Boxing: My Story, and How I Think Boxing Can Aid You

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John Mason aplasta a Margaret Curran
El escocés John Mason se coronó como campeón del torneo Glasgow East al vencer por knockout a su contrincante Margaret Curran.
En lo que se considera como una histórica batalla, Mason, miembro del partido independentista escocés SNP (Scottish National Celebration), aplastó a Curran durante el primer round sin ninguna dificultad.

Margaret, del Partido Laborista, tuvo que ser atendida por médicos ya que ella presentaba lesiones muy graves.

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By on 2008-07-30 22:39:15

Boxing, as you could surmise, can be risky, if it is not refereed or conducted cautiously. Therefore, it needs many items that defend the different components of your body. These products are usually a 1-time investment and therefore a boxer doesn’t look at buying inexpensive items once again and again. The first time he invests, for that reason, he tends to make certain he buys sturdy and durable things that will efficiently serve their purpose for several years to come.

Let’s appear in detail at these two categories of boxing equipment items: training and guarding. Right here are a couple of information on every single.

1.  Training equipment

•  Punch bag
If punch bags of a couple of years ago developed so numerous bruises on the boxer’s knuckles, those of these days are a quite diverse story. They are produced of high quality materials that supply a safe striking surface and are filled with supplies that give flexibility and toughness to the bag simultaneously. The punch bag provides the boxer an excellent surface to practice his knockout punches.

•  Speed bag
A speed bag offers the boxer with a lot required hand-eye coordination as its movements can’t be predicted. Speed bags preserve him focused throughout his coaching.

two.  Protecting gear

•  Headgear
Some kind of headgear is the most essential of security gear for boxing. It protects the skull, temple, eyes as well as ears. A powerful and sturdy head covering is definitely essential for a boxer, whether or not during instruction or in a genuine match. They are accessible in distinct types and colours.

•  Mouth guards
While boxing, the mouth is 1 region that is extremely prone to be attacked at times from a straight punch to the face or whilst falling down. Mostly, the lips will be bruised as they are smashed against the teeth inside. Mouth guards protect the boxer from all these, which includes the jarring of the jaw that can impact the brain as properly.

•  Protective cups
These are further padding to defend the abdomen and groin places. They are also offered in different styles and are made of distinct materials.

There is one item that is not described in either of these categories and that is, of course, the boxing gloves. It is not incorporated since it belongs to both categories. Protective gloves are a must for boxing, whether or not this is for education or participating in a expert boxing match. Although selecting gloves a boxer need to make confident they match their fists specifically and give the support their hands want. As you could already have guessed, a boxer’s prowess lies mostly on their fists and it is imperative that they are adequately protected.

The list of boxing gear does not quit right here. There are a lot more items that could be discussed, like knee pads, elbow pads, ankle braces, skin pads, and so on. Nonetheless, most of them are used only throughout the education sessions, even though a expert boxer would use the most important of these accessories, namely, the headgear, gloves, mouth guard, and so on. It is not challenging to discover these items today, specifically with the several on the web shops that give these products along with colourful images and detailed descriptions. If you are into the game your self then get the ideal boxing gear you can find, as their function in guarding you is undoubtedly a major one particular.

Wilkinson Sports and Leisure distributes Eastside boxing gear to boxing clubs, gyms, personal trainers, schools, colleges and folks all through the UK.

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  1. Coach, I went on your website to purchase the DVD Bundle package. I saw an area that I could apply a "coupon code". Do you have any coupons code for your DVD Bundle.

  2. An inspiring piece coach. Nicely done. You took the time to give me some advice 2 years ago for my first fight i was training for, it was a charity event. These golden nuggets of wisdon that are handed out by trainers like yourself on a platform accessible by all are invaluable for amateurs and professionals alike learning their trade. Always enjoy learning from your uploads. Thank you

  3. Sir 

     I am from India and I want to be professional boxer. But my don’t have enough funds and my parents are also not allowing me to box. Sir kindly help. You get my everything sir. Just I my shot and will never let you down. Like every other child in India I am doing engineering but I didn’t had any other option I had no where to go. from my heart I want to be some thing the 1st from my country in the world of professional boxing. I 19 now I am not too late, here in my university no one things To box Sir but if u will help me I will not let u down sir. I don’t want to do that sick 10 hrs job everyday to earn my living. I don’t want prove anything to other but to my dad I am worth of something. I want to box. Sir you are my inspiration Sir. Hoping a positive response from your side.

