four Deranged True Cult Survivor HORROR Stories

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The Rathskeller, Seelbach Hotel
The Rathskeller in the Seelbach Hotel, Louisville, Kentucky
The 1907 addition to The Seelbach in Louisville, Kentucky, incorporated a German rathskeller created of Rookwood Pottery designed in nearby Cincinnati, Ohio, by workers hired from the Art Academy. Rookwood Pottery was founded by Maria Longworth Nichols (later Mrs. Bellamy Storer Jr.) in 1880.

According to &quotThe Seelbach Hotel, A History of Louisville Tradition&quot by J. Theriot in August, 1988, &quotIn producing this pricey sort of pottery, decorations have been drawn by hand on the clay ahead of firing, making the design and style part of the ware. Soon after baking, a variety of glazes have been added in subsequent firings. The floors, columns and walls of the eighty-foot square space have been produced of the pottery. The ceiling is fine-tooled leather.&quot

To complement the area, The Seelbach Realty Company’s president, Charles C. Vogt, presented the hotel with a $ten,000 present, a Rookwood-faced clock. Such a collection of Rookwood was extremely rare and, these days, The Rathskeller is one of only two surviving ensembles of this art kind.

The Rathskeller (ratskellar, a German word meaning restaurant in the town-hall cellar) was constructed in Bavarian tradition. The Seelbach’s Rathskeller menu provides this description: &quotAs a matter of fact the Rathskeller in every single essential, artistic detail, is a reproduction of the underground drinking and council hall of one particular of the popular castles on the Rhine.&quot

The graceful arches supported by noble columns give a cathedral-like impact. The archway pillars are encircled with Rookwood pelican frescoes, a symbol of excellent luck, and the ceiling above the bar is covered with hand-painted 24K gold leaf leather detailing the signs of the zodiac.

The Rathskeller achieved instant reputation. The July 1912 edition of Hotel Monthly describes it as obtaining a &quotseating capacity from 300 to 400.&quot Not only was it a stunning nightspot, conveniently located for the soon after-theater crowds, but it was also one of the very first air-conditioned rooms ever constructed. The Seelbachs vowed to maintain the space at least 10 degrees cooler than the outside summer temperatures. To do so essential 40 tons of steam-produced refrigeration every single 24 hours.

When the hotel was sold to Abraham Liebling, a single of the first improvements was for the managers to lease a corner of the 1st floor to Walgreen Drugs. The Seelbach welcomed this renovation. Because prohibition and the nationwide ban on alcohol sales, the initial floor bar had closed and The Rathskeller was little a lot more than an extension of a restaurant. With the drug shop on the main floor, the restaurant merely found a home downstairs in the basement. Numerous years later soon after prohibition ended, management moved the restaurant back up to the renovated initial floor and closed The Rathskeller for in depth modifications. In April 1934, it re-opened with a 56-foot bar staffed by six bartenders. With these renovations, the basement bar moved into a new era. Rather of simply offering a stopping spot for late-night theater patrons, The Rathskeller would now offer its personal musical and dramatic entertainment featuring neighborhood bands and occasional 1st-run theater.

When Walgreen’s lease expired in 1941, management opted to open a new nightclub, tentatively called The Seelbach Café-Bar. The club took away from The Rathskeller and in 1945, when the Legionaries provided to rent the basement, like The Rathskeller, for a members-only club, the managers agreed. These days, The Seelbach’s most treasured heirloom, The Rathskeller, with its dramatic style, lighting, and hand-carved architectural particulars, is once more operated by The Seelbach and is offered for private events.

The RathskellerThe Rathskeller is the only surviving space in the planet totally encrusted in Rookwood pottery. Rookwood pelicans pervade the area, and despite the fact that the Hotel’s tourist info likes to cheerfully note that the pelicans are there “for good luck,” it is also correct that the pelican is regarded in some occult mythologies as a symbol of resurrecting one’s youngsters right after having killed them oneself, by anointing them with one’s own blood. The pelican has also lengthy been synonymous with the Phoenix (the mythological bird of occult initiation, wherein 1 is reborn into a new awareness or gnosis) and with Henet (a pelican goddess from pyramid-era Egypt, who seems on walls of ancient tombs and in royal funerary texts).

The Seelbach Hotel was the dream of two German immigrants, and more than the past century it has gained the reputation of a single of the finest hotels in the region.

&quotThey opened the doors in 1905, the original cost was about $990,000 dollars,&quot says Larry Johnson, who is now the lobby concierge at Louisville’s Seelbach Hotel.

&quotThe poker area had the distinction of becoming where Al Capone came to play poker,&quot Johnson says. &quotHe possibly would have stopped right here on his way back to Chicago from becoming in eastern Kentucky, where he picked up his moonshine.&quot It was the era of Prohibition and Al Capone played it protected at the hotel, constantly facing a mirror in the poker space to preserve an eye on his competitors … and on his back. And Johnson says there were &quotlookouts&quot all through the hotel. &quotWhenever the police came into the lobby, somebody would step on the button and the doors going into the poker space would automatically close and he would know to get out.&quot

And secret passageways — now sealed up — allowed just that. &quotOne of the doors went out and down to the street, and the other door went downstairs to the tunnels underneath the hotel. They would go down into the tunnels and he could go anyplace from a block to a mile away kind the hotel without having becoming observed.&quot

Louisville police never caught up with Capone, whether or not he was escaping a card game or from one more space he favored: the Rathskeller. Now a backdrop for corporate events and other parties, Johnson says the Rathskeller was a &quotbig night club back in the 20s and 30s, it was a USO in Globe War I and Globe War II. Throughout Prohibition, it was a dinner club.&quot

Capone wasn’t the only nicely-known character to frequent the Seelbach. An Army captain stationed at Camp Taylor also gained really a reputation at the hotel. F. Scott Fitzgerald, he frequented the bar and supposedly he was kicked out on several occasions for becoming a booze hound and becoming a tiny rowdy,&quot Johnson says. In spite of his brushes with the law, Fitzgerald loved the opulent hotel. So a lot so he wrote about it years later in the Excellent Gatsby.

