Andrew McCutchen – My Story

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MLB All-Star and MVP Andrew McCutchen talks about his Christian faith, skipping rocks on a lake with his father, and being a premiere baseball player for the Pittsburgh Pirates.

St. Louis Cardinals , Los Angeles Dodgers , Dodger Stadium, Los Angeles, California
Dodger Stadium, sometimes referenced by nearby sportscasters with the metonym Chavez Ravine, is a stadium in Los Angeles. Situated adjacent to Downtown Los Angeles, Dodger Stadium has been the property ballpark of Key League Baseball’s Los Angeles Dodgers team since 1962. Dodger Stadium was constructed from 1959 to 1962 at a expense of $23 million, financed by private sources.

Dodger Stadium is currently the third-oldest ballpark in Main League Baseball, after Fenway Park in Boston (opened in 1912) and Wrigley Field in Chicago (opened in 1914) and is, by seating capacity, the largest baseball-distinct stadium in the United States. Often referred to as a &quotpitcher’s ballpark&quot, the stadium has noticed 11 no-hitters, two of which have been best games. The most recent no-hitter was thrown by Clayton Kershaw of the Dodgers on June 18, 2014 against the Colorado Rockies.

The stadium hosted the 1980 MLB All-Star Game, as well as games of the 1963, 1965, 1966, 1974, 1977, 1978, 1981, and 1988 Globe Series.

It also hosted the semifinals and finals of the 2009 World Baseball Classic as effectively as exhibition baseball for the duration of the 1984 Summer time Olympics. The 2012 season marked the fiftieth anniversary of the stadium.

Dodger Stadium was one of the last baseball-only facilities constructed prior to the dawn of the multi-objective stadium. It was constructed near the convergence of many freeways close to downtown Los Angeles, with an expansive parking lot surrounding the stadium. With the building of many new MLB ballparks in recent years, it is now the third-oldest park nonetheless in use, and the oldest on the West Coast.

Dodger Stadium presented several innovative style characteristics. One of these was a covered and screened section of dugout-level seats behind residence plate. Dodger owner Walter O’Malley was inspired to incorporate this function into the Dodger Stadium style soon after having noticed it at Tokyo’s Korakuen Stadium in the course of the Brooklyn Dodgers’ postseason goodwill tour of Japan in 1956. The original dugout seating area was replaced by far more conventional box seating in a 1999 renovation, but this function has been replicated at Progressive Field in Cleveland and Angel Stadium of Anaheim.

Two of Dodger Stadium’s most distinctive functions are the wavy roof atop each and every outfield pavilion and the best of a ten-story elevator shaft bearing the Dodger logo rising straight behind property plate at the top of the uppermost seating level.

A exclusive terraced-earthworks parking lot was constructed behind the primary stands, allowing ticketholders to park at roughly the level of their seats, minimizing use of ramps after inside. The stadium was also designed to be earthquake-resistant, an critical consideration in California, and it has withstood a number of critical earthquakes.

Strobe lights were added in 1999 they flash when the Dodgers take the field, soon after a Dodger property run, and following a Dodger win.

In addition to these of Don Drysdale, Sandy Koufax, and Don Sutton, the retired numbers of Pee Wee Reese, Jackie Robinson, Duke Snider, Tommy Lasorda, Walter Alston, Roy Campanella and Jim Gilliam are mounted beneath the pavilion roofs behind the outfield fence.

Constructed in the Los Angeles neighborhood of Chavez Ravine in Solano Canyon, the stadium overlooks downtown Los Angeles and supplies views of the city to the south, the green tree-lined hills of Elysian Park to the north and east, and the San Gabriel Mountains beyond the outfield pavilions. Due to dry summers in Southern California, rainouts at Dodger Stadium are uncommon. Prior to 1976, the Dodgers were rained out only when, against the St.Louis Cardinals, on April 21, 1967, ending a streak of 737 consecutive games with out a postponement.

Dodger Stadium is the only current MLB park (excluding the most recently built parks) that has never elevated its capacity. It has historically held 56,000 fans, due to a conditional-use permit limiting its capacity.

With the retirement of the original Yankee Stadium (1923) and Shea Stadium in 2008, the park claimed the title of being the biggest capacity stadium in the Majors.…
By Ken Lund on 2014-06-26 20:52:51

Well, Chicago baseball is heating up currently this Spring. Just a handful of games into the season, and 1 of last season’s two playoff-bound Chicago baseball teams is getting a entire lotta shake-up going on.

