A Sad but accurate love story

This story is true I can garuntee you its correct due to the fact it occurred to me! So please leave good comments… Adore Every person! Stay Robust AND PULL Via! The song is Permanent by David Cook and yes it is on loop!

Jodpur IND – Marwar Festival 2013 01
The Blue city of Jodhpur celebrates the memory of the heroes of Rajasthan every year in the month of Ashwin. Ashwin is a Hindu month that falls amongst the months of September and October. Marwar festival is the most well-known festival of this city. Marwar festival was initially recognized as the Maand Festival. ‘Maand’ is a standard way of folk music that focuses on the romance and courteousness of the rulers of Rajasthan. Celebrated during the complete moon of Sharad Poornima, the Marwar festival of Jodhpur goes on for two days.

The state of Marwar was founded in 1459 A.D. by Rao Jodha who was the chief of the Rathore tribe of Rajputs who claimed to be descendants of Rama, the epic hero of legend Ramayana. This festival is especially devoted to the Rajasthani Rajput heroes due to the fact of the chivalric code of conduct they adhered to, which was one particular of their most distinguishable characteristic. These heroes were nicely identified for qualities like courage and bravery, both on and off the battlefield, loyalty, self sufficiency, suppleness, military and strategic intelligence, and difficult operating nature.

The Rajput class has made a mark for themselves in the national history, which is actually inspiring and motivating. Even although, some of these stories got lost, there are nevertheless a lot of other folks that are carried forward from generation to generation via folk songs.
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A Romance on 3 Legs: Glenn Gould’s Obsessive Quest for the Ideal Piano / by Katie Hafner (Bloomsbury Press, 2008) Hardcover, 272 p. ISBN: 9781596915244

In A Romance on Three Legs, Katie Hafner tells the story of a famous piano and Glenn Gould’s connection to it. The eccentric Gould spent 5 years looking for the perfect piano and the appropriate tuner to keep it excellent. He found a Steinway piano (designated CD 318) in a Canadian department retailer in 1960. By that time, visiting artists had played it in the store’s auditorium and worn it out. It was back stage awaiting disposal. Gould played it and loved it for its featherlight action and harpsichord-like sound.

Verne Edquist, a nearly blind tuner, worked on it until it became an excellent piano. Gould loved it. In reality, “romance on 3 legs” is Gould’s phrase, not Hafner’s. Hafner interweaves Gould’s and Edquist’s biographies with an overview of the Steinway company and how a piano is built. Her description of the piano and its unique traits by no means becomes too technical for the basic reader to recognize.

Gould’s reputation rests as much on his eccentricities as on his genius as a musician and pianist.  He wore a hat and gloves each day no matter how hot it was. He toured with a battered chair and refused to execute playing on anything else. He also refused to shake hands. He hummed and groaned as he played, even in the recording studio. Hafner does not succumb to the temptation of trying to find a psychological diagnosis for the mannerisms she describes, leaving the concentrate on the story rather than speculation.

A Romance on Three Legs has an unhappy ending. A shipping crew dropped the piano. Its 5-foot fall resulted in a cracked plate. Steinway rebuilt it, but Edquist could not restore it to its situation before the accident. Hafner describes Gould’s despair more than the loss for the rest of his life. All-Objective Guru Alert offers high-quality books like this every single day. Cease by typically.

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  2. "there’s another girl at my school who I really like and I’m gonna ask her out. Goodbye"

    My reaction:
    Bye hoe.

  3. If someone is reading this…..
    Don’t do suicide, it makes everything worse, just think about the good times you had, your friends, your family, do not repeat things over and over if something bad happened. If your broke up with someone you loved, do not think about "I’m not suppose to be in this world" over and over, stay strong don’t do suicide, just make sure you find a better person that he/she might love you forever ❤️

    ~Lucy <3

  4. The amount of times a guy had made me feel down is unreal. My ex dumped me after dating for a week… he said that he wanted to be friends… and we ain’t talked since then. Some people don’t even know the feeling of love. I don’t even know the actual reason behind why he dumped me…

  5. I don’t know if it’s true or the fact that I was holding back tears

    If this really did happen there is something everyone should know
    Don’t harm your self you are loved by many others including me.
    You are loved by many
    Cared by me
    And hatted by none
    Pls no one go and harm themselves I’ve thought about harming but it’s not good just thinking of it will put you through more pain. Talk to someone and don’t hold in don’t let the thoughts get to you and share what you think. Nothing is wrong with you if someone says there is then it should be them who needs to change. Don’t get dragged around by a bully be confident and most important BE YOU. Pls if anyone needs to talk find someone safe and don’t forget I love everyone and no one should need to do harm to themselves

  6. Bruhh these Are being WAAY Overdramatic if this happened to me I wouldn’t care cause I’ll have to leave anyway

  7. If I was the best friend I would freaking go up to him and say this," DO US A FAVOUR….STICK UP UR THUMB AND WAIT FOR THE NEXT GIRL TO COME!"

    like if u agree

  8. Really? You still love him, I wonder how long it took her to realise that he was using her, a toy to use whilst he didn’t have a girlfriend, as soon as he got a new one, out with the old and in with the new

