Christopher Columbus Discovering America Story

One story of how America was found.
The credit of the story doesn’t belong to me.

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A small boy stood on the wharf watching a white-sailed vessel place out to sea COLUMBUS DAY A Tiny BOY OF GENOA FRANCES G. WICKES A Tiny boy stood on the wharf watchinga white-sailed vessel place out to sea. Howhe longed to go with her across the fantastic, wide,mysterious ocean! What happened when the shipsank out of sight below the horizon? What won-derful lands lay beyond? Would he ever seethem? Smaller sized and smaller grew the ship. Someone jostled against him, and he started asthough from a dream. It was time to go residence.As he came into the residence he heard the boom!boom! of his fathers shuttle, for his father wasa weaver. There were a lot of weavers in the cityof Genoa. All the neighbors have been weavers, andall the children little Christopher played withwere weavers kids, and would be eitherweavers or sailors some day. Now the little boyslipped into the seat by his father. The greatship has sailed, father, he stated. How I wishI had sailed with her! Some day, some day,answered his father. But

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Columbus Tours Cuba and Takes Souvenirs

We all know that when Cristóbal Colón embarked from Spain he was hunting for something other than a place to take a vacation. Cuba actually got in the way of his quest for rapid access to the Indies and the spice trade riches they possessed. So when Columbus and his convoy reached land right after a voyage of a lot more than two months, he got lucky when he located a diverse form of wealth: new land match for colonisation and sources to claim for his country.
In October of 1492, on the very first of his 4 Caribbean sightseeing tours, Cuba, Hispaniola, and some of the Bahamas have been found. He landed on one particular of the little Bahaman islands first, but which a single in specific has been forgotten. A couple of weeks later, the expedition stumbled into the island upon which Columbus would take several Cuba holidays more than the following decade.
Upon landing in Cuba, he sent out a party of his men to locate the Emperor of China. They came back alternatively with news of indigenous natives who rolled leaves into some thing known as a “tabaco” which they smoked via their nostrils. Columbus took about twenty-five of these cigar-smoking natives house to Spain as souvenirs. But taking trophies was just the start of his heavy-handedness in the nation.
Items would get a lot worse for the natives in the years following Columbus’s first expeditionary tour. Cuba, at the time of the discovery, had a population of a lot more than 200,000 aborigines. Most of these would be wiped out by the illnesses that the Spanish brought to the island, the rest would grow to be slaves.
Columbus Finds Islands, But Loses Ships
It was not all sunshine and cigars for his crew either. Three months into his charting of the Caribbean, the flagship Santa Maria was wrecked in a storm. This was to be his 1st wreckage in these waters. He managed to drop eight more in his voyages of 1493, 1498, and 1502. As a result, scuba enthusiasts taking wreck diving tours in Cuba today might be unknowingly exploring the wrecks that once carried Columbus from Spain.
As European interest in the region grew, more and a lot more ships fell victim to its shallow waters and hidden reefs. Some historians reckon there are still about a hundred wreckages scattered in the waters around the Caribbean islands waiting to be found.
On the last of his voyages Columbus lost two ships and was marooned in Jamaica for a year. Not such an unpleasant fate to endure, you may possibly believe, but it goes to show that the Caribbean was a treacherous place to sail in back then, and though Christopher Columbus was undoubtedly a excellent navigator, his voyages weren’t all plain sailing.

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  1. Christopher Columbus Did NOT Discover America. The Native Americans did. All Christopher Columbus did was invade and kill them all.

  2. Discover america? wtf!!! america is not even america, it belongs to the citizens, that was there before english people came there. America is a stolen country. So be proud all you "Americans".

  3. Columbus didn’t discover that the world was round. That’s obvious anti-Christian propaganda. Not to mention, Columbus wasn’t even a devout Christian but an idolater who idolized gold and then forced the natives to work in gold mines and chopped off their hands if they didn’t find enough gold. Then came the native revolt and the hypocritical self righteous treatment from Columbus men and the massacre of millions of them, and even later on a rebellion against Columbus from which the those who rebelled were totally obliterated. The Christian priest Bartolome De Las Cassas was so emotionally wounded by what happened that he vowed to fight for the natives.

    Heck, even the imperialists hated this guy for when queen Isabella found out what he did, she had him arrested and then imprisoned. Also, Leif Erickson was the first European to discover America. Oh, and if any of you claim that I’m slandering him as a liberal progressive, I’ll just have you know that my mother said that I was more conservative than her and my father. So there! Ha!

  4. CC was a typical Daygo. "Bring me riches or I kill you". King and queen had the same policy’s . We Idolize the mafia so stop calling him a terrible person.


  6. Why were we taught that he was a hero? If we knew who he really was why was it kept away from the majority of us? who is lying to us? and why? this shouldn’t be a holiday…

  7. native Americans discovered america wow public education . wow lamo okay lets see before the Indians had to kill off a race of giants to take this land . and yes no suck thing well my friend researched and confirmed by digging up my own Archaeological sites well the collage and other such org. found evidence and i think before that was vikings there were quit a few ppl who so called (discovered America) in the Grand Canyon was found evidence of Egyptian hieroglyphs and mummy’s the Indians didn’t do that. oh well spit it out before any research or thought

  8. This video may or may not have left out Christopher using torture to control the Native Americans by cutting off their hands and tying it around their necks. And the second voyage. And the mass genocide. And the racism. And the manipulation. And the torture.


  9. Wow this is probably the most stereotypical and stupid video ever besides the ones that support Hitler

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