four Disturbing Actual Cult Encounters | Scary Correct Stories

Right here are 4 real, creepy stories from individuals who encountered cults and lived to tell the tale. Warning: some of these are truly surprising.

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Everybody loves to pay attention to a excellent creepypasta prior to bedtime, risk-free in the information that the tales aren’t true. But what about the ones that are?

This list is compiled of stories identified on the Reddit forums, exactly where individuals depart posts about horrifying real experiences that took place to them.

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DGJ_4244 – Cape Sharp Light
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Not to frequently I get to go inside lighthouses but since the door was open I had to…… It gave me time to rest just before I had to do the challenging and long walk back.. This is the light at the prime, I was amazed that it was not that vivid when it came on.

The initial lighthouse developed here in 1886 was a square white wooden tower, 10.36m (34ft) tall, connected to a two-story dwelling.

In 1904, a fog signal was put in at Cape Sharp in a wooden structure with a red roof and was located 68.5m (225ft) from the lighthouse with a horn projecting from its seaward encounter at an elevation of 13.7m (45ft) over large water.

This present lighthouse was constructed in 1973, a pepper-shaker style white tower with a red lantern space. There was also a dwelling for the keeper and his wife.

Spot: South finish of cape, entrance to Parrsboro Harbour
Standing: This light is even now standing.
Operating: This light is operational
Began: 1886
12 months Lit: 1886
Framework Type: Tapered square wood tower, white, dwelling attached
Light Characteristic: Occulting White (1992)
Tower Height: ten.7 (35ft) higher.
Light Height: 18.3m (60ft) above water level
By archer10 (Dennis) 107M Views on 2011-09-eleven 11:46:14
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131 thoughts on “4 Disturbing Actual Cult Encounters | Scary True Stories”

  1. I was a part of an evangelical pentecostal Cultish thing as a kid they put me through rites of exorcism among other shitand crazy claims made toward me, i was trained to follow in those foot steps and be a Pastor/Exorcist saw a lot of crazy shit before Abandoning the "faith"

  2. Yayyy, religious cults in my local area. ; v ;

    Did they ever hang out in Black Star Canyon? Cause a lot of shit goes on down there.

  3. What a CHANCE moment! Your shot is so interesting! I bet you were thrilled to get in and see the "inner" workings after all these years outside. I bet if you asked, some lighthouse owner would show you…or have you tried already?

  4. Honestly I think the guys in the last story are fooling themselves because it is said in multiple verses in the Quran which is Islam book that ONLY AND I MEAN NO ONE ELSE but god can see the future it is said I think in every page I’m not sure but I’m a Muslim those last guys created their own religion

    Edit: also the Quran said that there is no more prophets after Mohamed other than Jesus coming back and I’m not gonna go into details about why and how will he come back

  5. Let us be honest, if someone believes somebody to be someone who is holy, then they should just die. We don’t need them to spread their stupidity.

  6. Another great series, my friend. I so look forward to each one
    with the great information you provide.
    Health and Happiness…Exercise is good.

  7. I had a friend who was sent to one of those fundamentalist Christian rehabilitation centers out in the middle of nowhere. His parents literally sent him out to the middle of the desert to this "boot camp" that was basically a survival camp. He was forced to camp out in the desert on his own and care for himself at the age of 15 including hunting for and killing his own food. He resorted to eating rats and as a result contracted a parasite that caused him to vomit blood off and on even when he returned back to our school. He basically told us they beat them physically and attempted to brain wash them into being a fundamentalist Christian. All of this was due to a little teenage rebellion and listening to punk music. Some parents should never be parents!

  8. so horrible that these cults use Christianity as an excuse when everything they do is the exact opposite of Christianity and no one should be treated like that

  9. Cool shots, Dennis! Very Nice! Glad you got to see the interior and give us a rare inside view!

  10. I am the girl from the first story. I originally posted this as Parafoxical on Reddit. I keep finding my story slowly showing up here and there on the internet, but was very surprised to find it on YouTube. I want to thank you for getting it out there. People need to know. I can’t put into words how wonderful it is to see the word getting out. Thank you.

  11. Well, you know this is why I avoid religious beliefs…. Even talking to someone about it can put someone in dangerous.

  12. I immediately recognized the Hill of Hope story. This cult also had a compound in the hills above where I lived. Near and old Nike site, where missiles were kept. We often heard rumors about a cult up there, and my sister actually saw one of their rituals! This is all very true. Brea Canyon Rd. is a long stretch of road between Brea and Diamond Bar, and there is a small plaque where Father Junipero Perra—Serra and his men rested. It’s really a lovely little canyon road, but if you lived in Brea, you knew about it, as well as the one near carbon canyon. There was a kid just younger than me, who disappeared. His name was Jack White, and was a self proclaimed Satan worshipper. I always thought it was just a phase, he liked heavy metal music (as did every kid in the then small town of Brea. Now I wonder if he is the same Jack from this story. Years later, I worked with a former Brea Police officer, and he said there was a cult in those hills. It creeps me out, knowing he may have been killed by his own mother…and kids did smoke a lot of pot in Brea, although not much else as we were really just a quaint little town wth one Jr High and 2 High Schools. The one near The hill of hope was in Olinda Village, apart of Brea, near Chino Hills. Wow….

