Celebrating Mardi Gras in New Orleans | National Geographic

There is a lot more to Mardi Gras in New Orleans than just one day or just 1 parade. Check out behind the scenes as preparations begin days, weeks and even months in advance of the big celebrations.
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Celebrating Mardi Gras in New Orleans | National Geographic

National Geographic

Mardi Gras
Baldwin Boettcher Mardi Gras Celebration
By hcplebranch on 2014-03-ten 12:51:14

“Fat Tuesday” represents the “Shrove Tuesday” in English tradition. Each these terms refer to their equivalents in French tradition that is “Mardi Gras”, the “Carnival Season”, or “Mardi Gras Season.” A Carnival season is the beginning of religious celebrations beginning from Epiphany, i.e. the anniversary day of the Christ’s baptism into a day prior to Ash Wednesday. A season of liturgical rites primarily based on Confession and Repentance starts appropriate after the Ash Wednesday, known as the fasting days of Lent. Mardi Gras or Fat Tuesday falls proper on a day prior to Ash Wednesday. The celebrations are mainly a part of the preparation to the Lenten practices. In the course of the forty days of Lenten season, fasting is observed and consuming fatty substances is prohibited. Possibly, this is the one significant cause that we see the preparation of the Pancakes with the ingredients wealthy in fats to consume the fatty ingredients like eggs, sugar and fat from kitchen.

Men and women celebrate the season in so many methods. Some of the important celebrations of the season incorporate the parades, wearing masks and distinct sort of costumes, dancing and sporting and so forth. You will uncover virtually the exact same sort of carnival celebrations at areas, sharing the exact same Christian traditions.

Explaining WHY:

In past, the celebrations of Mardi Gras were restricted to a single day, but now the trend has changed in a lot of locations exactly where the celebrations underwent for really a extended period of time. The length and celebrations of the festival season varies from city to city. Even so, in a lot of American states the celebrations Carnival season has been recognized as an original title, i.e. “Mardi Grass Day” or “Fat Tuesday.”

In several societies, the final three days before Ash Wednesday are regarded as the Mardi Gras. Several distinct events had been organized in the past in the celebrations of Mardi Gras season such as parade on the New Year’s Day. A lot of nations are known for celebrating Mardi Gras like Louisiana in U.S., New Orleans and Quebec in Canada, and Rio de Janeiro.


In a lot of Catholic European nations, the Carnival is considered as an essential religious celebration. In Ireland and United Kingdom, the week just ahead of the Ash Wednesday, folding on Shrove Tuesday, is deemed as “Shrovetide.” According to traditions, pancakes or pastries are produced enriched in sugar, fat, and eggs in diverse components such as Latin America and the Caribbean.


In Brazil, the Rio de Janeiro is considered as the most prominent city that holds the Carnival celebrations prior to the fasting period of Lent.

In Canada, the main celebrations of Mardi Gras are held in Montreal and Toronto.

United States

Even though, Fat Tuesday is not able to get the status of national day in United States, there are several ethnic French regions in the nation exactly where this occasion is celebrated with all traditional zeal.

In 17th century King Louis XIV commissioned the Le Moyne brothers and the Fat Tuesday was introduced in the North America as a French Catholic rite.

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  1. Don’t stay for one day?well in 3 months I’m moving there cause of my fathers work,does that count LOL I can’t wait for Mardi Gras next year!

  2. Es una tradicion de los sacerdotes que trajeron de españa y en america le agregaron el muñequito y en mexico se celebra el 6 de enero.

  3. shut up foo what are you doing to help you idiot? you wanna feed those kids titties and beer?.. because that is most of what is consumed in mardi gras. Look man a lot of countries are poor because they are not very smart people… can’t blame it all on the more intelligent and developed countries.

  4. Living in New Orleans, Parades get old after a while. But shoutout to NOLA for the King Cakes. Proud be a Orleans Native

  5. I was @ Marri Gra this year to see some tits & this transsexual bent over to flash me his butthole. He was drunk & I almost puked looking @ his butthole.

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