  4. sir..I haven’t done my full research on you yet I want to say that I want to say I’ve been training boxing out here in Michigan and mixed martial arts as well currently I’m out here in Ohio I box at glass city just moved out here and started back training I wanted to say apart from fighting I’ve always loved bodybuilding as well I say all of this to say fitness and fighting are my life I personal train people my team just opened our gym Cnc lifestyle management LLC and I gotta say you are a master you REALLY know your craft and I refer people to your account whenever i need to get a point across since I’ve known of you the past several months I’ve never written on your page before but watching this video compelled me to tell YOU that sir I KNOW YOU but sir you REALLY are a master records don’t matter thank you for this sir.

  5. JT your videos are always interesting and have taught me so much, thank you! Oh, and could you do a video on tips for tall/ lanky fighters? There is an infinite number of ones for how to fight tall people but very few on what us lanky guys should do, of course I’ve watched your how to develop a killer jab video several times so that definitely does help.

  6. Much respect,and thank you for the videos,i have put some of youre tutorials into practice and have seen the improvements in my training.Thanks JTVV blessings!

  7. I like all your vids but this one resonated with me so much it almost brought a tear to my eye. I have only been boxing for about half a year but it’s one of the best things that’s ever happened to me. It’s helped me deal with a lot of issues in my life including drug problems and anger management. It’s not like I’m perfect psychologically or that I no longer have serious issues but it’s gotten a lot better over a very short period of time and nothing I’ve ever done before helped me this way. I hope that as I continue to get better at boxing these things will get better too. I just find myself a lot more positive towards people and more calm, especially after sparring sessions it feels better than any drug I’ve taken. I’m really glad I took up this sport I’d encourage everyone to do it too, and thanks for having this channel with all this great info!

  8. I grew up getting picked on. Very troubled, always getting in confrontations. I was scared to stick up for myself. It was a mixture of not knowing who I am, overly respecting the opponent, and being all talk and no action. Never really gotten into a fight, just nearly getting into one. My family saw me as a hard ass, but I was a coward. It wasn’t until I joined the army that I was confronted with an obstacle. Beat the guy in-front of me or get the shit beat out of me. So i was forced to perform. Surprisingly, me throwing hands came naturally to me and my speed was deadly. Once I realized this, I became someone else. Currently, I am now 24 and want to give boxing a try. 100% I was hesitant because people told me i was to old. Your video changed that for me. I signed up and had my first sparring match……destroyed the guy. He had more experience than me and was younger than me. And a south paw which was so confusing at first. But I did great and realized I have a natural talent for this sport. And most of all I really enjoy punching and getting punched lol (more punching than receiving though lol) So, thanks a bunch man, Im going to take this as far as fate lets me. Ill remember this video always.

  9. Used certain videos off your page for a while now, but then hit a few that helped me massively through a plateau so have dug deeper to reveal a real treasure trove. Now I see this and it’s a moving story I can relate to on so many levels with the starting out part almost mirroring my struggles exactly.

    Fast becoming my favourite channel on YouTube, hope you keep up the great work for a long time to come Coach!

  10. I want you to be my coach, I want to be a boxer, why is there no gym where I live, I can’t afford to move somewhere else. 🙁