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50 thoughts on “4 Deranged True Cult Survivor HORROR Stories”

  1. I survived Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous and 12 Step Based Cult Compounds and all I got was this stupid T-Shirt. My horror story isn’t fictional.

  2. I don’t feel bad for anyone who is a victim of a cult or religion they’re just idiots or vulnerable people that fall for the same tricks over and over.

  3. When I was 5-13 I was in a “Christian” Cult where we would spend entire nights at “church” almost every week, and now looking back I realized that it wasn’t Christian…

  4. I really like the voice of the narrator. Smooth and easy to listen to. It’s not like the other ones who are annoying. I love when he curses.

  5. +Lets Read!
    You’re so relaxed and cool back here.? You sound uptight now comparitively. Just an observation and concern for you, not putting you down. ?☕ Stress is a REAL creepy pasta! ??? Much love and peace my mysterious electronic friend. ?

  6. I lived in Webster Groves, Missouri for ten years when I was a child, I’ve never ran into any cults though.

  7. Nice ending love the narrator I can actually hear an listen to your voice not many voices I am able to listen to

  8. Someone please help! There was a story in which some kids friend unknowingly joined a cult. Then this friend started giving the narrator notes from the leader that he had to read through the mirror in the dark. AND I LOVED THIS STORY AND WANT TO HEAR IT AGIN BUT CANT FUCKING FIND IT ANYWHERE!!! Please if you know this story send it to me or put the link in the comments of my comment or something cause I’ve been looking for practically a day and can’t find it.

  9. The first one is called a sociopathic Christian accult, jeez c’mon fellow Christians, stop going full on insane and overly judgemental

  10. Fuck cults, Id swing on those boof bitch cult leaders. Give me my water or I’m clocking you in the face, and no sex? I’m turning into lil Pump and piping all your bitches

  11. To discount some cosmic super intelligence because humanity cannot directly perceive it is like saying we do not exist because viruses are not aware of us….to an insect we would be godlike…massive and omnipotent to them. Religion is a scourge upon the earth. American corporate Christianity and Roman Catholicism is so unrecognizable to the doctrines of Christ which state, love God and love your neighbor….the original church sold all their possessions, pooled all the resources and gave to each member as they had a need…won’t see that preached in RC mass or ACC services though. You are supposed to enjoy an abundance of wealth while your fellows in Christ starve and die from lack of food or lack of healthcare….

  12. Religion can bring people together, but sometimes, someone can manipulate someone else by using religious beliefs to get money not to fund their own followers, but themselves. Religion is as fragile as glass, and we have to use it carefully in the right way.

  13. it’s so weird to me how cults are easily able to draw in large numbers of people into their group… makes me think about how SOME people don’t think for themselves and can be easily manipulated. you would think that these ~followers~ are just overly-religious, zealous people, but some of them are just ordinary-everyday people.

  14. "Then God becomes some emotionally sensitive guy who needs to be coddled" that is one of the biggest insults to my God I have ever heard

  15. My friend and I talked about cults and groups and we came up with the free masons, illuminati, Scientology and that kind of stuff were just groups of people who are just friends and they do a bunch of cooking like lunch. So the free masons do taco Tuesday’s, the illuminati does pizza Fridays and Scientology makes bomb milkshakes on the weekends.

  16. i can’t tell if that’s a legit camp camp reference in the description or a reference to something that happened irl, but either way i laughed

  17. Jonestown (drink the kool-aid) turned me against organized religion. I never drank kool-aid after that either. I remember seeing all the dead bodies on TV. It upset me terribly.

  18. I was actually good friends with someone from the second cult. Had no idea at the time, just thought it was some really weird offshoot of Christianity. Now though… man, I had no idea. They believed that marriage could work even if the two didn’t have the same language. The people of the church all lived in this huge mansion house which I’d visit and had weekly sermons (I did not attend). This huge painting of the reverend Moon was placed in the house. Saw a lot of Japanese people there too though the house was filled with predominately Caucasians. My friend was a really smart person. I’ve lost touch with her over the years. It’s sad to know that she is in a cult.

  19. "He’s got a special place full of fire and torture and anguish where you will suffer and burn and choke and scream and cry forever and ever, ’till the end of time. But he loves you! He loves you and he needs money!" – George Carlin

  20. ok, people who study the bible knows that your expose to be kind to others. These "cults" are nothing more than churchs that change the gospel’s meanings so that they can rise in power. Both Jesus and Paul spoke out against the men who did this and both died for it. Please don’t confuse men like the cathlics to be the same as the day to day christians.

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