1 Path – Story of My Life

One particular Direction’s official music video for Story of My Life.

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Visionary Trail
*In That Disney Announcer Voice*…

&quotWhen going to Disney’s Hollywood Studios, be confident to check out One particular Man’s Dream. This walkthrough encounter gives guests the possibility to see how the planet of Disney was began. From the creation of everyone’s favourite mouse, to all of the storied attractions there’s no far better spot to witness the beginnings of the creative process.&quot

A single Man’s Dream
Disney’s Hollywood Studios
Walt Disney Globe, FL


Zenfolio (Order My Operate) | 500px | Disney’s Human Element Blog | Wizarding Globe Photo Tour
By Scott Smith (SRisonS) on 2011-06-11 13:19:30

Soon after high school I received a congressional appointment to the United States Air Force Academy. There are items you discover in the military that are not taught elsewhere, such was the case about a year into my schooling.

We have been getting trained that summer time for prisoner of war and survival schools. Most of our professors and instructors have been Vietnam vets, and the stories of the prison camps and such were streaming in. Some of my instructors had extraordinary experiences to share.

They set up a mock POW (Prisoner of War) camp. The aim was for us to expertise the environment of a POW camp for a few days and find out some tactics to cope with what we could expect to experience if we had been shot down more than enemy territory. One particular of the principal tools the Vietnam utilised have been just isolation boxes. With no room to stand or lay down, we sat on a tiny “T” created of 2×4 wood – with our “honey bucket.” Except for the sun, there was no way to know the time.

One particular evening I was taken from my isolation box and brought to an even smaller sized box where the mock guards literally stuffed me in and I could not move. Just scratching your nose would take effort. In about an hour I was to uncover out that this was a preparation just before they took you into some mock interrogation and torture.

As they opened the box, and pulled me out like meat from a tuna can, I laid there on the ground and my muscles did not respond. I couldn’t walk. They knew that even though as they had been ready with two enormous guys who grabbed me below the arms as my legs dragged behind me spasmodically attempting to catch up with the rest of me. It was then that a familiar voice resounded in my heart:

“You can not even stroll without me!”

Despite the fact that the voice shocked me, it was a satisfying believed that was downloaded into my heart. My Lord Jesus was letting a essential truth penetrate my soul: “I am the vine you are the branches. If a man remains in me and I in him, he will bear a lot fruit apart from me you can do absolutely nothing.” John 15:five

It is not as well many people that are so prideful and self sufficient that the Lord has to take to a POW camp to reveal to them the depths of that truth. I was blessed and favored that He did.

Insight to life and company: There will be times when you are constructing your enterprise that you just comprehend that you cannot do it. It is comforting to know that in a higher reality, that is true for almost everything you have carried out already. God can assist you through these times.

One particular possible application: There will be times you will drop sales, buyers, or organization partners. Throughout dark hours, keep in mind who by no means leaves or forsakes and is your ultimate company and life partner.

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  1. Sweet! I love the focus and emphasis on "Walt", his first name gets dropped too often in modern Walt Disney productions.

  2. I love this song you should listen to it put to a shadow hunters fan fiction video it’s amazing !!!!!! ??

  3. Great lines and color — very nice! Would you believe they have a musical review in Tokyo Disneyland called "One Man’s Dream II?" It has nothing whatsoever to do with this exhibit so I was really amused by the name.

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