A Personal Tale, 2012 and HAARP 1/4

Max Igan – American Voice Radio – ten/01/10


Searching Westward from the East Coast at Night (NASA, International Space Station, 09/18/13)
One of 3 Expedition 37 crew members aboard the International Space Station on Sept. 18 photographed this high oblique evening image showing dozens of main cities and communities on the east coast and points west toward the Great Lakes location, and even regions to the southwest. Extended Island, NY is a inform-tale identifier as it juts out into the Atlantic Ocean in the reduced correct portion of the image. The estuary identified as Extended Island Sound is also visible at reduced proper. The New York metropolitan location is largely visible below the tip of 1 of the space station’s solar array panels.

Image credit: NASA

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By NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center on 2013-09-18 07:53:48

Your business has a vision. It has a mission statement of a mindset that defines what the purpose and goals are. Each day when your company does business, the person deal that is becoming created is in line with the vision. If it is not in line, problems occur and the organization suffers consequences. Possibly these consequences are major and come in the type of legal action or adverse media coverage. Possibly the consequences are minor and only involve some internal conversations to resolve the troubles. No matter how it plays out, when a firm does issues that go against the vision, there are damaging consequences.

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50 thoughts on “A Individual Tale, 2012 and HAARP 1/4”

  1. @slowlyawakening That’s my predicament. I’ve been an anarchist since age 16 and I have questioned my beliefs quite a bit, but I think that if society really cared for each other and we looked after each other, we wouldn’t need police or a welfare department.

    But it would have to be eventual.

  2. The Awakening as One documentary doesn’t offer any real solutions though Max. It’s very vague. You offer much more viable solutions all the time. Simple things. It also stresses global warming but to be fair it also emphasizes all the planets are heating which gives it some credibility.

    I think because it does not mention the criminal, globalist elite that mastermind the raping of the planet and instead insinuates that people as a whole in our current stage are the problem makes us skeptical.

  3. @supersonic060 Would you just look at this d-bag rabble rousing and quote mining for trouble in the most innocent and pure of messages.

  4. @slowlyawakening Yeah that’s what I keep telling everybody. They keep ranting about me needing a license and saying "but don’t you know how much you have to feed livestock?" Well obviously its cheap enough that chicken ends up at the supermarket for a dollar a pound and that’s after they transport it, and these are country people telling me this, but its mostly middle class people who have to live in 3 story houses and not poor country people I’m poor from the city so I’d be fine growing my own

  5. well spake.
    You know and many of us also feel exactly the same way as you.
    My lst month has been very challenging and I prevailed in maintaining non violence in the face of threats to my life and so forth.

    We cant talk about meditation or energy or communities?


    Well…. it has not been co-opted max. Peoples minds have been co-opted and until they choose to look they will see what they are told to see.


  7. The idea that I CAN break free of this system. I am a bit skilled in construction, enough that I can really do some major work pertaining to the construction of a wood-frame house, and I am looking forward to when I get my driver’s license and can finally break out of this tiny little shell that I’ve been put into my whole life. It will be glorious, and you gave me that idea.

  8. @nonearthlychildren and who are you to come on to Max’s channel and declare your crap against him. It’s a good job there are free thinking individuals out there who listen to their own intuition. I for one have been listening to Max’s work on and off for the past few years and have found most of it extremely inspirational. Even Max himself has stated on numerous occasions to not blindly accept what he is saying but to go and research it for yourself.

  9. @nonearthlychildren Don’t tell me you are still paying RENT, we haven’t paid rent for years !!! Ha ha ha ha . . . . . !

  10. @slowlyawakening No I’m not even awake yet. I’m actually an extremely hateful and angry person and I’ll probably die in 2012, its not something I can control but I am prepared to die. I want to kill gang members and police. I also want to rape the girlfriends of the gang-rapists that struck Richmond, CA a year ago who left messages on their rapist boyfriend’s myspace pages. I don’t have a girlfriend to love and support me like that so why should a rapist? I want to take something special from em

  11. @supersonic060 I never said I understood God and Ive never met a so called religious person who actually followed their faith. I would also suggest that the 100million plus souls who have suffered and/or died at the hands of those who claim to hold true to their religious beliefs over the last millennium would very much debate the benefits of religion.

  12. @aodscarecrow oh you replied 😀 nice to meet you im alik, i feel i should tell you what i think. you yourself understand that we have to be careful with who we trust. so please dont take what iv sayd the wrong way. please dont think that what youv done for me and are trying to get across is lost, and dont think that im just another guy youv wasted your energy on. no matter what, truth or lies, youv effected my life. and please dont lose faith in me, thanks. and im sorry if i offended you. + love

  13. @nonearthlychildren I’ve just visited your channel and by the looks of your comments and feedback I would suggest you refrain from spreading your negativity. On the other hand if you are ready to hold an intelligent discussion, come and visit me on my page. Oh and before you jump to any conclusions, the information you will find there doesn’t always represent my own beliefs, but information I wish to process.

