Baseball players inform their Derek Jeter stories

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Wes Littleton, #23, relief pitcher, Oklahoma Redhawks
Drafted by the Rangers in 2003, Littleton rapidly rose via the minors and made the majors last year, sporting a 1.73 key league ERA. The sidearmer has been dominant in AAA so far this year and must be a mainstay in the Rangers bullpen for years to come.

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This story was posted on the day Littleton was traded to the Boston Red Sox.
By (aka Brent) on 2007-04-12 20:32:00
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16 thoughts on “Baseball players inform their Derek Jeter stories”

  1. Nick Markakis wouldn’t have made it out of New York alive if he tried to take the ball Jeter hit that passed Gehrig on the Yankees hit list.

  2. So proud to say that I was at Jeter’s last game in NY. Me and roommate flew out freshman year. Went broke after that but man it was worth every penny.

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