Bray Wyatt tells a twisted fairy tale on the Edge & Christian Show, only on WWE Network

Bray Wyatt puts a diabolical spin on ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’ on The Edge & Christian Show: Courtesy of the award-winning WWE Network.

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Fairy tale
&quotLife itself is the most wonderful fairy tale.&quot
Hans Christian Andersen
By by means of the lens 2012 on 2013-12-28 11:54:40

I was watching an old episode of Dr Quincy not too long ago. A celebrity named JJ via his lyrics was encouraging young individuals to use drugs and thoughts altering substances.  One day he finds himself in the hospital emergency for drug overdose.

Soon after he realizes his difficulty and gets better, he tries to assist a single of his fans, a young girl named Ginger. He asks Ginger, ‘Tell me why you to want get high’, she replies, ‘JJ you know, to reside pain free, tension totally free, totally free from all frustrations, disappointments, discouragements, hurts and other issues of  life.’

JJ says, ‘Ginger, you are not describing life, you are describing death.

How true!

Not too long ago I came across a crucial word search referred to as Christian web sites.  I noticed that about 15000-20000 folks are looking for this phrase every month. This phrase does not tell us a complete lot of what they are looking for on the web.

Is it for a job, pain reliever, answers to prayer, staring a company, locating a partner, healing? So I decided do a search and see what is out there.  In addition, there are millions of Christian web sites that supply solutions to these problems.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with individuals looking for solutions.  However, they will by no means find spiritual options from any human source.  If you are browsing for options instead of the source of the options who is Jesus Himself, you will find it nowhere.

God himself is our answer. The way he can aid is totally diverse from human sources. However, sincere or misguided the human is, at the heart of human heart is deception.

Most Christian sites do have an agenda to monetize in some type or an additional. Some blatantly sell goods and services in the guise of becoming Christian in nature. Some peddle, some hustle, some deceive. Nevertheless, they are all there below the theme of Christian web site to take your cash away at the finish. 

Jesus took a whip and drove out the moneychangers from the temple premise. Have we come to that level again to sell in the name of God?  Even in the most good hearted intention, lies a tiny selfish purpose that is evil and corrupt.  You need to pray along with King David, ‘Search me of God and see if there be a wicked way in me’.  Even right after God redeems us till the day of resurrection, we need to have to keep browsing our souls for ulterior motives and intentions.

Christian websites should give robust and truthful biblical based pages. Trying use Christian theme or name to sell something is questionable. We need series of pages that will bring us close to God himself. His truth is what will triumph at the end.  He alone can rescue us from troubles.

All human efforts will end a single day and God will continue throughout eternity. All praise and glory is to the Lord of Lord and king of Kings Jesus Christ our Lord.

Robert Fenn

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  1. The more I see this clip the more I think two things…Give Bray Wyatt a Push….and then let him do a supernanny type of show!!!!!

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