  14. Actually I AM very serious about taking advice from you and you HAVE made a huge different. Right now I’m stuck in a situation where I can’t really…do anything…I live in the ghetto and don’t have any transportation, and I live in a VERY closed-minded and ignorant neighborhood where anyone who says anything "different" is laughed at. And yes for the time being I’m still stuck in this negative energy but these things take time. I’m glad I found your show and it gave me

  15. Max, don’t let the bastards grind you down. Stay sharp man. When people start to realize that their world is full of crap and lies they seem to lash out at the messenger. Take heart that more people are doing this. To me it is a sign they are changing. Otherwise, why are they looking at your information. I tell people to do something different than their norm, like learn a new language, switch off the TV, learn a new musical instrument, use your opposite hand for things.These all open the mind

  16. Excited to look into, "Awakening as One"- thank-you!

    Since you speak so much truth, there are always going to be those who try to bring you down- people who aren’t awake yet/ trapped in fear. Even though some experiences can feel disheartening in the moment, ultimately, you are so loved (and protected because of that love) by the ones who can *feel* your pure intentions of helping UNITE us all together & because of this, you will always pull through those disheartening moments.

    Love you Max!

  17. Love your message, but it’s easy to see how you’ve been "rebuffed". Religion is tyranny, spirituality is the true path to understanding. Even though it’s easy to be dragged down by all the negative people and forces in the world, it’s all OK, this is the way it is. No use trying to fight the oppressors, just try to move forward with a positive attitude of love and understanding. So easy to say, so hard to do!
    Man is the universe becoming aware of itself.

  18. @slowlyawakening I just couldn’t stop thinking about that poor girl getting gang-raped by those evil anti-white gang members, and I got sick and tired of everybody saying "fuck dem snitches free mah cuz" and not caring about the girl who was brutalized, traumatized. (This is my current obsession, until a police brutality or institutional abuse story gets me in another rage)

    So now all I can think about is raping and killing people. I don’t know if I have the strength to change but I might.

  19. @aodscarecrow its impossible to understand God, its like saying that you know everything and people who say that.. you know… even understanding each other is sometimes impossible, you cannot live someone else’s life. religion partially is a form of control, but that understanding is very shallow because you remove every good thing it does from the equation. you just have to observe to see how many benefit from it. any tool as you know can be used for either good or bad and many other things.ty

  20. @nonearthlychildren i agree, iv watched almost all maxes videos an heard many radio shows. atm im only watching this to comfirm some of my thoughts about max. iv learned alot form his work and iv read the articles he suggested on his website, some freeman stuff was very helpful. i will tell you 1 thing tho real NWO enemies wouldnt get a chance to do or say the things Max is saying and hes not some revolutionary hiding to broadcast. also on his forums i see alot of religion and God hate. so..idk

  21. @slowlyawakening Exactly. I’ve heard of something called an "earth ship" and that way I wouldn’t even have to use up wood!

    But if I can not get all the necessary tools for an Earth ship, it’s still better to only spend a FEW thousand on the materials (instead of giving hundreds of thousands to real estate companies), and then putting it together yourself.

    I’d like to know more about Earth ship construction and how I can build it to retain extra heat, which is important here in Pennsylvania.

  22. You are a True Brother of the Living Light my friend. This is the first I have come across you. I’m not even familar with the stuff you are referring to but I will check it all out because I hear what you’re saying and it rings of Divine Certainty. Those that need to hear you are hearing you! Know that, but most are still addicted to their stories and that is as it should be for now. Eventually we will all Ascend (to rise above) the duality of our dramas. Some now some later. Blessing, Tom

  23. Hey Max, I was one of the people having a discussion with you on Awakening as one. I understand you had some troublesome weeks and that is part of the explanation. I think there was also some misunderstandings…
    I actually love your work and I do believe in your good intentions.
    Just wanted to say there was no animosity on my part, to me it was a discussion about the Bible…
    But anyways, I hope things are gonna get less troublesome and I wish you all the best. No hard feelings mate !

  24. @slowlyawakening I’m not a violent psychopath, I really am a good person. But this rage has destroyed my soul, because I have this intense rage at all the evil things going on in the world, and it completely consumes me.

    Women leave me for my anger problem but that gang rapist still gets a girlfriend? People say I’m a psycho but when a cop hurts someone its always "You don’t understand what they go through on the job". Everyone assumes my life is a bed of roses so w/e.

