A Child Welfare Tale…

A brief history of child welfare policy in America. Produced With Found Footage and Photos. Featuring Quit motion and Green screen shot by Malibu Zac McEntire. Take pleasure in

Cold spring day
Image is captured in Uppsala, Sweden. The church on the image, Uppsala cathedral, is the most significant a single in northern Europe. It is also one particular of the oldest churches in Sweden. In truth, the region around Uppsala is recognized for its extended history. In the outskirts of Uppsala a big field with huge mounds rise. The mounds are graves to which old viking kings had been burried. Tales even say that the old nordic gods, Odin, Thor and Freyr, are burried in the 3 largest mounds.

Images of old Uppsala and far more to study about the ancient area: www.flickr.com/images/tusken91/7713532162/

See far more, search wikipedia for: Gamla Uppsala, Uppsala Högar, The king mounds, Kungshögarna.
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Found in China, tea has exerted a profound influence on societies and cultures throughout the globe. The tea story starts in China around 5,000 years ago. the legendary Emperor of China and inventor of agriculture and Chinese medicine was drinking a bowl of boiling water some time around 2737 BC when a couple of leaves have been blown from a nearby tree into his water, changing the color. As a scientist, the emperor became intrigued by the liquid, drank some, and located it very appetizing and was pleasantly shocked by its flavor and restorative properties. He instantly gave the command that tea bushes to be planted in the gardens of his palace.


Thus the custom of brewing fresh tea leaves in hot water began and it speedily spread. Right after the creation of tea, consumption spread throughout the Chinese culture. In 800 A.D. Lu Yu wrote the initial book on tea, the Cha Ching. His function was so explicit and complete that it projected him into close to sainthood within his personal lifetime. Tea production in China, historically, was a laborious process, conducted in distant and often poorly accessible regions. This led to the rise of many apocryphal stories and legends surrounding the harvesting method.


Until the fifth century A.D., tea was primarily utilised as a remedy, due to the medicinal benefits attributed to it. From this time onwards, China’s upper class adopted the fashion of presenting packages of tea as highly esteemed gifts and of enjoying drinking tea at social events and in private homes. At around the very same time the Chinese tea ceremony started to create and the tidings of tea began to spread as it reached Japan.


Advent of tea in the west


Tea arrived in Europe through Dutch and Portuguese sailors at the starting of the 17th century. The tea trade was a important aspect in establishing connections between east and west. In China, tea leaves were utilised as a substitute for coins. In Europe, tea was employed as a symbol of higher status and as a stimulus for many technological developments. The locals had to make do with tea dust to make their brew. Obtaining the flavor strong, they experimented with milk and spices, sugar etc. hence their was a whole new evolution to the methodology adopted for the preparation of tea


At the beginning of the 18th century, tea arrived in Northern America, swiftly becoming a desirable drink there as effectively. However the British later levied taxes on the tea commodities which greatly angered the basic public. They exposed their frustration in the kind of demonstrations and boycott movements that denied the ships carrying the tea items unload. 1 popular case was that which occurred in Boston, where a group of locals boarded one of the cargo ships and threw all their shipments into the sea. This popular occurrence in this regard was named the “Boston Tea Party”


A important rise in tea consumption resulted from the look of tea bags at the starting of the 20th century. With the different varieties of tea discovered, it is only but clear that the complete planet delves itself in the rich aroma of the brew. In the course of the 20th century, the supply of tea crops spread all through the world, from Japan to Africa and South America. Towards the finish of the 20th century, an extra rise in the western world’s tea consumption occurred and also in proof was a demand for good quality teas.


India, which is the biggest producer of tea (off late, its position has been displaced by china) did not drink tea for pleasure till the British introduced the culture. It was mainly regarded as a medicinal herb and with the British establishing tea plantations along the borders of Assam, the tea culture was thereby introduced in India.


Whatever be the origin, tea has now spread across classes and ethnicity to each of the globe and continues to evolve even as you study this.


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6 thoughts on “A Youngster Welfare Tale…”

  1. This was helpful and informative, but the audio isn’t consistent. The audio changes in volume several times and altogether stops in some places. I wish I could have heard the whole thing because it seemed pretty good.

  2. Checkin out the Legal Kidnapping racket first hand….

    Was adopted twice as a child… birth mother kept from finding her kids so she couldn’t sue for what happened to us- died the same year I was adopted the second time… different county far away and never got to meet her, so CPS/DCF/DHHS(choose one?) could protect their industry… I managed to get some files they didn’t torch… 

    Later- same courts wrongfully terminated my parental rights via CPS at my son’s mother’s pursuit… Absolutely destroyed my life to do so… Suing in Federal Court- but it’s still the same sham court system… 

    Have since reunited with my son and have created an agreement outside the court, as the courts remain corrupt and lame. Even my son’s mother has "seen the light" and knows what she did was wrong…  Being labeled a "Child Thief" can have that affect… 

    But it’s systemic nation wide… My story is one of hundreds of thousands… I’m far from alone- it’s what gets me through it. CPS/DCF/DHHS (choose one?) is an Industrial Complex that answers to no one or any authority… One of these days, these morally corrupt cowards are going to hurt someone who isn’t as forgiving as I am. You can bet your backside I’m going to be there to remind people why… 

    You think that critics are just disgruntled, lol… Can you try on the term "child thief" for size? That’s what makes you people part of the problem… It’s Conservative Capitalism- there is simply no money in solutions… The Family Courts are Conservative/Individualist and are driving this otherwise Liberal/Collectivist construct into the ground…  Just as the worst people in history do.

    Hero complexes do that. 

    Want someone who can connect the dots and articulate it as well? I’ll be your huckleberry 😉 I am a living testament that the "folks who do this work" are little more than professional child thieves with hero complexes… And I have many, many friends who know it too… 

    The horror stories are true and real. Only the ignorant or the morally corrupt serve the Family Courts- or any US court for that matter… 

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