Prime 10 Fairy Tale Dark Origins

What you hear and see these days differs vastly from how the authentic fairy tales had been…


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la gata i la llet: un conte per nens – The cat and the milk : a tale for childs
les petites histories,la magia de les petites coses,i aqui no hi falta ningu,aquest es el concepte….
the tale / Richard bona
By Jordi@photos on 2009-07-12 17:02:14
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50 thoughts on “Best 10 Fairy Tale Dark Origins”

  1. The Cinderella story exists in many European countries. In one version, the stepsister are beautiful, but blackhearted. Cinderella is befriended by woodland animals and birds. At the end, the sisters are found out, but Cinderella forgives them. The animals don’t and chase them into the woods, where crows peck out their eyes…

  2. Okay this is very weird the hansal and greatal one i read it in childs book but not as dark it was tje adults just perposly loosing them then dressing up then finding them again make them fat and then try to eat them then get burned to death perfect story for a book a first grader can read :3 & The wolf one are teacher read it to us in 2nd grade But of coruse i did not think about it XD

  3. SnowWhite was my favorite princess ??and still is to this day even though it has a dark origin she’s still my favorite princess ??❤️??.Snowwhite and her prince??will always Live Happily Ever After ????❤️??

  4. I never knew this!!!!!! This is apsalutly awesome! Pleeeeeaaaaaaasssssseeee dooo more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  5. "The Little Mermaid" isn’t a dark story. It’s actually a beautiful story of selfless love. Only her body turns into sea foam and her soul is lifted into the sky because she was truly loved by the prince (as a sister) and was able to give true love in return. Absolutely beautiful.

  6. I have a storybook at home with the original rapunzel one. Also, in into the woods, they use the non Disney story. They use the gore one.

  7. Hey everyone! Check out my new series called Fairytale Fridays. Where I tell you the original story of the Disney movies we love! Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE!

  8. I swear, this is the fairytales I remember reading when I was a kid. I read them long before I saw disney’s rendition.

  9. uh… hey.. you forgot 1 more detail in the original Cinderella story:at the end of the story:the stepsisters are invited to cinderellas wedding,and they Get their eyes pecked out by birds.

  10. In snow white that last thing that he said made the new meaning for the lyrics "Dance Dance till you’re dead!"

  11. No none of these are as fucked up as Peter pans original version .. Actually compared to that most horror movies arent

  12. what about the tortoise and the hare?
    After winning and being declared the fastest the tortoise becomes the one who needs to warn the town from danger
    and when there was danger the tortoise was not fast enough and when he got to the town he found everyone dead

  13. Last year, here in Denmark, a Christmas show ran. It was about a girl, falling into a coma, and experienced "another world" where fairy tales exist. However they use the dark versions, instead of the normal versions

  14. One of the reasons The Little Mermaid wants to become a human is that she could have a soul(mermaids don’t have souls)

    When she refused to stab the prince, and she turned into seafoam, a group of angels saw What She had Done.

    They rewarded her by turning her into a guardian spirit, so after 100 years of good deeds she could earn a soul.

  15. I have totally forgotten of the real stories until I watch this video,but the true stories was told to me when I was still a child in the 20 centuries.It may sound creepy but I perfer the original stories

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