech (with modern nods to safety cages I’m glad to see lol) to maintain the unpredictabilty which usually equals excitement and fun.

  9. Gassers forever! Like the others who have posted their thoughts, I’m old school (70yrs old), remember the days of Grumpy, Don an so many others like it was yesterday. Love your videos and of course YouTube for allowing us a chance to go back to a day long ago gone by,

  10. You guys are the BEST! Much respect to all the people in the SEG.. Hey Quain, when you going to let altereds IN?

  11. Love the old time gassers. In the late 60s I built a 34 Ford 5-window Coupe, raised up in front with straight axle and VW tires. It had a 327 SBC with Corvette heads and solid lifter cam and only one AFB 4-barrel carb. I could not afford much because I was going to College at the time. I raced in C/Gas class and had a ball. Heads up racing was a blast….!!!.

  12. I thank the gasers for bringing my drag strip back to life for a wile at least. My strip was and still is a run down scam place ran by drug heads and I’m not saying the name of this strip but it was one of the best till around the end of 2014 and drug head scammers took it over and the gasers came back and brought this strip back for a few weeks even tho they stayed for 2 days. So thanks to the gasers for keeping my strip alive. I would love to lease it just to bring it back cause the cars we get are old and new and they are not new day funny cars nor now day rails they are 6 second mustangs with Chevys 7 second firebirds 10second trucks 6 second diesel twin turbo doge trucks and JR rails and this strip has the best pits and has never had any kind of restrictions to anywhere I mean if they are not about to run you can walk out onto the track and every one is so friendly it’s just like you have known them for a lifetime. So thank you gasers for keeping this over 50 year old track alive for now hopefully I’ll some how get the money to lease it and bring it back.

  13. I remember the Muncie 4 speed was supposed to have been the bullet proof transmission back in those days. Scatter shield a must because of clutch explosions. That happened in one of my 55’s .

  14. We where there at Greer and some of the best racing I have seen in a long time! We had a blast, like old times and these Guys can drive and shift a 4 speed.

  15. to the kid that keeps saying he’s a old sole, tell him thanks because we need people like him to keep real drag racing alive!

  16. southeast gassers association is wrong on one thing: 4 speeds only. there were autos back then, ad they were used.

  17. Just left the show @ Brainard Optimist….one of THE BEST drag shows I’ve seen in a LOOONG time!!! along with a HELLUVA driving job by Donovan Stott in the Anglia(white trash)

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