Short Mystery Story Collection 007 by Crime & Mystery Fiction Audiobooks

Quick Mystery Story Collection 007 by Crime & Mystery Fiction Audiobooks

Brief Mystery Story Collection 007

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Librivox’s Brief Mystery Story Collection 007: a collection of 16 brief functions of mysterious fiction in the public domain read by a group of LibriVox volunteers.

Genre(s): Crime & Mystery Fiction, Anthologies

Language: English

Group: Brief Mystery Collections 001-007
LibriVox recordings are Public Domain in the USA.

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By patrizia_ferri on 2008-11-27 13:32:56
tags The Winchester household story is an intriguing 1. One particular filled with death, insanity, and even ghosts. It all wraps up into the type of a house, the Winchester Residence. Some think the property to be haunted, and be the solution of a womans insanity.

The story of the Winchester House actually started in 1857 when the son of Oliver Winchester, William Wirt Winchester, took over the assets of a firm which made the Volcanic Repeater, a rifle that employed a lever mechanism to load bullets into the breach. This type of gun was certainly a vast improvement more than the muzzle-loading rifles, but Winchester nonetheless saw area for advancement.

In 1860, the company developed the Henry Rifle, which had a tubular magazine positioned beneath the barrel. Since it was easy to reload and could fire swiftly, the Henry was said to typical 1 shot every single three seconds. It became the initial true repeating rifle and a favourite amongst the troops at the outbreak of the Civil War.

Money started to pour in and a massive fortune was soon accumulated from the Henry Rifle for the Winchesters. On september 30, 1062, at the height of the Civil War, William Wirt WInchester and Sarah Pardee (the southern belle of the time) have been married in an elaborate ceremony in New Haven.

Four years later, Sarah gave bith to a daughter, but a short time later the initial disaster for Sarah struck, her daughter died. Sarah was so shattered by this event that she withdrew into herself and teetered on the edge of madness for some time. In the end it would be practically a decade prior to she returned to her typical self, but they would never have yet another youngster.

Her second disaster struck when William, who had by now been the heir of the Winchester empire, was infected with pulmonary tuberculosis. He died on March 7, 1881. Sarah inherited over $ 20 million dollars, and also received 48.9% of teh Winchester Repeating Arms Company and in revenue of $ 1,000/day, which was not taxable till 1913.

Sarah grieved deeply for the loss of her youngster and husband. A brief time later, a pal recommended that she may well speak to a spiritualist medium about her loss. The spiritualist told her that her husband wanted to tell her anything. According to the spiritualist, William told Sarah that there was a curse on the household, which took the life of him and their kid, and would quickly take her. It is a curse that has resulted from the terrible weapon created by the Winchester household. Thousands of men and women died due to the fact of it and their spirits had been searching for revenge.

Sarah was then told that she have to sell her property in New Haven and head towards the setting sun. She would be guided by her husband and when she located her new house in the west, she would recognize it. The spiritualist told her 1 final factor. “You must begin a new life, and build a residence for yourself and for the spirits who have fallen from this terrible weapon. You can never cease constructing the residence. If you could continue constructing, you will reside, stop and you will die.

So Sarah left, and moved west to California. She believed to have been guided by her husband to Santa Clara in 1884. Right here, she identified a six room home under construction which belonged to a Dr. Caldwell. He sold the residence to her along with the 162 acres which it rested on. She tossed away any prior plans for the residence and started constructing what ever she chose. She kept 22 carpenters at function, year round, 24 hours every day.

The house was swiftly expanding and expanding, and although Sarah claimed to have no master program for the structure, she met every single morning with her foreman and they would go over the plans she had hand-sketched for the days perform. The plans have been often chaotic and didn’t often work out correct, but if that happened they would just create an additional area about the existing one particular.

She seemed to have a fixation with the number 13, simply because every window contained 13 panes of glass, the walls had 13 panels, and each and every staircase but one particular had 13 steps. The one staircase that didn’t have 13 methods, had 42. And went up only 9 feet.

To anyone else, Sarahs preoccupation may appear like madness, but to Sarah it created sense. In order to ensure that the residence would never be completed, she decided to board up the front 30 rooms that had been destroyed by an earthquake some time prior to so that they would by no means be completed.

More than all, the home was 7 stories tall, had about 148 rooms (even though the floor program was so confusing that you could by no means get a definite count), had 25 chimneys (even though most had been just for decoration rather than to vent out smoke), and there have been only 2 mirrors in the entire property. Sarah believed that ghosts have been afraid of their own reflection.

Today, the home has been declared a California Historical Landmark and is registered with the National Park Service as a “large, odd dwelling with an unknown quantity of rooms.”

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