A Terrifying Paranormal Military War Horror Story! *NoSleep*

The military can hold nightmares all by it self. But war is some thing much more devious and horrific. NoSleep Horror.

Guest reader: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCo_5tqDGYJOYgluchll-F6w

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Accurate Stories – Locating My Family
I was puttering about at property when I heard my inner voice.
“Go to Ancestry.com, go to Ancestry.com.”
Despite the fact that the voice was insistent, I ignored it. But the nudges continued as I attempted to go about my day. Clearly this voice would not give up until I gave it my full focus.

I’d heard this voice ahead of on many notable occasions in my life. I can not call it up at will, even though I’ve usually wished I could. It is a non-gender, calm, clear voice without emotion, delivering quick messages of guidance.

After, when I was alone on an elevator heading up to function, feeling exhausted and distraught in the course of the early stages of a divorce, I believed, “How will I ever make it alone? I’m so lonely….” The voice shocked me with, “You always have yourself.” Startled and looking around the elevator for the supply of these words, I was reminded of how much strength I have. That potent believed healed something in me in that moment, and it has stayed with me since.

I went on the web to Ancestry.com. Peeking into a bulletin board devoted to my family members name, I saw a request seeking family data that seemed to refer to my late father. It was puzzling although, since the name was slightly different, but it was my father’s actual birthdate. I answered the posting and that is how I met my father’s very first wife and her loved ones, including my half-brother, whom I had not met in individual and didn’t know existed till long following I had turn into an adult. I didn’t know my father had changed his name.

My meeting with Helen shifted something fundamental in my life. All of a sudden, without having realizing the critical healing it would bring, I had embarked on a genealogical treasure hunt. In e-mails to Helen I shared a couple of stories, a couple of clues my father had dropped along the way, and she took the ball and ran with it. My ancestors began to appear in Helen’s e-mails, and that was the beginning of some thing vital for me: a connection to my roots.

I had grown up feeling I didn’t belong to any neighborhood. I felt like I had no foundation. When asked exactly where my hometown was, I felt a vague unacknowledged sadness and a bit of shame. My father was in the military and my family moved frequently. Our isolated nuclear household, which consisted of my parents, my two brothers and me, had small exposure to extended relatives, and I had no idea that household was so essential.

My father grew up without parents on the streets of Boston, a child of several foster residences. He was listed as a boarder at the age of five in the 1930 United States census. He had been abandoned by his parents, like many children of the Great Depression, and never felt the safety of trust once more. He was a warrior and a survivor.

My mother was a refugee from Silesia at the end of Planet War II, from a region that was German and then became Polish soon after the war. One evening in the final months of the war my Polish grandmother fled from the Russians with her 5 kids. My mother was nine years old. Right after a lot of months of danger, abuse, and starvation, they identified their way to Bavaria, exactly where the family members lived for seven years in one particular room in what was left of a house that had been bombed. My mother is a survivor, also. When she left Germany with my father, a U.S. serviceman, she left her household behind.

I had no notion old family wounds were a portion of my story, but my truth is I grew up with out grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins in my life, and it was a loss, even though we had beautiful Christmas boxes from my grandparents in Germany, filled to the brim with delicious chocolates and gingerbread, and occasional loving visits. To this day chocolate feels like really like to me.

Helen uncovered fascinating history on my father’s side. We learned my grandmother was most probably component of the Mi’kmaq Very first Nations folks of Nova Scotia, and that I had two generations of excellent-grandparents who had been missionaries in India, running a house for individuals with leprosy. I started to see the adventure and courage in my lineage rather of the weaknesses.

The distractions of life unfolded right after my initial meeting with Helen, and genealogy was put away for a even though. I was grateful to have had the chance to meet Helen and to be a extended-distance member of her loving household. Not longer after, I met my lovely niece.

Then, in 2007, I had a dream: I am sitting on a park bench in a forested place underneath an illuminated old-fashioned streetlight. Sitting next to me is a handsome young man who is my brother. He is supposed to be 1 of the brothers I grew up with, the one particular who was named after my grandfather, but it isn’t his face. We are discussing what we would need to have to do to have a wholesome connection. He appears exotic, wearing dangly diamond earrings and he has glossy black hair and a rich olive complexion, maybe like a individual from South Asia.