  11. I’m Dave Overbey & I’m 63 past my prime time but still I take my time to develop my skills so I can still make the kill. I’d been out of boxing since the 70’s when my doctor just three years ago told me I’d best loose 50 lbs as I was diabetic with heart troubles, high blood pressure & you name it. I was 250+ lbs & now 208 lbs A long story made short I started training at an M.M.A club they said they weren’t going to kick or use there feet against me as I told them I was a boxer & not a kick fighter. Well right off I was defeating them & they got mad & said I was cramping their style not letting them kick. I said go ahead & kick & they did kick low & dirty. I quit for nearly four months training myself & conditioning in my basement while watching & studying M.M.A & martial arts on the tube kick fighting & keeping myself focused in that area, I developed my own defence of defeating the feet with my technique.
    I’m still not a kick fighter, I just destroy there feet.. To learn how I do it. Watch me Dave Overbey on YouTube & I am starting my own Bully Proof Tap & tag sparing training lessons in the inner city St. Louis Mo. Please feel free to reply & give advise to this old man. Thanks for listening. My whole game plan is to Grab, twist, spin jerk toss & throw redundantly smash n bash, torpedo blast, tornado twist into & around not in & out. When the fight is on I come on strong using my techniques of close in fighting. I don’t hop in like a bunny rabbit or ballerina, jumping bean, bouncing Betty or a bouncy ball. I don’t fight with my arms way out like a peacock, a souring ego, a wild goosing or turkey either. I develop on repeating practice into habit’s into a reflex, into a thoughtless reaction to every action. I don’t fight outside as more I don’t jump around him, I short cut & go through him with what I call the rodeo bronco buckaroo. I roll into him with my shoulders bucking my ass & hips in & around him keeping him off his game staying on my game. And so much more It’s not the mystical, majical martial arts as simply common sense. It’s not the muscle hustle as is the muscle memory & leverage. Fight smarter not harder & the same goes to training, The power & speed will come on it’s own. Over training is worse off than to under-train. Going slow is going fast & going fast is going slow as fast past makes for waste. I’ve watched you a lot & give you thumbs up keep it up. Good Luck

  12. Thanks for the inspiration. Your videos really push me to strive for greatness no matter how discouraged or beaten up I get.

  13. Great video, just watched your video on boxing and self defense as well. You’re doing great work sharing not only techniques and training methods but your experiences and knowedge as well. Peace 🙂

  14. Lots of respect from niagara! i just started doing mma at 23 and i have lots to work on so i watch your videos to get better with my striking. your story sounds highly relatable to me. how old were you when you started boxing?

  15. Dear coach. I am a student of yours, learning all from your videos. I practice everyday and try to imitate your moves. I am thankful to you. Hope oneday I can meet you and convey my gratitude. Tons of thanks to you.

  16. JT you really have a gift for this man. cant thank you enough for all iv learned from you. I hope you have a chance to make a great career out of teaching something you have such a passion for

  17. Brother, started training in ITF Taekwondo at 22, got my 1st Dan black belt, learned a bit of Wing Chun, Muay Thai, Kali, Krav Maga, Kick boxing, Judo, Jujitsu, Brazilian Jujitsu, Boxing etc and ran a business teaching youth.

    How or why did I start? When I was a youth I was picked on a lot. Introduced to combat against a close friend of mine who was also picked on. We used to have our own fight club at the corner of school for fun. However we got caught so many times (we even shook hands afterwards cause it was fun) that my parents found out. My dad told me violence is not good and never to hit people.

    Now as I went through school I was in many, many fights as I stood up for myself. I fought kids who came to school just to fight me (ones who we’re expelled). Ive always been small as other guys grew larger than me. Fighting just was natural. I remember fighting 5 guys. I lost and cops have been involved many times.

    Teachers don’t stick up for you, hell my niece’s/nephews get beat around and they don’t do anything about it.

    So yeah, I got into martial arts late in life to compliment my weight lifting. It was boring throwing weights around and because I was used to being hit in the face fighting was natural for me.

    Eventually it changed me as I didn’t care about others. As I began teaching I started giving a damn about the children/youth that I taught. Martial arts opened my eyes and I continue to train at 33.

  18. i dont know why i’m in a dissapointment and depression cycle i see myself getting to a lowl level day by day i thought i was strong that i am i dont know how a single loss in my carrer made me so negative so lazy and so self destructive

  19. great to see .intelligent teaching and coaching .always enjoy your clips .tnanks for putting them out there (:

  20. Man each and everything u say… I feel each and everything…. Thanks for telling your story to us… I gonna work harder tomorrow morning.

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