12 thoughts on “Buddy Baker’s Crash At Smoky Mountain Raceway”

  1. That was hilarious funny joke by buddy Baker won the 1980 Daytona 500 number 28 Napa Regal ride Oldsmobile 442 fastest top speed at Daytona record 177. 602 miles per hour in the Gen 2 car

  2. Thanks for uploading this! I’m currently writing a blog entry about Richard Petty’s win in this race. I knew Buddy’s story, and I’ve got the DVD set from where this clip was taken. But I’m too lazy to rip and up the section. So glad you’ve already done it. 🙂 Hopefully, you’ll get a few more views beginning June 6 when the entry posts.

  3. So much history and so many legends in that room, and the genuine joy Buddy gives to them all makes it clear how much everyone loved him.  I’m gonna miss that guy.

  4. These were, and still are, my heroes. I see Whitlock in there, Marcis with his trademark Goodyear hat, I think I see a glimpse of Gazaway, Barney Hall sitting next to Cale, Big Eli, and of course the greatest David Pearson. Just terrific. I don’t see Handsome Harry in there. I seem to remember he was when I first saw this decades ago. Gant was the greatest storyteller of them all (if you can find the interview where he says he told two kids named Kyle Petty and Michael Waltrip to find another way to make a living or when he talks about winning Darlington with broken ribs and stitches in his tongue after he nearly bit it off… classic). I look at how rotten this sport has become with all these whining crybaby millionaires today and I truly feel sorry for them. They have no class, very little talent, it’s just tragic how the younger France generation got greedy and ruined the sport. But that’s ok. We old timers remember the glory days.

  5. "No I’m dead! Just cover me up!" Buddy always seemed to find the lighter or positive side of things. God I still can’t believe he’s gone.

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