a dramatic tale

“you shoul make video about godziller geting package in mailbox and get content so he go to tell the evagel one. godzila walk in on evansgellington #1 who is be jacking off adn godzill gets unhappy and leap out window but eva1 was actually peting the cat. eva goes to godzila’s funral, even now jacking off, but evan1 remamber that funerels are bad and sad and suck so he shoots them all with huge gun adn kill them al dead an godzil’s gohst is like “k thank bro” an they hi-five. the ending…. questing mark?”

-anon [2014]

||Whiter Shade Of Pale||
Stylist, Graphics &amp Photography :::: Clix Credits

And so it was that later
As the miller told his tale
That her face, at 1st just ghostly,
Turned a whiter shade of pale

She mentioned, &quotThere is no purpose
And the truth is plain to see.&quot
But I wandered by means of my playing cards
And they would not let her be
A single of sixteen vestal virgins
Who were leaving for the coast
And even though my eyes had been open wide
They might have just as well been closed….

||Whiter Shade Of Pale||

Larger is Significantly Better
By ðஜClix Renfew ஜð on 2013-03-05 eleven:25:48

No matter what variety of theatre you’re into, Boston has it in droves. A city that has remained very firmly rooted in its very own particular cultural identity, Boston has utilised its place as a powerful university centre to train up an huge sum of very-skilled actors, a lot of of whom forge great careers on the stage carrying out some of the most extraordinary pieces of drama and theatre on the east coast – such as problems from New York’s Broadway theatre district.

If you are into the sights and sounds of the stage, Boston is a wonderful city for receiving your teeth sunk into the ideal in classic and modern theatre. From a single man displays to awe-inspiring operas, Boston genuinely understands that the theatre encompasses a complete world of designs, meaning you will never have to hunt too far to discover the precise variety you like most.

The city’s theatre district, which is found south of Boston Typical, is a wonderful area to pay a visit to not just to get pleasure from gorgeous performances on the stage but since the theatres you’ll come across in this region are all breathtaking to search at. With a wealth of ornate, delicate buildings to present off on every corner, the theatre district seems each bit as dramatic on the outside as it does on the inside. From the beautiful Cutler Majestic Theater – which you’ll discover lives up to its title in numerous techniques – to the mesmerising Boston Opera House, the outside of the buildings offer a lot more than an ample hint to what you’ll locate inside.

Boston’s theatre organizations assortment far and broad from the utmost in specialist firms to modest, independent amateur firms that thrive on charitable contributions. You will not have to fear about going with the biggest business to make sure a great efficiency – thanks to the unending provide of talented actors from all walks of lifestyle, even the smallest organizations are properly-equipped with talent and are far more than capable of generating performances that not only rival their greater counterparts but, at instances, exceed them in terms of quality.

It truly is also straightforward to locate out what’s on in Boston, from checking out posters and flyers in the hotels in Boston to going on the internet and looking at the myriad listings obtainable on the net. Charges, box workplace and theatre spots are also all readily offered, as well as information on special discounts and special offers – meaning your Boston theatre trip could be even much more value!

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  1. This
    The entire creation of the internet and all history that has ever come before us on Earth and for mankind was all one giant series of lead-ups bringing us to this moment in time.
    Dickard T., you are forever a legend.

  2. Actually have on re-enacted the ending scene of "There Will Be Blood" With either Millenium or Legenday Goji being Daniel and Zilla being Eli.

  3. I have mixed feelings about this vid, I can’t stop watching, but I’m always so confused by it, which is why I continue to watch it over and over and over, I don’t know wether to hate this or like it /:-|

  4. Gadziller vases Evil Gelitin #1

    Gadziller hits gelly1#Eilv with tail but it no tail it really sanic who fly’s off into the skie with shrek. Gzhhazillra gesh confused so he goes to japan where he finds breaking malcom’s dad and they live hapily ever after. But there’s a twist, it turns out that breaking malcom’s dad is really ziller in disguise who is now super sand lesbian so mothra and they all team up to go fight and ziller trips over and and gets hurt and uh and hte end.

     maek this vaideo and I will bae supa heppy.

  5. Help I’m dying from lack of oxygen. ?? I can’t stop and my ribs hurt so damn much (I will be billing you my medical bill Dickard
    You know this shit is quality content when it makes you LOL in 7 seconds.

  6. Say Dickard, is "End of Evanskellington" your favorite movie? You know the one where evan1 gets mad and turns everything into delicious breakfast beverage?

  7. Wait……….I missed the EVA reproducing class…..Didn’t know they can mate/jack-off…….Gonna fail the EVA Exam tomorrow…..

  8. "godzila walk in on evansgellington #1 who is be jacking off adn godzill gets sad and jump out window "- I wonder how that works?

    Godzilla: Eva! I got good news to tell yo- WAH?!

    Eva: (who is jacking off) Oh hi Goddy, this unexpected.

    Godzilla: Wha- What are you doing?

    Eva: Uhmmmmm? Nothing.

    Godzilla: Your- You’re jacking off?

    Eva: (slightly nervous) It- It’s not what it looks like!

    Godzilla:(on verge of tears) Why Eva! Do you know if you keep doing that, you’ll never have babies?!

    Eva: Uh? Goddy I don’t that’s how it works?

    Godzilla: (cries) SHUT UP! All I wanted was to be an uncle to your children. But now destroyed my dream!

    Eva: Hey Goddy calm down I was really-

    Godzilla: WHAT’S THE POINT OF LIVING ANYMORE?! (Runs to the window and jumps out) GOODBYE CRUEL WORLD!!!!

    a crashing sound is heard followed by a car alarm. Eva stands there alone holding a cat.

    Eva: I guess he doesn’t want to meet tickle tummies

    Cat meows.

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