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I was not an athletic child, and never ever won any prizes for sports activities. Spelling and mathematics, yes. But not sports activities! I was shy and retiring, the last selected on any staff. It was a “Catch-22” circumstance the significantly less confidence my peers exposed in my athletic abilities, the worse I would perform. I was invariably the one particular who received hit in the head with softball, soccer ball, or football who landed on my butt even though trying to ice skate on the frozen discipline behind the school who came in dead-final in each and every swimming and working heat. Though taller than my female classmates, I could not get the basketball into the hoop any try to dribble would send the ball bouncing crazily off my personal feet. And I never even want to talk about gymnastics. The hanging rope, the pull-up bars, the floor mat — instruments of torture. I would rather have submitted to the gloating “dentist” who performs Dustin Hoffman in excess of in “Marathon Guy.” You get the image. I got used to feeling mortified each and every waking second. I wished on numerous events that the Earth would open up and swallow me, along with my non-existent hand-eye coordination. In high college I could easily have authored a guide known as “1001 Techniques to Get Excused from P.E. Class.” As an alternative, I concentrated on Science it was not a single of my ideal subjects, but at least I could fail to remember about PhysEd, and grew to become absorbed in collecting insects, and skinning and dissecting tiny mammals.

During my late twenties, with some encouragement and coaching from my extremely patient husband, I metamorphosed from slug to sport enthusiast. At 33, I ultimately earned my first trophy — a 15-pound bronze Aztec warrior who stands, with spear raised, on leading of my bedroom dresser. To look at him you’d never suspect he was a initial-location prize for the specifically difficult sport of mountain biking. But he understands. And I know.

It all began on a cool, foggy November morning in Rosarito Beach, Baja California, the website of the very first annual Montana Grande Mountain Bike Trip. Vivid and early that day Mark and I had driven from San Diego across the border into Tijuana, and then continued down the road to Rosarito Seashore. Freshly suited in lycra, with our bikes gleaming on racks atop our automobile, we had pulled into Rosarito Seaside to join about 150 other riders nicely just before the noon beginning time. The promoters were cautious to elaborate in the entry application that it was “just a trip, and not a race.” Nonetheless, there would be prizes for initial- by way of third-place riders in the two the male and female classes. The trip was scheduled to start at noon. At eleven:30 AM, clusters of neon-clad mountain-bike aficionados in helmets and sunglasses gathered in a tight wad at the beginning website, in an alley between business buildings. For half an hour, we poised on our bikes, prepared to roll, straining at the commencing ribbon with the intestine-wrenching nervousness that clutches numerous a racer at a starting gate.

At noon, the event’s promoter known as everyone’s interest, and we mountain-bikers prepared to “rock and roll.” But he announced that due to technicalities, the trip would be delayed for another half hour. Some of us took turns viewing bikes for each other as we sought intestinal relief in the restroom of “Peanuts and Beer,” a close by cantina. Ultimately, at 12:thirty P.M., the ride officially started. A clot of us burst by means of the commencing ribbon onto a twenty-mile dirt jeep track that twisted out of town and looped all around the desert mountains east of Rosarito. The begin was most likely the scariest part of the ride for most people, careening into every single other, handlebars hooking handlebars, tires nerfing tires, and dust flying as cheers rose from the onlookers.

A pack of eight or 10 of the fastest men, including my husband, loped ahead and promptly became dots on the horizon. I was ready to hold up with the next group of about fifty riders. Following jamming along the tough-packed, rutted street, a prolonged ascent rose up like a wall ahead of us. To my aggravation, many folks all of a sudden stopped in front of me on the dusty street. Twice I had to get off and run my bicycle around these stall victims! Ultimately, as the riders spread out, I was breezing down the rocky roads and functioning into a smooth, rapidly cadence. As I passed the initial water /help station five miles into the race, the volunteers there yelled, “You are the 2nd female, hold it up!”

I came upon some surprise singletrack with soft, rutted filth. My tires tracked skittishly via, bouncing me off a cliff, and almost off my bike, but I held my line. Additional downill, off-camber turns featuring mounds of cake-flour grime forced several a rider to their knees.

Subsequent, some straightforward-going terrain skirted alongside rancheros exactly where cows stood chewing, observing the regular stream of mountain bike “cosmonauts.” Later Mark would request if I had observed the cow with quick legs and no rump. So intent on gaining pace, I had missed that sorry sight.

For the up coming five miles speeding as fast as my legs could hammer and passing male riders a single by one, I felt hopeful I would catch the first lady any minute. I let myself go on the downhill stretches, 1 of which was so rocky and treacherous, it had claimed a rider who lay at the bottom with two medics bent above him and an ambulance parked nearby. I experimented with not to think about the scene as I sailed past, gathering momentum for however another tough uphill climb and maintaining the dangerous considered of crashing out of my thoughts.