Fierty White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen has moved largely untested but very promising second baseman Chris Getz into the leadoff spot just a few games into the normal 2009 season. Although Getz made an oh-fer ( for 4) in his leadoff man debut against the Kansas City Royals (which the Chisox lost two-1, stranding males on base in the final inning), Guillen stated he liked the way Getz took all 4 of his plate appearances and will leave him in the leadoff spot for the foreseeable future. Not giving Guillen a great look at the plate in the previous two games was what cost center fielder DeWayne Smart the leadoff man spot.

Speaking of his decision, the often-straight-forward Chisox manager stated of Wise’s final three plate appearances the day before, “I never like it at all. I believe he was trying to, I never want to say intimidated, but just wanted to protect the plate. I want to get him out of there for a couple of days till he begins to swing the bat greater. When he begins to swing the bat better or the way we consider he swings the bat, I’ll move him back up to see what occurs.”

The Chicago crowd definitely seemed to be in sync with Guillen’s thoughts. They booed Wise roundly the preceding games prior to he was dropped from the leadoff spot right after going -for-eight. Wise himself is, well, none too sensible about precisely why.

“I can’t figure it out. I was at residence last evening, and I was considering about it. I was like, ‘Wow, it is not just me that is not hitting.’ I’ve kind of been the guy that is been singled out and taken all the heat. I guess this leadoff point has been the topic all offseason and by way of the entire spring coaching, possibly it’s due to the fact the fans wanted a veteran guy in that spot, a all-natural leadoff guy that is had accomplishment on this level in that spot.”

Nevertheless, Wise and Getz, along with third baseman Josh Fields (who, even though confined to the bottom of the order for now, apparently has discovered how to lay down bunt-singles to make up for his lack of brilliant hitting), are all touted as potential big offense for a Chisox group that spent the off season offing some of its older veteran players to add youthful energy to these who remained. Hitting coach Greg Walker says of Wise, Getz, and Fields, “We’re excited about them. We feel like what they do mechanically holds up and they are mentally strong kids, so they need to be just fine.” And manager Guillen, who calls himself a “defense guy”, has also voiced the opinion that “When you got Wise, Getz, Quentin, and then go to A.J., Fields and Ramirez, you got more capability to do a lot more stuff. I do not have to wait for Konerko, Dye, Thome to get hot to score some runs.”

On the mound, fireballing closer Bobby Jenks, who has been identified to hit 100mph with his heaters, place aside worries from some that he was losing his currently legendary velocity by regularly hitting 96 and 97mph in his appearances. so far this season. Still, he did give up the losing run in the type of a homer to non-energy-hitter Coco Crisp of the Royals in the two-1 loss. According to Jenks, Crisp hit a “cutter that did not reduce.” But Jenks is nonetheless a lot young, the season is a lot young, and nobody’s ideal.

Chicago baseball could see a playoff repeat appearance from the 2006 Planet Champions this season. We’ll see how the off-season wheeling and dealing ends.

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  1. Once I found out all these videos were about religion, I was really disappointed. You totally discredit all the hard work and incalculable hours put in by players, and basically just say by committing themselves to God they made it. No, that’s an awful message. Make a video showing all the effort Andrew put in. Show that without the thousands of swings he took, or countless fly balls, he wouldn’t have gotten there. You’re encouraging laziness. I know for a fact that when I make it big, I’ll let it be known that no one got me there except myself.

  2. As a lifelong Pirates fan, I bleed black and gold.  Even more, though, as a child of the King, I pray that whenever someone pricks me, I bleed Jesus.  I am so pleased to hear that Cutch understands and lives that.  I pray that God will bless him in his gifting and service, and use him for His glory, however He chooses – and I certainly hope it also results in pennants for the Buccos.

  3. awsome! i love this thanks for puting this on here you are my biggest fan i never saw such a good video before u rock cutch

  4. i’ve grown up a chicago cubs fan, but i think mccutchen is one of my fave players out there. i enjoy watching the energy he puts into the game. 🙂

  5. Andrew means ‘Manly ~ Strong ~ Courageous.
    And. I Just Love Him.
    And. Keep Him in my Prayers.
    Each Time I Am @ PNC Park I Am Touched to See Him.
    Love. Sandy. <3
    Have a Blessed Evening.
    Colossians 2:9-10 (NIV)
    For in Christ all the fullness of the Deity lives in bodily form,
    and in Christ you have been brought to fullness.
    He is the head over every power and authority.

  6. That was great. No idea that AM was a believer. I just wish he would mention the actual name of God which is Jesus.

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