Adam And Eve Bible Story for Youngsters – (Christian Bible Cartoon)

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Mayan ‘Saint’ Maximón with offerings, guarded by a brotherhood in Santiago Atitlán, Guatemala.
Fantastic stories rank around this Mayan deity. Believers provide tobacco and alcohol in exchange of aid. When the Spanish arrived in Guatemala in 1524 and imposed Christianism, Maximón was hidden by moving him from 1 private property to the next. A Jesus figure was kept in the same area so that the household could pretend they adhered to Christianity. In Santiago, a brotherhood (cofradía) of about a dozen males and girls look after the deity. The women adjust and wash his clothing each two weeks the guys guard him and manage visitors. Maximón wears a lot of ties as a sign of respect. This symbolism is also identified in the nearby Christian churches, but Jesus and the Christian saints wear less ties. The glass box in the image consists of Mayan figures while close to the wall behind the camera there are Jesus figures and Christian symbols. Visiting Maximón is a sensual and intriguing encounter.
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Hasan A. Yahya, Ph.Ds, a writer from the Unholy Land

 Different men and women, cultures and religions have described the creation of Earth in their mythology and folklore. The stories that clarify about the creation of the universe and its components are known as creation myth. In short, a creation myth is a narration of the supernatural and mytho-religious stories. 1 such creation myth is the Japanese creation myth. But How the Universe was Created?

According to Japanese creation myth, the Heaven and the Earth had been not divided. All the elements of the Heaven and the Earth were entwined and mixed with each other with one germ of life. It is believed that this germ of life mixed everything together till the lighter part rose and the heavier part sank. It so occurred that complete earth was covered with a muddy ocean and there was a chaos in the ocean. From this ocean arose a reed, which grew till it reached the sky. This reed was transformed into a god and the location exactly where the head of the reed touched became the Heaven. This god created numerous gods such as the Gods of Creation such as Ame-no-Minaka-Nushi-no-Mikoto (the Deity-of-the-August-Center-of-Heaven), Takami-Musubi-no-Mikoto (the Higher-August-Creating-Wondrous-Deity), and a third god called Kammi-Musubi-no-Mikoto (the Divine-Producing-Wondrous-Deity). Izanagi and Izanami were the gods that were developed last. They had been the most remarkable of all the gods.

Creation of the Islands of Japan:Numerous believe it have been the gods Izanagi and Izanami who designed the islands of Japan. Izanami, the female god, and Izanagi, the male god when stirred the ocean with their jeweled spear till it curdled to grow to be a challenging mass of land. Therefore the very first island of Japan referred to as Onokoro was designed. They built a home with a sturdy central pillar in this island. Each the gods, walked around the pillar in opposite directions till they met face to face. That was when they decided to get married.

Their initial-born was a boy, when he was about three years of age, his parents place him in a reed boat. He became Ebisu – the God of the fishermen. Izanagi and Izanami designed all types of living beings – plants and animals. Later Izanami delivered a gorgeous girl kid. The gods produced her the Sun because she was as well lovely to reside on earth. Tsuki-yami , their second daughter became the Moon. They had an unruly son who was sentenced to rule the sea. He is the a single who creates the storms. Prior to providing birth to these gods, Izanami developed eight Japanese islands.

Gods Designed by Izanami:As a element of Japanese Creation Myth it is believed that Izanami gave birth to the God of the Land, God of Wind and Rain. Even though she was providing birth to the God of Fire, she was badly injured. She later succumbed to the burns. Her husband slain the God of Fire out of fury. He went in search of her by calling out her name. But it was in vain. Ultimately he entered the Land of Gloom in search of her. Right here he heard her voice telling him that she had already eaten the fruit of that land and it was also late for her to return. He was not prepared to leave her there as they had however to total their function of making the islands.

She told him, she would ask the spirits of the Land of Gloom to relieve her. Till then, he need to not attempt to appear for her. Following a long period of waiting, Izanagi got tired and created a torch from one of the tooth of his hair comb and went in search of her. He was shocked to see her rotting physique with swarms of maggots on it. He also noticed that she was providing birth to the eight Gods of Thunder. The sight revolted him.

When Izanami realized that her husband had not kept his word, she commanded the foul spirits of the Land of Gloom to kill him. Even so, Izanagi outwitted the spirits by flinging his headdress that turned into grapes. The greedy spirits stopped to nourish on the grapes alternatively of pursuing him. Later he threw down his comb, which grew into bamboo shoots.

