Attack of the Dead Guys (Strange Stories)

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In 1915 the Osowiec Fortress on the Eastern Front would see a shocking event, of males reanimating from a gas attack that must have killed them..

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«Dead Males Attack» (Osovets, 1915): Archive Sources Method (European researcher. 2011. № 12 (15)

Mary Costello
Interviewee for the Secret History of American River People project
By Wes Modes on 2015-09-04 15:51:50

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  1. This should be more well known. The heroic action and sheer strength of will is something to be valued by every one.

  2. German Soldier : Good one..
    Russian Soldier : How dare YE!
    German Soldier 2 :is this the part where we run away?
    German Soldier : Yeah…
    *turns around* RUN

  3. Just imagine that. You among thousands of men put on gas masks and enter this ominous green mist. When you enter, you see a large stone building in the distance, but you see figures slowly approaching you. You manage to keep your pace and nerve until you see the face: wild, crazed eyes and yellow, decaying skin, with rags covering their mouths but not shielding the blood soaking through it. They charge after you with a bloodcurdling shriek leaving what’s left of their lungs. I have chills already.

  4. Friend who don’t believe in zombies:zombies are so fake me:shows friend this video friend who don’t believe in zombies:starts building a bunker

  5. Lol russian people like toxic gas then they turn into pros XD Lol why would someone just put the attack of the dead men Lol

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