  9. I don’t know bout u guys but I’m so happy the boy died, if I was her I wouldn’t try kill myself I would get revenge

  10. I need you to listen
    To these words i’m about to say
    It all started a little while ago see this girl like this guy and the guy knew this they started talking more and she started to fall for him but after a couple weeks he stopped talking to her she didn’t know why she seen him in the hallway he was always with her best friend she thought that they were just friends but she was walking home later and seen them hugging and kissing her heart dropped she felt like she couldn’t breath then her best friend called her over and she faked a smile and hugged her best friend then look down he took a picture of them while she was hugging her the boy she said she had to go home but her best friend knew something was wrong after the boy left she ask her “what’s wrong” the girl replied you are you and him how could you do this to me you knew i liked him and you want me to stand here and act like its ok i cant i cant act like everything is ok i loved him what do you not get your life is so perfect i wish i never let you in the girl took off running home she ran straight to her room she couldn’t believe everything that just happened the got on a chair tied a rope around her neck and kick down the chair her mom walking in fell to the floor she thought how could i be so selfish but it was to late two weeks later at the funeral the boy was crying he couldn’t believe what he did his girlfriend tried to hold his hand but he pushed her away and said i’m sorry i fell for the wrong one the girl walked away and he got up and kissed the girl on her cold forehead he left and when home later on the news the boy had shot himself and wrote on the walls in blood it read i’m sorry i was to blind to see the person in front of me loved me the whole time.
    plz post


  12. Ok these the rules about being in an relationship that he CLEARLY did not follow.
    1. NEVER break up during a phone call or text
    2. Don’t leave a girl 3 FUCKING TIMES FOR SOMEONE ELSE AND THEN BE LIKE "forgive me Pls!! I still love u!! Cós motherfucker we all know that’s a lie…
    3. Don’t do ANYTHING that this dick did i this video!

  13. Honestly this is pathetic first off all there is no such thing as love of first sight your just really attracted towards them and if a person you broke up with threatened to kill them self because you wouldn’t take them back . Utter bull crap you guys broke up it’s over the other person basically isnt as important anymore . You might feel bad because your going to be the cause of there death but you can’t e to kind or petty others to much to the point you hurt yourself . Why do people get back with each other people break up for a fucking reason and you minus well stay together and talk things out instead of having an off and on relationship . I wouldn’t go out with someone who leave a person behind just for someone else unless it’s pretty obvious the other person is hurting u then u really need to leave . It may be hard to talk about things with your bf / gf but it’ll be worth it in the long run .

  14. This this is what is wrong with the world i have people suicidle i understand but thats not a reason RIP the both of you All the love good night

  15. This is what happened with me but I’m still sad about him dying he was my best friend not my friends cousin

  16. If i Was her and the guy Was like "Pls take me back??" i’ll be like "umm, bitch no??? go fuck somebody else get out of my life now Pls. Thank u!! Bai forever and for always u dick…"

  17. Is it bad that I literally felt nothing throughout the entire video? I tried watching it over again to see if anything would change but I still just felt nothing. Is there something wrong with me?! ._.

  18. No one deserves to die. There is a moral to this story and all you kids on line out there need to hear it. You need to be around friends your own age around your neighborhood and always involve your parents. These older boys are stalkers and get off on stalking you girls. If anything tell them you don’t talk to strangers, tell your parents, and call the police and then your heart won’t be broken and no one will kill themselves. Sometimes these stalkers will kill you. So wake up and look at the whole picture. They are playing a deadly game. One that you shouldn’t take part in. Hang out with your friends and know the person you date. Most of all, NEVER keep anything from your parents, because the real heartache ends with them… they didn’t see what was going on, you didn’t talk to them. Parents talk to your kids everyday. If you notice strange behavior do not ignore it, you might be saving your child’s life. And listen to them without judgement, you can always ground them later, with a big hug, and I love you. They are the future and guys and girls, you will have many crushes before you meet the right one. Life is too precious to even consider what these girls did. This new age of texting scares me. Don’t let it take over your life. Remember the first girl went to the dance with her friends and had a good time. You can do. I am only a concerned adult. But I hope you read this and know that there is always some adult in your life that really cares and will listen to your problems. Peace out…Live well and that will be your safety net.

  19. She has gone through razers and a car! You said you loved her but every once in a while u rejected and loved again! What an overgrown snake! She got hit and you yet left her again making her more sad! Now your a pscycopath, for killing your self bc you loved her but denied and acted like a jerk. ??

  20. I love the story and it’s really sad but Jesus Christ she is dumb, why does she keep going back with him… He’s a fuck boy

  21. That boy sounds like a proper a**hole! He said he’d kill himself if she didn’t go out with him like bitch wat u tryna prove? U put her through hell and now ur turning it around like *HELLLLL NAHHH!!*


  23. OMG BOI DO NOT TELL ME HE JUST KILL HIMSELF LOL HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!! ??????????????????????? and HA!!! He deserved it anyway because he broke up with her so many times because of those girls at school. This is what I reacted:

    Boy: omg I made a huge mistake please I love you instead!


    Boy: hey I found a really nice girl at school so like her


    Boy: omg I made a huge mistake please love me or I’ll kill myself!!!


    That’s how I reacted

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