A Columbus Day Tale

A contemporary day story involving Columbus day exactly where a boy is trying to safeguard his residence from being taken over.

Image from page 56 of “Pleased holidays” (1921)
Identifier: happyholidays00wick
Title: Content holidays
Year: 1921 (1920s)
Authors: Wickes Frances Gillespy, 1875-1967
Subjects: Children’s stories
Publisher: Chicago : Rand McNally
Contributing Library: New York Public Library
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toSpain with news of his wonderful discoveries. There were as several prepared to honor him nowas there had been to laugh at him just before, when hewas only a poor mariner. One particular day a excellent dinner was offered in his honor.There have been some in the business who in theirhearts scorned this low-born fellow, as theycalled him, and had been jealous of the attentionswhich had been shown him. They listened for atime to his tales of the voyage, but at last theycould restrain themselves no longer. We can not see, mentioned a single, that you havedone anything so great. Any individual can saila ship. Yes, mentioned one more, and anybody can sailacross the ocean. To be certain, mentioned an additional, you have founda few islands, but what of that? The poorestcaptain can sail to these lands. It is the simplestthing in the world. Columbus leaned forward and took an eggfrom a dish. Gentlemen, he stated, may possibly Iask 1 of you to stand this egg on finish? 1 right after another, the guests tried withoutsuccess. Tis but an impertinent jest, stated the noble Columbus Day 45

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Columbus took the egg atid struck it softly upon the table who had spoken very first. The factor cannot bedone. Columbus took the egg and struck it softlyupon the table, breaking the shell at the end avery small. He then stood it on end. Gentlemen, he stated, I am really certain anyone of you could do this. It is the simplestthing in the world — when you have been shownhow. HALLOWEEN THE CONJURE WIVES Old Southern Tale When on a time when a Halloween nightcame on the dark o the moon, a lot o oldconjure wives was a-sittin by the fire an a-cookina huge supper for theirselves. The wind was a-howlin round like it does on Halloween nights,an the old conjure wives they hitched theirselvesup to the fire an talked about the spells they wasa-goin to weave extended come midnight. By an by there come a knockin at the door. Whos there? known as an old conjure wife.Who-o? Who-o? One who is hungry and cold, mentioned a voice. Then the old conjure wives, they burst outlaughin an they called out: Wes a-cookin for ourselv

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