True Hunting Stories Animated

This is an animation I made from Mr. Nightmare’s video: three Horrifying Correct Hunting Stories to Freak you Out

Here’s the link to Mr. Nightmare’s original video exactly where you can listen to the rest of the stories:

I’m sorry this took so long. I have been attempting to add more detail in my animations but then it requires longer :(.

Oh and btw, I know Sung Kang is not Japanese, but he was in Tokyo Drift so it is close adequate haha )

Cliff Palace, Mesa Verde
This multi-storied ruin, the ideal-recognized cliff dwelling in Mesa Verde, is situated in the biggest alcove in the center of the Fantastic Mesa. It was south- and southwest-facing, offering higher warmth from the sun in the winter. Dating back far more than 700 years, the dwelling is constructed of sandstone, wooden beams, and mortar. Several of the rooms had been brightly painted. Cliff Palace was house to around 125 people, but was likely an crucial component of a bigger neighborhood of sixty nearby pueblos, which housed a combined six hundred or much more folks. With 23 kivas and 150 rooms, Cliff Palace is the largest cliff dwelling in Mesa Verde National Park.

Mesa Verde National Park is a National Park and Planet Heritage Website located in Montezuma County, Colorado. It protects some of the greatest preserved Ancestral Puebloan archeological web sites in the United States.

The park was created by President Theodore Roosevelt in 1906. It occupies 52,485 acres (21,240 ha) close to the Four Corners region of the American Southwest, and with much more than four,300 websites, like 600 cliff dwellings, it is the biggest archeological preserve in the US. Mesa Verde (Spanish for &quotgreen table&quot) is greatest recognized for structures such as Cliff Palace, thought to be the largest cliff dwelling in North America.

Starting c. 7500 BCE, Mesa Verde was seasonally inhabited by a group of nomadic Paleo-Indians known as the Foothills Mountain Complex. The selection of projectile points discovered in the area indicates they had been influenced by surrounding regions, like the Wonderful Basin, the San Juan Basin, and the Rio Grande Valley. Later, Archaic people established semi-permanent rockshelters in and around the mesa. By 1000 BCE, the Basketmaker culture emerged from the neighborhood Archaic population, and by 750 CE the Ancestral Puebloans had developed from the Basketmaker culture.

The Mesa Verdeans survived using a mixture of hunting, gathering, and subsistence farming of crops such as corn, beans, and squash. They constructed the mesa’s initial pueblos sometime after 650, and by the end of the 12th century they began to construct the enormous cliff dwellings for which the park is greatest identified. By 1285, following a period of social and environmental instability driven by a series of serious and prolonged droughts, they abandoned the area and moved south to locations in Arizona and New Mexico, such as Rio Chama, Pajarito Plateau, and Santa Fe.
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Crow Calling:
Crows can offer you a fantastic extension to the standard hunters’ possibilities. In a lot of states, a single can hunt crows every single day all year with the exception of a month or two. They also can supply the wing shooter a distinct variety of practice that clay pigeons cannot supply — unpredictable flying patterns. Although crows are plentiful and feed on dead animals, they are really very intelligent and have exceptional vision, but mastering these animals is not too hard. Even so, there are a few factors to keep in thoughts.

Crows are social animals, which signifies they are often speaking to each and every other and traveling with each other. Nonetheless, in my encounter, when crows respond to call, normally, a single bird responds first to survey the scenario. I call this bird the ‘scout’. It is extremely important not to permit the scout to be suspicious that anything is out of the norm. If you are one hundred% constructive that you can take the scout when he comes in, you may possibly do so, but if there is any doubt, it is wisest to let the scout make a few passes and return to his buddies to let them know that every little thing is standard. If you shoot and miss the scout or spook it in some way, then the other crows will not respond to your call. If he does bring his buddies with him on his next response, then you and your hunting companions need to all get some quick shooting.

As previously mentioned, crows have excellent vision. This is why it is crucial that you dress in complete camouflage and set up subsequent to some variety of cover. You also have to remain totally motionless till it is time to take the shot. Clearly, you will be utilizing a shotgun. I advise using five or six shot, since these birds can occasionally be difficult to take down, specifically at extended ranges.

As for calls, crows respond readily to a wide assortment of calls. Normally, crow sounds such as Fox Pro’s Crow Gathering, Crow Fight, or Crow party. You can also use crow sounds mixed with owl or hawk sounds to entice crows to respond.

Finally, crow decoys also work nicely to make certain these animals that your set up is secure for them to arrive. Plastic decoys that stick in the ground or trees can be purchased for much less than $ ten, or you can make your personal with black cardboard reduce into the shape of a crow silhouette.

If crows do not respond inside 5 or ten minutes, or if I take a couple of shots, I will relocate to a new region and repeat the process. Just keep in mind, usually hunt safely.

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  1. I would’ve shot him two that guy was dumb to try and chase a man with a big gun like come on who does that it’s obviously your gonna get shot by chasing him

  2. If ur in a situation like that, just cap his ass, Or atleast kneecap him so he cant move or run away then call the cops. Don’t be a puss puss. And if ur afraid, think of it like ur a sniper spawn camping and this guy is coming out of spawn, that should make it much easier to kill him lo. Also nice 180 trickshot ;)))))

  3. Yeah cause i would chase someone who has a fucking sniper rifle while trying to remain unspotted while burying a body

  4. hunter:*runs*
    man:get back here !
    hunter:*turns around with flashlight* AH SHIT
    hunter:GET OFF OF ME *does a 180 noscope*
    hunter: holy shit !!!

  5. U know wat I hate most about this story. He would shoot defensless and harmless animals but he had seconds thoughts about shooting a person who clearly murdered somone

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