  13. If the girl (who had the unique name) had a restraining order, why didn’t she call the police when they guy kept harassing her?

  14. i swear child sexual abusers shouldnt be jailed, they should have there balls cut off and left to die. They are disgusting human beings who deserve to die. Gross bastards. But alot of the time when the pedophiled gets jailed they using get ganged rape by the prisoners which they deserve.

  15. The first story really fucking pisses me off! They should all be put through the exact same thing that poor girl went through! I’m also pissed that they are supposedly Christian! I’m not one myself, but the rest of my family is and they are all amazing people and they respect that I am not a Christian like them. These people are just fucking sick.

  16. Why don’t these people report these stories to the police or someone that could take these insane people down?

  17. stay away from cults. Being lonely is a lot better. horrible. 🙁 if I was a serial killer I would target the worst cult members/leaders.

  18. Nice, Dennis. Interesting to see what the light, both frm the lighthouse and from the sky, does in the fresnel at this angle.

  19. Thanks lazy masquerade. I grew up not knowing my father til i was 12. 6 months into living w him he isolated my lil sis and i. Was extremely abusive, sexually destructive and controlling. Got me heavily into high octane speed. Destroying the 1st half of my life. I was watching this vid because the tactics r eerily similar. My dad was extremely manipulative and wud have easily controlled and misled ppl or suckers as he wud say. Thanks 4 saying that i dont have 2 cont the cycle of abuse as my dad had done

  20. I kinda wished ISIS would launch attacks on christian cult compounds just so these cults will know how it feels to suffer

  21. lazy masquerade I’m subbed to you but I don’t need to be subbed to watch your videos religiously. 🙂 ❤️

  22. I agree with the last story cause my religion’s ISLAM.And there are people like that in my society.But my family is rebellious against these so called holy man ($hit) who use our religion to their profit.

  23. So shocking. Gave me chills. Sad that people can’t think for themselves so they follow sadistic cults and subject their children to the abuse and think it’s ok. Omg….I don’t get this at all. I really don’t…..

  24. Great shot, I was wondering if you ever got the chance to go inside these lighthouses. Glad to see you can at times.

  25. love the perspective, great lighting too – looks like a candle in the wind! where’s elton when you need him

  26. May I go on a little rant? This is the shit that gets me pissed of. A few people pointed this out in the comment section, but why don’t you just cut their dicks off? (vaginas in the rare case) some say I’m "twisted" for thinking that way, one guy in a page that I was using stated that rape is ok because men are always the stronger sex and should dominate women regardless of their wishes. What the fuck? That’s pretty much saying that females aren’t even humans. No fucking means no. What if a bear stuck his Dick up a mans ass? As funny as I think it sounds it’s actually serious. The man says no and the bear beats the shit out of you probably in a literal manner, is that "not fair?" Bullshit. You’re doing the same thing but with a different species. Anyway unlike a female child abuse victim in this comment section saying she would like men getting their penises cut of and dying in agony, I’d much prefer them living on to know their mistakes somehow, looking at their life crushing genitals and remembering the phrase "I shouldn’t have done that." I personally dislike jail. The whole point of ANY punishment is to make sure the person never does something again. Putting them somewhere for a decade or so can definitely traumatise or very well stop them from doing this, but for most cases it doesn’t and whether it stops them or not it isn’t guaranteed it will before their release. They could do this almost immediately after being let back on the street! The only way to prevent this is to either destroy whatever they used to commit the crime or to just kill them! I much prefer the former. This way they can’t commit the crime or at the very least can’t do the exact same thing right? For example, if you use two knifes to butcher someone, your hands are crushed. For rape, your dick has acid poured on it until there’s not even a stump and so on. I dunno am I just being a sadistic asshole? Lemme know.

    Anyway, I’m done having a hissy fit of shit no one cares about. I’d actually be impressed if you read all of this. Sorry for the huge novel I put in your comment section lazy.

  27. THis was the view from the first level window, all the windows were very dirty.

    DGJ_4246 - Inside Cape Sharp Lighthouse

    Open door = indentation to drop in…

    DGJ_4241 - Welcome to Cape Sharp Lighthouse

  28. Wow number four really broke my heart! I can’t imagine going through all that and not just killing myself! Actually all of these are horrifying… and people say religion does no harm. I say they need to watch this video and talk to the people in these stories.

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