By no means Say Die – The Jason Day Story

Jason Day’s journey to the leading of the golf globe is as opposed to any individual else’s. From humble beginnings in Australia, Jason overcame adversity to uncover his path by way of hard perform and dedication. By way of exclusive, behind-the-scenes accessibility Jason’s story is shared with the world for the first time right here. We’re proud to call Jason a member of Crew RBC.

Golf iPhone App
I’m just gonna repeat one thing from the golfmoolah site, due to the fact it is so juicy:

The GolfMoolah application caters to every person from the hooker, slicer, chili dipper, broken chicken wing, even the ace who thinks their game is ready for the tour! Positive it is.

Confident it is! It’s an app for pleasant betting on golf games — your own, not Tiger’s and Phil’s. Launching True Soon (once more in accordance to the internet site.) What’s a chili dipper?
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