Bee Mine | Pencilmation Cartoon #22

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Pencilmation #22 “Bee Mine” is a adore story in which two youthful doodles are drawn collectively by unlikely circumstances.

Pencilmation is an animated world wide web series produced by Ross Bollinger in which pencil drawn stick figures and doodles come to life.

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drawing the sky
Quando il saggio mostra il cielo, la luna, il sole e le stelle e i pianeti…lo sciocco purtroppo guarda il dito!
Ricerca, attenzione e cura. Tutto supera la tecnica di per se stessa insuperabile, qui rimane poesia.
Particular thx to Federico Soffici

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By alessandro silipo on 2007-06-17 15:46:39

The sundial is the oldest recognized method for keeping time. The Egyptians had been the 1st group of folks that took timekeeping significantly as a culture, at least according to sensible evidence. Numerous historians feel that the Sumerians stored time thousands of many years ahead of the Egyptians, but their evidence for this theory is simply speculative.

Around 3500 B.C., the Egyptians developed obelisks, which have been tall 4-sided tapered monuments. They placed them in strategic locations so they would cast shadows from the sun. Their moving shadows formed a variety of sundial which indicated noon, which allowed citizens to divide their day into two parts.

These obelisks also indicated the year’s longest and shortest days by the length of the shadows they cast. Later on, the early Egyptians additional markers all around the base of the monument to indicate additional time subdivisions.

Then, about 1500 B.C., the Egyptians took the sundial to the next degree by producing a much more precise shadow clock. The sundial was divided into ten partitions, which also included two twilight hours.

This sundial was only capable of maintaining correct time (by today’s requirements) for a half a day. As a result, close to noon the gadget essential to be turned 180 degrees in purchase to measure the afternoon hours.

A sundial works by tracking the movement of the sun about the earth’s celestial pole by casting a shadow or a point of light on a surface that is marked with hour and minute lines. The shadow-casting gadget, which is referred to as the gnomon or the fashion, should stage in the direction of the north celestial pole, which is really close to Polaris, also acknowledged as the North Star. The gnomon serves as an axis close to which the sun would seem to rotate.

The thinner the shadow line is, the higher the accuracy of the sundial. In other words, the larger the sundial is, the better its accuracy will be. This is due to the fact that the hour line is capable of currently being divided into smaller sized portions of time.

Even so, if the sundial gets too big, a stage of diminishing returns will be reached. This occurs since, due to the diffraction of light waves and the width of the sun’s encounter, the shadow will spread out and grow to be fuzzy. This diffraction helps make the sundial quite difficult to read through.

During the years, sundials evolved from flat horizontal or vertical plates to a lot more complicated varieties. These modifications were driven by the search for greater accuracy.

A single new model was the hemispherical dial, which was a bowl-shaped depression cut into a block of stone. It contained a central vertical gnomon and was scribed with diverse sets of hour lines for each season.

This sundial evolved into the hemicycle, which most scholars think to have been invented all around 300 B.C. The hemicycle eliminated the unnecessary half of the hemisphere, which gave it the appearance of a half-bowl cut into the edge of a squared block.

Throughout time, the sundial has evolved and altered to more accurately tell the time. Nowadays, nevertheless, with modern day timekeeping engineering, the require for a sundial has totally diminished. Nevertheless, they even now make an appealing addition to any backyard, mainly for decorative purposes.

Amy Martin is a freelance author who regularly writes about sundials

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