American Valor: 1 Marine’s Story

Marine Sgt. Joey Jones’ occupation was to disable and dispose of bombs in Afghanistan.

The Armory
The Media Armory, is a historic Nationwide Guard armory situated in Media, Delaware County, Pennsylvania. It was built in 1908 for firm H of the 6th Infantry Regiment of the Pennsylvania Nationwide Guard. The developing was initially utilised for training and the storage of arms and ammunition, but has been converted for use into a Trader Joe’s grocery keep and the Pennsylvania Veterans Museum. The structure’s intended military use is expressed by its heavily buttressed walls, broken battlements, and reduced flanking towers,&quot in accordance to a 1984 plaque afixed to the building by the Media Borough Council.

The organization served in Mexican Border Expedition, and re-designated as company H, 111th Infantry, 28th Infantry Division, in France in Globe War I, and as Organization M, in the South Pacific in World War II.

The creating was designed by William L. Value and M H. McLanahan. Its development is of random rubble and contains a basement and two stories. Solar panels, which are barely visible from the street, had been added in 2004.


By Thomas James Caldwell on 2017-06-thirty 14:09:eleven
A new forum has hit the market place to accommodate the demands of military personnel that is hunting for a spot to share photographs, movies, show their ribbons, share experiences, talk to previous and new buddies, or discover fiancial/tax data that pertains to people that have served. The forum has been developed by an accounting workplace positioned in Plainfield, NJ.
Why may possibly you ask? After contacting them the answer became quite clear, one particular of the co-owners of the firm, Victor Quinn, is a former Marine. Because Victor’s previous is linked to the military, it came organic for himself and his spouse Nick to commence servicing the fiscal needs of former military personnel along with currently enlisted members as properly. Victor talked about, “Right after retiring from the Marine Corp, I felt as if I even now had some thing to supply to the military but I was unsure exactly what that was. Following much debate amongst my partner and I, we came up with the VAO Monetary Brigade Forum.”
This Forum is quite exclusive from any other that can be found on-line. Victor and his spouse go on to mention that the VAO Forum is the only of it’s sort to offer you, for free to all registered members, a program to show ribbon racks. Victors spouse, Nick, explained they came up with the notion soon after reading through complaints on other websites concerning the situation. Nick says, “We wished to devise a method that remained relatively straightforward to the consumer with a finish result that a person would be proud of and I feel we have completed just that.”
The forum is relatively new and bringing in just a couple new members every couple of days. The concept appears wonderful and the owners of VAO pointed out that the website will carry on to expand just as prolonged as the member population does. At the present time this company is hunting for other organizations that would be a fantastic addition to the group and has related interests. In certain, they are searching for a veteran owned company or a entrepeneur with preceding military experience due to the reality that the forum is military/finance primarily based. Following choosing firms that would be appropriate, a logo of the company will be positioned within the forum. They want the total procedure to benefit both veterans and people that nonetheless serve from a enterprise standpoint. VAO understands the difficulty of coming house and getting to be a civilian yet again so they want to try out and structure a revenue stream for these soldiers to make daily life a small more simple.

VAO Forum
VAO Site

35 thoughts on “American Valor: A single Marine’s Story”

  1. Man, imagine being in afghanistan, have your leg blown off and then you finally wake up a few days later and your in fucking germany.

    I woulda thought it was a second life or some shit man like wtf.

  2. God Bless You and everything you have done, i have no words to describe my appreciation for what you have done

  3. All this just for the money coming out of the poppy fields…GREAT THING SENDING KIDS OVER TO A DRUG LAND JUST TO MAKE SURE THE ZIONISTS CAN GET THEIR MONEY. This must stop.

  4. This Marines attitude is exactly the type of attitude that every marine I knew,(including myself) looked up and wanted to be like. Semper Fi brother, YUT.

  5. I cant believe his attitude after he lost he legs.  My prayers go out to you!  Thank you for your service.

  6. I’m from Bavaria, live near Landstuhl in Germany. It always breaks my heart when I see videos on youtube and get to know, that all these young american heroes who get badly injured come to Landstuhl.

  7. The sacrifices our troops make daily. I can’t even find words to describe this man. For all active military and vets, no matter what you did or what branch, thank you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. If you’re a vet or active military please like this post or comment so I know who you are.

  8. this dude got mad heart got mad respect for you playa keep your head up and keep moving forward me being a marine and all the other marines we got your 6 forever

  9. Im enlisted in the Marines. This is crazy…my uncle had 4 friends killed in an IED blast including his best friend. He was never the same. Oorah brother and Semper Fi.

  10. Unlike the ww2 german designed bouncing bettys That poped up waist high and cut men in half. If you kill your enemy out right they burry him and move on. If hes just crippled then it take 4 more men to carry him till he gets medevaced. He also becomes an economic burrden on his nation disabled unable to work. alot of men give up feeling usless and end there own life my cousin only lost a foot in afghanistain. He trained others for a year after only to die here in virginia


  12. He will get to watch his son grow up. When I was working check points screening trucks for IEDS I never really thought about surviving one. the one that hit him though acted more like a soveit [foot popper] an anti personel mine made out of plastic so that metal detectors dont find them. there designed to cripple rather than kill afgan children used to find them and blow of arm or leg

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