As he was nearing the border among the Land of dead and the Land of Living, his dead wife, Izanami, caught up with him. But he was also swift for her, on crossing over to the Land of Living he pushed a large boulder more than the mouth of the Land of dead. It is believed that this produced the permanent demarcation amongst life and death.

There are numerous such stories about the Japanese Creation Myth and mythology. Even right now, Japanese believe that Izanami rule the Land of Gloom and Death, although the Land of Living is ruled by Izanagi. (817 words)


Source: Original article  By Maya Pillai

Professor, Dr. Hasan A. Yahya is an Arab American writer, scholar, and professor of Sociology lives in the United States of America,  originally from Palestine. He graduated from Michigan State University with  two Ph.d degrees. He published 65 books plus (45 Arabic and 20 English), and 300 plus articles on sociology, religion, psychology, politics, poetry, and quick stories. Philosophically, his writings concern logic, justice and human rights worldwide. Dr. Yahya is the author of Crescentologism: The Moon Theory,  and  Islam Finds its Way, on Amazon. He’s an professional on Race Relations, Arab and Islamic cultures, he is also, interested in religion, planet affairs and  worldwide strategic arranging for justice and human rights.

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  1. I legit have so many questions about this story?
    Why did God forbid Adam and Eve to eat from the Tree of knowledge of Good and Evil?
    Where did the snerpent come from?
    Who created/made the serpent? Wouldn’t it be God?

  2. I respect ur religion. Some of these story are told by quran. Because Bible once become Jesus followers guide before the bible got Add new words and etc. Muslims not call eve. We call ‘hawa’. I hope u guys can Search more about Islam. I see SOME connection between Christ and Islam. For me Islam is better(my opinion).

  3. This story should be labeled "God’s Divine Plan for Adam & Eve." He arranged for them to eat the apple (as He knew they would) so He would have an excuse to kick them out of His garden. But God loved Adam & Eve so much that He eventually sacrificed Himself to appease Himself because He wanted to have a relationship with their children. Only God could make up a crazy story like this and tell children, "it’s sacred".

  4. If you hate god then why are you here? Oh I hate god so I’m just going to go to a random religious video, yeah this one should do, and than you just completely crap all over it. Just go read a Torah or some thing. Stop looking for attention and trying to spread hate. Also starting fights? Why? Do you have no life? Hi would you like it if someone pointed out the flaws in your religion? You wouldn’t. Nothing is perfect, now sit down and deal with it. This is what some people believe in, and that’s none of your business. Mind your business and go to hell.

  5. The story is definitely true about adam and eve but the person that made this animation video does not quite know exactly everything how god described it to be but great effort i am just saying that wat i read in the bible and over here is different

  6. the very first man and woman created by The One God was I’m fact Adam and Eve in the second galaxy twentyfive billion thousand years ago . but here in our world in the forth galaxy of the 6 galaxies man and woman was created by The Father and there news weren’t Adam and Eve , they were named David and Elen .

  7. That s so stupid . No body knows what God made each day of the days when the earth was created. Unfortunately people does nt use their mind . Nd who believe in bible. He or she not using their brain to think . If God have a son . He should made Adam his son . Jesus come after many centuries after Adam . He was created by a blessed sole that can heal many humans. Been . Jesus did t die . Allah take him to heaven by his body . But the Jews changed the bible to destroy the whole universe religion wich is islam .

  8. So, Adam n Eve asked God for forgiveness?(22:05). And God didn’t forgive them both. Why is that? Is God Mercifull or Hatefull? Seem like it’s a Hatefull God. So this cannot be God.

    They apologized already. Why God is Mercyless n wont forgive them? instead literally punish n cast them out. Why? Evil God. This is not God. This is Satan.

    Is this a sin when they already apologized n say sorry? n this God is not pity them n not accepting their repentance? I will never worship this God.

  9. Lol religion is so stupid. The world would be such a better place without it. Poor chiffren that are raised in religios familys and get lured on to this stupid path.

  10. no wonder there are so many pedophiles and molestors in the catholic church!! we’re all descendents of mother fkers!!!

  11. Maybe you did not know but in the Bible ?? they say the truth and they say what is going to happen in the future and it is so true ???

  12. My theory about how the world started is basically a combination between the Bible’s theory and Bill Wurtz’s theory.

  13. So here’s my question, if it was only Adam and Eve, then how the hell did their offspring reproduce, did they incest? How come we aren’t all retarded then. Oh wait, did I mention their offspring were two guys.

  14. It’s not true it’s all because that they don’t know how the world started bitch you gotta know how the world before you gotta know before before you make dumb bitch

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