  25. Amazing commentary! I couldn’t agree with you more on your comments on organized religion, I don’t think I can add anything to what you said, I just simply completely agree…. You hit the nail on the head about the Awakening Series and the aspect of accepting personal liabilty scaring some people enough that they reject a way of life that makes so much sense. I have to admit, while watching it, that thought crossed my mind several times….I look forward to Pts 3-4!! Thank You!

  26. @nonearthlychildren Well it’s obvious you are one of those nervous people with no intuition and recognition skills what so ever.
    What a person thinks and what they say and how they say it is enough for me,and if you have listened to Max for longer than 5 minutes,you will know he is a rare Diamond of a human being.
    I don’t care if he looked like the Hunchback of Notre-dame — but I bet he does’nt , he has a very hansome voice and a Beautiful Brilliant brain.


  28. @aodscarecrow many other things have happened in the dark ages, but.. arent we all made of energy? we are all one? this is just a dream? im sure iv heard you say something similar. and yet, communities? gatherings, sharing, all this shit and why? why protect yourself when you know your immortal and simply need to wake up.. do you enjoy fear of death here in this world? i dont appreciate some of your questionable and mixed messages and love some of the others.. so afraid or dis-informant?

  29. Love you Max:-)
    One thing that I understand is that the pressure from the Shadow will continue until the Transition is over.
    The ‘Definition’ I think it was called, said to start on 23 Sept…. on that day I was challenged in the extreme, have barely gotten over the psychic assault.
    But we must as the saying goes ‘Endure steadfast until the end’, whether that is 21/12/2012, or sooner, or later, or not until we die.
    What other choice have we but to be in our truth and Love?

  30. There was waaay too much of a build up to the story about what actually happened, suspense overload! I was like "Alright! Just tell us already!" It was like a Dane Cook joke. Anyway, you made a lot of good points in this video, I’m glad that I watched it. There are too many religious hypocrites and cynical jerks who just don’t give a damn about anyone but themself. More people need to wake up and realize that society cannot continue going on this way.

  31. I’m always a week or two behind in listening but I do catch up. Just heard you say that your heart sunk & that many were angry because the documentary suggested that they be personally responsible. THAT’s the big problem. THAT’s what people are running from, they are afraid of being responsible. In being responsible, they have no one to blame. Many ARE looking for a savior. That’s why we have the politicians that we do. I’m just commenting to give you support. Keep up the good fight. 🙂

  32. @Taxidriver987 Not at all, you actually provided me with a much needed lesson and an opportunity for growth, I realize now that there were other forces in play and without your input I may have missed a wonderful opportunity. You brought me to my senses with the sharp jolt that I needed.

  33. I came across this video by serendipity and just want to say that we can’t ripen an apple with a blowtorch. We must give time for things to develop and evolve at their own speed. Some will go terribly wrong. Some will see the light. Those are the choices people make. And each shall reap what they sow. I shine wherever I am but some have their eyes closed. So be it. I continue to shine. When others see the flame they will light their candles eventually. Or not.

  34. Thanks for doing this amazing radio program.
    Keep up the great work.
    I have skipped quite a few of your latests videos but I will find the time to listen to this show at least.

  35. Max-I just found your videos today and I don’t even know how it happened. It was
    so refreshing to hear your message. And I have been listening all day. I actually
    listened to the Awakening As One video-Pt 1 thinking it was you. They had a great message, but I vibrated more to your voice @ heart so I next came to this video. I felt like crying. Been searching, listening, giving most of my adult life.
    And you gave me some pieces of wisdom that gave me real hope. Thank you

  36. @supersonic060 Well if you dont appreciate the message then I would suggest you refrain from listening, and Protect myself? I dont remember ever having to do so, I simply wont bow, I like to be prepared and I enjoy helping others. Yes the dark ages were bad. Its a great pity the catholic church ever created such times, though it is unfortunately somewhat typical for the organization to do such things. But fear? not at all – I dont fear or hate those who carried out such atrocities, I pity them.

  37. @supersonic060 no, no offense, but please understand that I dont speak any hatred of God, I just have a different understanding of God than the religious perspective. And I dont hate religion either, In fact I dont feel any emotion towards religion whatsoever. I simply disregard religions as the fallacious systems of control that they are.

  38. Max, you are a Champion ,and I am very sorry to hear you have been verbally attacked by some of your listeners,just shows me how shallow and brainless they are.
    I love all your video’s and teaching’s ,and the image’s you use are amazing ,crafty and often hilarious !!
    Christ ,If you didn’t live so far away ,you guys could have borrowed my spare car for free.
    I wish I lived closer to help you out with things mechanical at least Max.

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