American History Stories (Complete Audiobook) – volume (1 of two)

American History Stories, Volume 1
Mara L. PRATT ( – )

American History Stories audiobook

A children’s book detailing early American history from the Norsemen to the Revolution, meant for educational use.
Genre(s): General
Language: English
Group: American History Stories (Complete Audiobook)

Jessica Bierbrierer
Interviewee for the Secret History of American River Men and women project
By Wes Modes on 2015-04-13 23:42:19

Whilst a lot of paranormal stories are embellished and exaggerated over the years — by products of rumors and hearsay, no doubt — there are nevertheless a quantity of tales that can be substantiated by newspaper stories, historical artifacts, and eyewitness accounts. To become a particularly famous ghost story, the tale should incorporate a history of recognized violence, repeated paranormal activity, direct get in touch with with guests and extreme actions. A quantity of books have been written about these popular haunts, but nothing beats a hair-raising tour of a spot like The Winchester Mystery Residence, Gettysburg or Alcatraz, where one particular could encounter his or her personal individual paranormal sightings.

The Brown Lady of Raynham Hall is an infamous story simply because this distinct apparition has been so reliably photographed. Whilst she hasn’t produced an look because 1936, numerous witnesses reported seeing a woman apparition in a long brown cape or dress. In the early 1800s, King George IV stated he saw a woman with disheveled hair in a brown dress standing more than his bed. Later, an 1835 home guest, Colonel Loftus, reported that he saw a lady wearing a brown satin dress with empty eye sockets.

Captain Frederick Marryat slept in the “haunted space” hoping to catch a glimpse, but surprisingly encountered her carrying a lantern down an upstairs hallway. Two small boys reported seeing her in 1926 and the well-known photograph caught her on camera in 1936, when Captain Provand and Indre Shira were taking a photo of the staircase for Nation Life Magazine. Legend has it, the paranormal happenings come from a lady named Lady Townshend, who was suspected of infidelity and reportedly locked up in the residence by her cruel husband till her death.

An additional a single of the most famous paranormal stories is the Winchester Mystery Residence in San Jose, California. As legend has it, Sarah Winchester was distraught following the successive deaths of her child, her father-in-law and her husband, who died of sudden tuberculosis. Right after consulting with a psychic, she believed that her family members was cursed by paranormal spirits who had met their bitter fate at the finish of a Winchester gun.

To keep away from becoming cursed and killed herself, she felt she had to constantly maintain constructing a mansion to property the spirits and preserve them satisfied. The finish outcome was a $ five.five million dollar haunted mansion, with a quantity of bizarre style functions intended to confuse the malevolent ghosts — doors to nowhere, vaults within vaults, windows that opened up to blank walls, trap doors, secret hallways, and staircases that lead to ceilings. Right now, visitors typically report the sounds of footsteps, organ playing, and photographs of faces in windows.

The Amherst Poltergeist is one of Canada’s most terrifying paranormal stories. After 19-year-old Esther Cox of Amherst, Nova Scotia was raped by a shoemaker, Esther and her sisters began experiencing violent activities, with thunderous noises coming from below the bed, objects moving across the floor and unseen forces moving beneath the bed sheets. Esther’s physique turned red and swelled mysteriously and reports from Dr. Carritte say he was baffled by what he saw.

According to the medical doctor, there was no clear healthcare explanation for the swelling and he watched an unseen hand scrawl the words “Esther Cox you are mine to kill” across the plaster wall. Potatoes and knives flew across the area. Esther’s face was poked by sewing needles and her back was stabbed with a pocketknife wrenched from her friend’s hand. Lit matches brought on beds in the home to erupt into flames on much more than on


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