BATTLE OF THE SEXES Trailer (2017) Emma Stone, Steve Carell Tennis Movie

Battle of the Sexes Trailer – 2017 Tennis Movie starring Emma Stone and Steve Carell
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About the Battle of the Sexes Movie Trailer
The true story of the 1973 tennis match among Planet number one particular Billie Jean King and ex-champ and serial hustler Bobby Riggs.

Battle of the Sexes is an upcoming American sports comedy-drama film directed by Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris and written by Simon Beaufoy. The plot is loosely based on the 1973 tennis match among Billie Jean King and Bobby Riggs. The film stars Emma Stone, Steve Carell, Andrea Riseborough, Elisabeth Shue, Austin Stowell, and Sarah Silverman.

Stories to Inform
It´s been a extended way now.
By el patojo on 2006-08-23 12:15:48

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Get a tennis lesson

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50 thoughts on “BATTLE OF THE SEXES Trailer (2017) Emma Stone, Steve Carell Tennis Film”

  1. Something is telling me another Best Actress Oscar is in Emma’s future. I have loved her since Superbad and she is literally my favorite actress. She is amazing and able to transform herself into different characters showing so much versatility, depth and range.Emma is just plain brilliant, her acting makes you believe it’s real…she totally has "it." Very talented in comedy, drama, dramedy, theater, singing, dancing. She’s already an icon and believe me you, she will become a Legend. Guaranteed. From Zombieland to Easy A, The Help, The Amazing Spiderman, to that Woody Allen movie, to LaLa Land and Crazy Stupid Love-every role and film she’s involved in is Epic in proportion and she nails it with a spectacular performance every time. She can read the hell out her lines and emote while giving a good physical performance such as in this new movie. Mark my word, in 30 years she will be our generation’s Meryl Streep, or very close to it. She has what it takes to sustain longevity in the business simply because she is incredible and chooses her roles wisely.

  2. Male or female, I don’t think it’s a big achievement to beat a washed up 55-year-old tennis player. And no, we didn’t ‘need’ this movie. Good performance from Emma though.

  3. I wonder if they will mention in the movie Bobby’s win over the back then female world number 1, 25 years younger Margaret Court. Or that after this win, Billy Jean King (26 years younger than the long time retired Riggs) and her feminist associates pressured the tournament organizers to pay women the same as men at all the tennis majors, despite the fact that they attract/generate just a fraction of the viewership/profits.

  4. After watching the trailer, i was excited to learn who won the match. But the comments section full of people whining and justifying the loss of booby saved me google search.
    At last the anti-feminist band is good for something.

  5. in 1998 serena williams played a tennis game against a ranked 200th male tennis player. the man stomped her. men are better than women at sports #dealwithit

  6. This is a true story folks, deal with it 😉 . P.S. She beat a misogynist in public, and that’s so delightful to watch!

  7. I knew this comment section was going to be a shit hole lol. On the bright side i’ll be watching this movie when it comes out

  8. All know about the end = Women wins because of feminism. If not = sexism

    In movies and series, womans always wins against mans. It’s predictable.

  9. Does this movie also show how this old man has beaten Margaret Court the womens number one before? Honestly a old man out of shape can beat topranked women lol.
    And now i want to see a movie about Navratilova vs Jimmy Connors and a movie about Venus Williams vs Karsten Braasch.
    It would be based on a true stories, wouldn´t it?
    So much about whiney men. There will never ever be a movie where they make a women look really bad.

  10. Everyone needs to stop jumping to attack each other. You don’t get to decide if you’ve hurt someone else or not, at the end of the day women have been oppressed for the majority of our existence, things have gotten better recently but ya know what? Things really aren’t that fantastic for us. I don’t know much about tennis, and if we’re being honest with ourselves neither do most people watching this trailer, we just want to jump down the throats of the "sjws" and sexist men who are commenting on it. You can’t dismiss suffrage based on an individual case that’s already controversial because of undisclosed reasons.
    I remember Jo Brand saying something recently like it’s not the individual case of sexism it’s the build up of it. Women are told no every day of our lives and maybe in this case the man was better or worse I don’t know, but that doesn’t dismiss the struggle that women go through every day.
    I’m a feminist in the truest sense of the word, I don’t blame men for not understanding what it’s like to be a woman, heck I don’t know what it’s like to be a man. But that doesn’t mean I have the right to belittle what men go through and the same goes for women. 50% of the population is the opposite gender to you, you’re swimming against the current if you don’t at least try to understand where there coming from.

  11. so its a move about a 29 year old woman who beats a 55 year old man. This looks so much better than Borg vs McEnroe

  12. is no one going to mention how awesome it is that they used this song (love lies bleeding by elton john) because elton was friends with the girl (billie jean king) this movie is based on and he wrote her a song (philidalphia freedom) i fan-girled so hard when i heard my favorite song get used for this and linked it all together

  13. tbh Serena can’t even beat drake with her left… DRAKE!!!!! a formerly chubby lightskin jew that was never good at any sports

  14. Emma Stone playing a lesbian character is reason enough to watch this. I usually can’t stand Hollywood and SJWs, but the people who are genuinely angered by this are probably overtaken by their religious beliefs, their own insecurities, or both.

  15. This is why its okay for people with good intentions to talk trash to the opposite sex. If Bobby Riggs hadn’t decided to be such a clown of a villain this would never have gotten the attention it deserved. Words only mean what you think they mean. If somebody says "You can’t do something because you’re a girl." It doesn’t mean you can’t do it. It means "I don’t think you can do it and I’m waiting to be proven wrong." Support isn’t always delivered with fancy ribbons and bon bons.

  16. another lesbian movie.. when is this going to stop? – – you get any movie.. doesn’t matter if the actors are horrible.. if the movie is about the struggle of being gay… it will be a hit… the same as with all the movies about slavery… people are such hypocrites…more than 80% of the movies today have some sort of homosexual innuendo or plain right on your face…. even in cartoons.. STOP TRYING TO SHOVE THIS AGENDA DOWN OUR THROATS… nobody cares what you do in your bedroom.. keep in there.

  17. If this film was to try to show that women are better and stronger than men if failed. In reality the woman player on one side was a very masculine lesbian at the top of her game and on the other side of the net in reality was a washed up player and he was unwell.

  18. Remember, Riggs the male player in this film specifically said he could ANY female tennis player in the world even though he was 55. He thought women were so weak and incapable of skill, athleticism, or mastery of ANY sort that his aging, middle-age ass could beat King. Boy did she prove him wrong 🙂

  19. For god’s sake – why do they only bring a MINIMUM of these great fims into the German cinemas? I don’t get it!!

  20. Battle of the Sexes is a huge box office flop and ANY FOOL outside of Hollyweird could have seen that coming. Should have made a movie about Venus and Serena Williams getting their butts kicked after bragging they could beat any man ranked 200 or worse. After playing a round of golf and drinking a few beers, 203rd ranked, 31 year old, Karsten Braasch swept both sisters EASILY in the same day.

    Now that’s a movie I’d love to see!

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