[A Tale of Intergalactic Travel] “Islands of Space” (Audiobook)

[A Tale of Intergalactic Travel] “Islands of Space” (Audiobook) (AKA: The Black Star Saga) by John Wood Campbell. Jr.

Off in the horizon
Cadaques, Spain
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1 of the most lively tourist destinations in the globe, Bangkok is frequented by thousands of travellers each regional and foreign. Whether you happen to be travelling to Bangkok for its wonderful sightseeing opportunities or its exceptional buying and nightlife, this exclusive city in the heart Asia will open your eyes to a magical travel expertise complete of entertaining and excitement.

Floating markets are a common attraction in Thailand and in the district of Talin Chan,1 such market place can be found.Talin Chan is one of the 50 districts of Bangkok, Thailand and is an old district that dates back to the Thon Buri province. This floating industry in on the Thon Buri bank of the Chao Phraya River and the canal that the marketplace is on hyperlinks Bangkok Noi canal to the north and the Bangkok Yai to the south. This forms a semi circular moat around the old capital of Thon Buri.

Right now the industry is common with vacationers and locals as it represents the standard Thai way of life that in the recent years have practically disappeared. A time when communities lived close to canals and rivers as their lives were entwined with the waterways which supplied them a way of movement to sell their agricultural generate. The floating market place is situated on the canal Khlong Chak Pra the concept of a floating marketplace was initiated in 1987 to commemorate the King of Thailand’s 60th birthday. When this marketplace first commenced it was created up of just five bamboo rafts and later upgraded to 11 metal pontoons.

The industry which is open on weekends has an abundance of fresh vegetables, fruit and fish which are all sold from boats. Visitors can take a leisurely boat ride down the canal and sample the regional create while listening to traditional Thai music performances. Also on provide are Thai trinkets, flowers and plant which make excellent presents for friends and loved ones. The floating markets of Bangkok are a definite need to see for the traveller amongst other famous attractions that the City has to supply.

The variety of accommodation is extensive and a Bangkok hotelcan be readily located for the price range or a business traveller. Looking for some luxury and pampering? There are numerous a Bangkok luxury hotelout of which one such establishment is the Grand Millennium Sukhumvit Bangkok.

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  1. I remember reading this book soooo many years ago now, . I couldn’t remember the title as I searched through second hand bookshops hoping to come across it, I read so many intros on sci-fi books hoping to find "the one" that I enjoyed so much as a youngster. To find it here on youtube was providence indeed.
    This is such a great sci-fi romp. Great memories came flooding back
    many thanks for uploading this.

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