8 Million Stories – A Tribe Referred to as Quest

Song: 8 Million Stories
Artist: A Tribe Named Quest
Album: Midnight Marauders
Year 1993

Bath ? or Birth ?
Which story do you see?
What is your title for the image?

This picture is Episode I of III


Ich erzähle eine kleine Geschichte mit drei Bildern.
Dieses Bild ist die Episode I
Die dunkle Version der Geschichte…
Ich überlasse sie dir…


By h.koppdelaney on 2009-07-04 20:49:49
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50 thoughts on “8 Million Stories – A Tribe Known as Quest”

  1. stayed repeating this song back in the day because of Phifes rhymes and lyrics. To this day it’s unmatched. RIP my man, I’ll see u on the other side one day.

  2. This song got me buggin’. Got me through the roughest times, you know all that shit. Thanks for these amazing vibrations.
    R.I.P Phife Dawg

  3. If you’ve seen the documentary about Tribe, the opening scene where they’re performing at Rock The Bells in 2008, is the essence of hip-hop, when Jarobi and Phife are going back and forth on the mic in slow mo and the crowd is rockin with them….gives me chills! They’re dripping sweat, putting everything into what they’re doing….thanks for the music and the memories Phife….we love you.

  4. RIP Phife, you will be sorely missed. You were one of the first MC’s that introduced me to Hip-Hop when I was a kid. Thank you brother

  5. So lucky I had the chance to see Quest live in support of this album,back in the day.
    Such a brilliant Phife solo about perseverance.
    Indeed,Tribe’s music celebrated life in a world where corporations turned hip hop into a cult of hate and death.

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