ANTHONY JOSHUA DOCUMENTARY – I WAS BORN TO WIN – | MY JOURNEY | Anthony Joshua, (born 15 October 1989) is a British professional boxer. He is at present a unified planet heavyweight champion, getting held the IBF title considering that 2016, and the WBA (Super) and IBO titles because April 2017. He previously held the British and Commonwealth heavyweight titles from 2015 to 2016. As an amateur he represented Britain at the 2012 Olympics, winning a gold medal in the super-heavyweight division he also represented England at the 2011 Planet Championships, winning silver.
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Original photo by Donnie Nunley referred to as Winter in the Blue Ridge and enhanced by me with textures by Distressed Jewel referred to as Dark Fall Sky, Frost Bite &amp Frozen Dew
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I prefer winter and fall, when you really feel the bone structure of the landscape – the loneliness of it, the dead feeling of winter. Something waits beneath it, the whole story does not show. ~Andrew Wyeth
By Artistic-touches on 2016-05-07 16:37:14

In our suffering economy, it really is a lot more crucial than ever that we contemplate taking on property repair or residence decorating projects ourselves to save funds.

My most brilliant and talented Mother can not leave something plain and drab. She usually finds a way to make it unique and particular. She’s an remarkable creature who gave me my really like of art at a quite early age.

I watched this lady, a raving beauty from the time she was a teen, flip a washing machine upside down and place a new water pump on it, fix her personal auto, raise 6 young children, run a household, build furnishings and fix the kitchen plumbing, then turn around and paint the most delicate paintings that hung in our home.

The fireplace in her property was outdated and just not her style at all. The 70’s style, dark green tile didn’t go with her neutral furnishings and the stucco exterior was plain and uninteresting.

Did she contact a contractor? Not my Mother. At the tender age of 70 years old, she just sat down with a pencil and paper and started drawing a sketch of what she envisioned her new fireplace would appear like.

With her common concept in location, she decided a mantle was in order. Since the current fireplace didn’t have one particular, she delighted at the believed of getting capable to show favourite candle holders, household pictures and miscellaneous trinkets on its surface.

Her design consisted of a half box shelf with a scalloped front, open back and straight sides so off she went to acquire plywood and started cutting the pieces with her trusty electrical saw.

She developed the scrolled front edge with a jig saw then fit all of the pieces collectively to create the box. She used wood screws attach the sides to the front, then following sanding and a few great coats of primer, she attached it to the fireplace with concrete screws and metal brackets.

Making use of common plaster of paris and an ornamental mold, she then added cast plaster detail to the front of the mantle to give it additional architectural interest and design and style. These pieces have been merely attached using regular joint compound as the adhesive.

She painted the complete surround a stunning soft brown, then wiped a darker brown glaze more than the prime of the ornamentation to bring out the detail further. It now took on the look of an pricey, hand carved mantle of wood. Wanting far more drama, she then added hints of gold paint to the ornaments and replaced the dark green tile with an updated sandstone style. This brought the complete project collectively in such a lovely way! Now, her unsightly fireplace has been transformed in to the rooms most lovely focal point.

My point of this story is not just to give you the fundamental “How To” of making a fireplace mantle, but also to teach you that in order to save cash, in order to get what you want, in order to update or modify your property your self, you have to conquer your worry.

If we examine what causes fear, we locate that it is typically since we are afraid of the “unknown”. Questions create in our minds:

“I’ve in no way done this before”
“Will it turn out right?”
“What if I fail?”
“How can I do this correctly?”

Back to the world wide web and your neighborhood hardware man! Anything, (and I mean something) you want to understand to do is on the net at a variety of “How To” internet sites or your regional hardware man is far more than delighted to give you detailed instruction if not to actually offer you totally free classes.

You can not conquer fear with no attempting the very point you worry at least once.

If you want to re-tile your bath, take a class or acquire just sufficient material to play with the procedure at home just before you obtain every little thing it would take to do a complete project. A handful of dollars invested to take away the “fear” goes a lengthy way to saving you hundreds, if not thousands to have a contractor do your project for you.

So venture out my pal! When you conquered the worry of a single “DIY” project, you can now really feel confident that you will be in a position to conquer the fear of others. The whole idea of the “Do it Oneself” movement is to just “Do it”!

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  1. I have never seen a heavyweight champion so genuine and polite. Yes he is arrogant but arrogance is how people perceive confidence. He is confident because he knows his abilities and his own strength. But unlike every other heavyweight champion in history he is not a loud mouth guy who acts full of himself. He is different from what we are used to see in a heavyweight champion. He is born for a legendary status and his stature will only grow with time.

  2. never ever heard of AJ until his last few recent fights tbh…had that "oh god is this frank bruno 2.0"..but after watching this and a few other interviews..seems a nice bloke and great determination turned his life around in the local gym and made himself a household name…can only wish him the best of luck and best of health.

  3. Yes he’s the best at the moment but I think he just hasn’t got that fire and fury that Iron Mike Tyson my favourite boxer of all time had…

  4. What I like most about AJ is he always stops and acknowledges people around him whether it’s just to shake a hand or say hello. He doesn’t think he’s better then anyone. Looks like a real cool guy to kick back and chop it up with

  5. AJ is a humble,disciplined,hard working guy and this is why he is here doing what he’s doing and having all that success love the dude

  6. 9 years ago Joshua was smoking, partying on remand in prison and laying bricks. Fast forward 9 years and this kid has KOED a hall of famer and holds 3 of the linea belts. He has 20 fights – yes 20 fights – and has 20 KO’s. He is a consumate professional both in and out the ring. He is what the World needs an is a role model for the next generation coming through. Fury will be the pantomime villain but he couldn’t do what AJ did. Heavyweight boxing needs AJ and we should all be thankful that he is where he is.

    Its simple what ever he hits he destroys #team AJ

  7. Mad, I grew up in Watford and used to ‘chill’ in Meriden estate every day, I’m only two years younger and there was literally about 100 of us so no doubt I’ve chilled with this guy, shout out if anyone can remember Dot Cotton coming to Meriden shops to film lool mad times

  8. Joshuas from the streets.He came from the dark,dangerous,damp streets of Watford where it is pretty much as far as I know kill or be killed,the survival of the fittest etc.So he shouldnt even fucking be here today,most of his bois are now dead or in jail,you get me?This aint no fucking game shit.I mean this many is a top bruddah who survived thick and thin bled.

  9. @ 17.36 "He was just relaxed like he wasn’t gonna have a boxing fight"…………Is that guy on the same planet?

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