As I woke, a voice prompted me to appear up my paternal grandfather’s name on Google. A group photo of a high college football team from 1913 appeared on the screen. 1 of these players was my grandfather, a freshman in high school. As I looked at the faces, I burst into tears as I recognized the very face I had dreamed. I dreamed my grandfather’s face with no ever seeing an image of him. The emotion I felt was outstanding.

This propelled a new surge of genealogical investigation. I discovered stories of my missionary relatives and discovered my grandfather was born in India. I learned I have three generations of ancestors who lived in India. Some have been born there and some died there, and several spent all of their adult lives in service to the poorest and most ill. I identified my excellent-great-aunt, who was the very first woman physician in her area in the Himalayan foothills. She started a hospital for women that is nonetheless in service right now. My sense of belonging and family pride healed the far more I discovered about my distant family.

Ultimately, during Christmas of 2011, I met my brother for the 1st time, and in 2014 I met my sister-in-law. The blessing of family continues with the birth of my grandniece this year. I never ever expected to know and enjoy this portion of my household, and in no way would have if I hadn’t listened to a persistent voice and paid focus to a dream.

J. E. C.

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50 thoughts on “A Terrifying Paranormal Military War Horror Story! *NoSleep*”

  1. That story was excellent! I couldn’t tear myself away from listening to it. You’ve outdone yourself swampy! ???

  2. The captain just turned into a zombie that’s all, happens all the time. all you guys had to do was shoot that things had off. Sounds like he was a fast one though it could have been tricky.

  3. Would have been a great story but the background music is so loud that it drounds out the narrator. Too bad.

  4. Fake or not, this makes the idea of a zombie themed Vietnam War movie/game a pretty interesting concept… Oh yeah, totally should be a thing now.

  5. My dad fought in Vietnam US Army TET afencive AShua Valley never said nothing E3 specialist artillery and Hue don’t know where else he had traviled to while serving his tour but really interesting.

  6. Pure fiction written by someone who wasn’t there or even in the US military in the 1960’s.Good tale but as a vet you lost me. In 67 we weren’t baby killers just yet. and it was against regs to wear fatigues on the street. Just a couple things that broke the spell early on.

  7. Guess what little boy, you haven’t fooled anyone. I can tell by your voice modulation and tone that you are not the age you say, and instead of telling your story first hand, you are reading a script or book. You’ll have to be a little more authentic in your delivery if you are to draw us all in for the count. Nice try but no brass ring. I like looking for real stories and am finding out that most of what is on the web is bull shit my friend. So tell us you are not a click baiting ass hole looking for a few more likes. By the way I AM old enough and have spent my time in SEA during the Vietnam crises.

  8. I have actual stories from when I went to Iraq and Afghanistan. They are not paranormal, they are as real as they can get.

  9. Reminded me for some reason of Apocalypse Now at the beginning… C.O. gone MIA with senior officers and a CIA operative in the middle of the Vietnam War. But then it got spooky ?

  10. That’s not quite how it happened. Its was far much worse and you missed more than half of what happened like we had to bring it back to America and we had to free them all in the subways of new York before they escaped on the bases and there all still roaming around because we only captured one in the last four th years which means there’s still about two hundred running around down there today because we never leave our men behind.

  11. Damn it – I got halfway through the story before realizing it was a NoSleep story. I like ’em better when they’re true. :-/ Good narration, though.

  12. Evidence sometimes can only be put into words. I can’t call what is happening as visitors. I have seen the space crafts close range. Everything is different from what we have learned or known. I feel truth to this story.

  13. Ever hear the story of the headless Air Force major that roams the Guam flightline? Or the KC135A 555 "triple nickle?"

  14. I talked to this gentleman who fought in the Vietnam war who told me that they had fought some kind of apes that were attacking them in the jungle. The guy who told me this story told me about it like it was nothing special.

  15. My uncle’s when they were in the same war just in the laos part of the jungles there’s a animal of some sort beast like with red eyes that made a weird noise. Later in life my uncle’s master gave him a hand of that beast for protection it’s real there’s unknown I’m there.

  16. Ur INTERVIEW was the Best, THE PERSONAL INTERVIEW:: And ur Documentation was the Best i NEVER SEEN !!.

  17. I’ve heard this story b4 but It’s by far one of the best scary stories I’ve heard so didn’t mind listening to it again.

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