six True Valentine’s Day HORROR Stories – Darkness Prevails

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Valentine’s Day is coming, and that brings out the Crazy Ex Girlfriends and Boyfriends as effectively as Creepy Stalkers!
Be my Valentine and try to survive these 6 Accurate Horror Stories!
Valentine’s Day can be fun if you have a not so psycho girlfriend or boyfriend to spend it with, but it can even be fun if you are alone. Due to the fact, if you happen to be alone, you can get creeped out with these true horror stories of stalkers, crazy ex girlfriends and boyfriends, and real ghost stories! There will be ghost hunting, haunted areas, true creepypasta, and scary strangers. So grab your lover or your pillow, whichever is obtainable, Appreciate these six allegedly Correct Valentine’s Day HORROR Stories!

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Leading six Accurate Stories of Creepy Stalkers, Crazy Exs, and Paranormal Activity are valentine horror stories from Subscribers!
– Valentine’s Day Ghost Story by GSeed
– Valentine’s Day Stalker by Amber G.
– Final Date – Valentine’s Day Horror by Abbey B.
– My Crazy Obsessed Buddy – Psycho Buddy by Moon
– Valentine Stalker by Sick love
– The Break In – Murderer or Stranger by Ralf

Best 6 Horror Stories of Scary Strangers, Genuine Stalker Stories, and a Scary Ghost are true scary stories from subscribers.
Study these accurate scary stories and a lot of other genuine ghost stories right here!

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Darkness Prevails presents True Horror stories and Real Ghost Stories!

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50 thoughts on “6 Accurate Valentine’s Day HORROR Stories – Darkness Prevails”

  1. Scary Story:
    I’m the hottest piece of action in ANY of my classes and I’m ALONE on Valentine’s Day…?
    ??All by my-self don’t wanna be All by my-self anymore!??

  2. Hello beautiful people, all my gracious valentines 😉 You can stay updated on Darkness Prevails goodness with these links!


    Thanks and I love you bunches!

  3. Scariest Valentine’s Day thing that happened to me is not being alone on Valentine’s Day and the teacher being the only person who you talk to because your a book worm with social problem plus just not liking people

  4. Darkness Prevails, you took my faith of humanity, I don’t even believe in god no more, thank you. No, just kidding, you opened my eyes.

  5. Omg the first one: What if he had been murdered by that ghost girl???? His friend is mad dumb….

    The second one: How did Greg hear her convos at home?…. Was he in her closet or something?? That is so creepy……

    Third one: Wonder if she would still be saying to just leave someone if she had actually been home that night and he had actually hurt her or even kidnapped her…..

    Fourth one: Darla reminds me of the girl from "The Roommate"

    Fifth one: Are you kidding me?? Her mom is so dumb! "Oh it’s just probably a friend" yeah sure just watch when your kid gets kidnapped. Why are parents so ignorant?

    Sixth One: Oh fuck no…. That one was probably the most creepy one… That man could have literally killed both boys. I wonder why he didn’t? Maybe he was a mental person who just liked to scare people.

  6. I like the message at the end. Soooo many people set aside that day to hate themselves when they could just be treating themselves or making someone else’s day! My mom gave me a pink elephant on Valentine’s Day and it was so sweet of her, I still have it! 🙂

  7. I havnt seen ur stories in months iamma watch every one i messed ^-^ i love ur videos sooo much and ur a great story teller even ur voice suits the stories!! :3

  8. Yay! I got it to work and submitted a story. You know everyone hopes that their story will be chosen….. yeah, but I am just estatic I got the damn thing to work.?


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