At the final water/help station, I rolled through calling, “Throw water on me!” A volunteer happily doused me with a cup of water that reacted like water poured into an empty radiator. It prevented me from overheating, just in time. “3 more miles to go,” the volunteer informed me. As I turned back to thank him, I observed a woman coming fairly speedily behind me, about a quarter of a mile away. I revved it up as rapidly as I could then, pondering, “I want to win!”

I blazed past a couple of ranches the place Mexican households sat outdoors and rooted me on, shouting “Arriba!” Grazing horses with prominent ribs looked up to scrutinize the spectacle I must have been – a frenzied, muddied female on some kind of metal creature. Then I heard a acquainted female voice greeting me from behind, “Hi Pat!” It was a fellow member of my Wednesday night riding group, Tracy, who had closed the quarter mile gap amongst us in no time.

“Hi Tracy,” I replied. “How are you doing?”

“I crashed back there,” she replied.

“You okay?”

“I’m even now feeling type of woozy.”

Even following her crash she was a robust rider. We diced as she led for a couple of feet, then I would pass and lead. Ultimately, she passed and I followed her line down a steep hill which catapulted us onto a steep incline with soft filth. Tracy jumped off her bike and started operating it up. I knew this was the crucial stage in our race, and that if I needed to preserve 2nd location, I had greater keep on my bike and pump. Obsession motivated me up and in excess of that hill and I propelled forward. I did not appear back.

I by no means allow up and raced through the finish line ribbon as a photographer snapped my image and a crowd cheered me and my Raleigh bicycle property. Moments later I discovered that Tracy had been the amount-1 lady and I have to have passed her (following she crashed) with no realizing it. That meant I was initial-place lady. And that meant “Armando” the bronze Aztec trophy was mine to take home.

Armando stood on the center of the table outside on the cantina patio, king of all he surveyed, and focal point of the afternoon, as Mark, our riding buddies and I sat consuming beers with lime wedges and devouring baskets of tortilla chips and bowls of salsa. Every so frequently, a single of the other riders would quit at our table and comment, “Hey! Which is some trophy! Very good occupation!”

The sky darkened as men and women celebrated with margaritas, tacos and beer, and people in a partying mood began dancing to the beat of a reggae band. If only my high-college classmates could see me now. Armando, my trophy who stood gazing impassively into the distance was, at 15 lbs, a hefty reminder of an accomplishment I could never even have imagined as a lady. I don’t need to mount Armando to my handlebars to remind me that I can break by way of limitations I just have to set my mind to it, then do it.

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  1. Chazz Palminteri is an A+ actor. To me, this is my all time favorite portrayal of a boss. Tony Soprano would be second but I like Sonny better due to his wisdom.

  2. Bill Mazeroski is the person who recommended i watch this movie i caddied for him an entire summer now i see why he wanted me too lol

  3. Did yall catch the fact that he didn’t lie to the kid when the kid asked him did you shoot that man in the parking lot.

  4. People seriously forgot that along the way why the fuck should you care about them they don’t care about you.
    Half the people In the world are famous because people forgot that and it so pathetic having to sit among a generation of pewdipiepedofile.

  5. Damn good point…ALL sports "heroes " are over-payed glorified people… payed to play a frickin’ game. Where the real heroes; teachers, police officers, fire fighters, and doctors should be payed a shit ton more then they do.

  6. He didn’t shoot that man over a parking space. How people can understand that, and still buy into all the bullshit that those in power offer them, is proof that people are mostly still children out here. Whenever you watch the evening news or go on your left vs right websites, remember: Sonny did not shoot that man over a parking space, and that man’s son did not shoot Sonny purely out of revenge.

  7. they guy is a fckn fugazi not Italian at all .n he’s a rat just like his family the kid fixing the bike south American not Italian at all

  8. Nine-year-old Calogero or "C" was WAY smarter than the average kid. But when he’s a teenager he becomes as dumb as a box of rocks. That’s the only thing that irritated me about this movie. Remember the non-sequitur he asks his girlfriend at the end of the movie: "Do you know how to make sauce?" "Huh?", she says. "You know, for macaroni."

  9. Made me see superstar athletes in a whole different way. Does LeBron James care whether I can pay my bills even though he makes millions? Fuck him, end of story.

  10. And to think, Sonny was dishing out this sage wisdom even before pro sports teams started soaking taxpayers for stadiums and the players started disrespecting the country, it’s flag and anthem. Back then Mickey Mantle really was a hero. Still, Sonny was right.

  11. It’s too bad Robert De Niro isn’t making mobster movies anymore. I feel bad for people who will never see the Godfather, Untouchables, Goodfellas, Casino or a Bronx Tale.

  12. I love this scene, that’s what I tell about these politicians and especially last year in the election about Clinton and Trump. Your having trouble in life go ask them for help. They ain’t going to help you, they don’t give a fuck about you so why should you care about them.

  13. Quasi pedophile. Roman boy lust. Sicilians are all the same. A hot wet hole. Animal, boy , girl, grandfather. It’s all the same.

  14. I remember my dad left me in my room cuz he was going to sleep, he turned this on I was like 6. I thank him every day for letting me watch this movie alone at that age . Incredible piece of cinema

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