A Correct Story of a Carpenter – Inspirational | Motivation | Character Improvement

A Accurate story of a Carpenter, who plans to retire from operate, an inspiring story to obtain the very best in life.

Macro : My favourite tiny factors
For Macro Mondays.

The theme being my favourite modest things. (And with it a story)

I like cuff hyperlinks but with my job as an antiques restorer it’s not like I get to wear them a lot.

When I was a a child my Dad had an old box that he kept all his cufflinks and tie pins in. There have been ones that looked like old roman coins, duelling pistols and tankards. I usually liked picking by means of all the cufflinks he owned, drawn to the glittery glass gems of this one. The funny factor is that he preferred much more modest searching mother of pearl cufflinks for his job at the bank in the 1980s. These cuff links have been from the days prior to my Dad was … my Dad, back in the showy days of London in the swinging 60s when he had handmade suits with bright silk linings. He has lots of anecdotes from this time, of switching banks over from old fashioned ledger style book maintaining to the new fangled wold of computerisation.
When I left house he off loaded all his old cufflinks onto me, he saw it as clearing out junk, I see them as small precious memories. I make a point of wearing out his cufflinks, putting new associations with the old memories.
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75 thoughts on “A True Story of a Carpenter – Inspirational | Motivation | Character Development”

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  2. very inspirational video love it, on this we can do good work, in our daily routine in every place, even to ourselves.

  3. love the backstories that are resulting from this topic!!! i am imaging your dad in a natty suit in the 60s. really like the dark tones of this.

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  5. Wow, well said; let’s all take the time to build a strong foundation and daily work on our habits to build true wealth!

  6. Simple Truth but profound… WHAT YOU SOW YOU’LL REAP!!!…Very beautifully and powerfully captured.. Keep the good work on chief!!

  7. Who knows ??if the carpenter had built the house so elegantly ,it would have definitely fascinated the owner n ultimately the owner would not have given the house to the old carpenter..

  8. very inspirational
    but technically flaw
    the employer have to give the blue print of the house and the cost for every thing the carpenter use
    NO BOSS will just tell the worker to build a house without the BLUE PRINT
    AS Christian the blueprint that our Messiah taught was from the Tanakh what was know as Old testament.

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  10. Kitt that is a FANTASTIC story… i was the same way … I was always drawn to the "sparklers" in mum’s jewelry y box… they didn’t have to be real… but anything like sparkly glass, gems… or minerals i loved just looking into them… one of my favorites was my mum’s BIG "raw" Amethyst ring that my grandfather brought back from Germany after the war…

  11. fabulous, great image and story – Lee loves to wear his dad’s old cufflinks too, they were the only things he really wanted after he died….

  12. make ADDA cry…why don’t you…the story is so touching and sweet…thank you kit…

    and of course ADDA is SO in love with cuff-links…(PINK has the best…their 14kt gold bulldog…oh, a guy can dream , can’t he?)

  13. Gorgeous!!! I would love to Have one like that. And I loved what you wrote as well. You, sweet thing, thanks for sharing. Hugs

  14. This is too funny I have the same cufflinks but I picked mine up at a tag sale!Great with a shirt and jeans-tones them down a bit!I’m so glad you posted them!You should wear them! People always comment when I wear mine.

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