African Soccer Trafficking: A Private Tale

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Producer: Paolo Bernardi & Kike Diaz
Place: Gungrao, Spain
Distributor: MSN, SH YouTube

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Malian Alassane Diakite is one particular of an estimated 20,000 African soccer players stranded in Europe, lured by guys posing as agents who falsely guarantee tryouts and contracts with prime clubs. Watch Alassane as he continues to function towards his dream of becoming an international soccer star.

A Gorjanci Fairy-tale – 20101105_1634
A image of virgin forest at evening illuminated by detached flash lights SB900 and SB800 with gelatin filter. I walked in a large circle about the camera, illuminating the forest above. Exposure was about 7 min, ISO 1100, f/four. The picture is a portion of a project A Gorjanci Fairy-tale. Much more about it on .
Approach is described in particulars on my weblog:…
By Borut Peterlin on 2010-11-05 20:59:29

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