Ayo & Teo – Far better Off Alone (Audio) #BetterOffAloneChallenge

Ayo & Teo’s “Much better Off Alone” (Audio)

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By Apollo Scribe on 2014-09-13 15:31:38

Believe it or not, there are an estimated 12-20 million illegal aliens inside the United States of America. Clearly, our Government demands a new way to solve the dilemma. The proposed legislation to solve some of this quite severe issue was lately twice defeated.

As the quantity of undocumented folks inside our Nation increases, so also, much more street crimes are getting committed, far more illegal drugs are coming into our Nation, and wages are at their lowest, in terms of genuine acquiring power, considering that our Nation was created. Violent gangs are almost everywhere. It is not possible to accurately measure the quantity of grief, suffering, death and monetary loss brought on by this unchecked invasion of our territory.

The truth of the matter is that an invading army couldn’t result in far more harm to the citizens of our when excellent Nation. Something is clearly wrong someplace, and it needs to be corrected. My search for a solution led me to the immigration laws developed by the Government of the Netherlands.

These who wish to grow to be residents of the Netherlands or its Territories have to 1st have a job and a spot to live. In addition, they are required to deposit with the Government an amount equal to the cost of going back to where they came from in the occasion that they have difficulty soon after they arrive. Then once again, that still does not resolve the dilemma of currently having so numerous individuals hidden inside our society who might or may not be generating a positive contribution to our Country and its legal citizens.

Nicely, 1st we have to find them, and then we require a law that will legally procedure the violators of our land in a way that respects the rights of all folks. That is straightforward adequate, and sincere men and women wouldn’t mind cooperating with our Government if they have nothing to hide, in addition to the truth that they entered our Nation in an illegal manner, and truly want to earn an honest living and contribute to the properly getting of everybody within their new Country. A time limit must be developed inside which the illegal aliens can reveal themselves and comply with the new immigration laws. If not, they will lose any opportunity to grow to be a Naturalized Citizen or stay in our Nation. They can also go back to exactly where they came from in the exact same manner in which they entered our territory if they don’t want to comply with our laws for what ever factors known only to themselves.

Then once again, amnesty is not a real answer to the issue. All discovered illegal aliens need to be examined for evidence that could link that individual to a past crime. Yes, there are tens of thousands of unsolved crimes that have been committed by unknown individuals, and this is a single way to resolve some of these crimes.

If the illegal alien has an honest job and a appropriate residence, that person must pay a fine, apply for a function permit and seek to grow to be a citizen inside the time period of mentioned granted permit. Failing that, they must be returned, at the price of our Government, to their Nation of origin.

These illegal aliens who, from gathered proof, are located to have possibly committed a crime should be transferred to the correct authorities and tried for said crime or crimes just like any other suspected criminal inside our society.

Yes, that’s the most affordable and respectful way I can consider of in regard to this extremely significant difficulty. If you agree, tell your elected Politicians about it.

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