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Lincoln Nebraska ~ State Capitol Interior Rotunda ~ Mosaic Murals
The structure is anchored by a three-story, 437-foot (133 m) square base. This square base houses offices most regularly visited by the public. The second floor (main floor) is property to the Nebraska Supreme Court, the Nebraska Court of Appeals, and the Nebraska Legislature.
Architect Bertram Goodhue
Architectural style
Art Deco
Gothic Revival

By Onasill ~ Bill Badzo – NO MULTI FAVES on 2005-01-01 00:00:00

114 thoughts on “AWKWARD TRAVEL STORIES w/ Vagabrothers”

  1. Oh my gosh, I think I would have spent hours in there, with the delicate works of art. A brilliant capture of it, Bill!!!

  2. Awkward travel stories I can think of (pretty mild tbh):
    -Going on a bush camping trip with my dad in Australia (I was 17, he was 56, I’m pale even though he’s tanned) and the whole group thought we were a couple even though I thought we’d introduced ourselves as father and daughter.
    -White water rafting on my period as a 14/15 year old in Malaysia. We had to catch this train and leave our stuff halfway where we were also expected to change. A French couple hogged the women’s changing rooms and bathroom (we only had 10 minutes or so) so when they came out it was a crazy rush for the rest of us to get ready (literally ran for the train) but it also meant I couldn’t put a tampon in. Could have been much worse but I had to spend the rest of the train journey with my back to the wall praying my board shorts wouldn’t show anything until I got to the top and had to use the worst toilets I’ve ever used (even the guys working there told me not to use them unless I had to). Luckily I fell in when we were rafting and the fast water helped :L but I was mortified.
    -Meeting this cute guy (dude looked like a younger Liam Hemsworth, no joke) in Austria when I was 16/17. Both our families were busy on some excursion one day so we hung out (plus his friend, teen Ashton Kutcher look-alike). We had lunch together and it was probably the most uncomfortable meal I’ve ever had because his friend left, topped off by him buying this traditional Austrian dessert and making me share it with him, at which point his family turned up so I literally ran. Yep. I grabbed my helmet and ran. Still cringe about my *slightly* younger self but I was, and still am, awkward when it comes to guys.
    -Watching The Impossible on a plane and crying. Would have been fine except for the fact I was in the aisle seat right next to the toilets so random people kept checking if I was alright.
    -Going to Argentina with a group as a last minute addition, only to discover that we would literally be singing for our accommodation in some places. I can’t sing.
    -Getting lost in (as I later discovered: the German side of) Switzerland and thinking my French must be terrible because everyone I asked for help just answered back angrily in German.
    -Just generally getting felt up by airport security during pat-downs.

  3. OH My God!!!!!!!!!!!Fantastic interior!!! All that detail is indeed gorgeous to look at and marvellous captured in this shot!!!!! congratulations my dear friend! I loveeeeeeeeeeee!!

  4. lol too funny.

    i feel really bad for the giy that went to india ?
    how totally invasive for him ?

    More stories, i love stories

  5. Sooooo funny Alex haha please more of that, I’m traveling a lot myself I know there are plenty more stories 😀

  6. I’m about to go on my first europe trip in two days 🙂 I’m sure I’ll have some decent awkward moments haha

  7. The PG-version?  There’s R & X versions?  I’m NEVER traveling!  For the first-guy, I’d never give-in.  I’d be like get-away from me you gay-fucker!!!  For Nadine, I’d be happy to rub ointment on your bum.  I love that booty.  You can sit on my face anytime!!!

  8. I had a sleep wanker in a 10 bed dorm once… we turned the lights on and he just carried on going to town

  9. Wow, splendid days and see your image!
    Thanks for sharing my friend!
    Have a Nice day ……………………………………….. 04-22-2015

  10. Fantastic work done on the mosaic …………………… Excellent capture and presentation …………………… 🙂

  11. Please more awkward travel stories!! Those you told us we’re very funny! I like Alex’s accent. Your next stories don’t have to be pg, right? More stories,more stories!

  12. nice work with the collab.  i’ve been following the vagabrothers since they won the BBBTV contest.  I started following you around the 2013 Contiki AU trip.  

  13. Fantastic interior!!! All that detail is indeed gorgeous to look at and marvellous captured in this shot, my Dear Bill. I love your perspective! Many compliments!!! :))

  14. You have a good photo!
    Thanks for sharing my friend!
    Have a Nice day ………………….. 04-22-2015

  15. Tu fotografía tiene una magnífica edición, me gusta su gran composición y sus bonitos tonos de color y luz .
    Gracias `por compartir lugares que dificilmente podré conocer

  16. HAHA! The India story killed me! I just posted my travel story today! I hope you guys can check it out 🙂 

  17. Beautiful, I drove 18 wheelers for Crete Carrier for years, and saw the building from the outside, but never got inside. Nice shot.

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