3 Horrifying Accurate Hunting Stories to Freak you Out

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Brown Falcon on a flip
Btown Flacon, Falco berigora
Had an wonderful afternoon, evening with this lovely bird. She is fairly unpreturbed with my presence and made a number of near passes and hunts.
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By birdsaspoetry on 2017-05-22 15:47:13

I have realized several lessons above 19 many years of turkey hunting – most of them by performing some thing incorrect. As a matter of fact, I should sheepishly admit that it took six years of problems just before I linked with my first gobbler. Fortunately for me, I have not been blanked given that. But does luck truly have anything at all to do with it? By a irritating approach of elimination, I’ve located out the tough way that successfful turkey hunting is a matter of steering clear of a number of basic but quite organic mistakes, and by performing so, makes for a story that ends with pulling the trigger, rather than a hefty-footed sulk to the truck.

1. Motion. Turkeys are not inherently smart creatures, but they had been granted a few blessed traits that support preserve them alive. A single of them is vision. I’ve gotten away with a shift here or a lean there, but if you move, I promise much more often than not, you will be observed, and turkeys will grow to be much more scarce. I in fact believe that staying totally nonetheless is more important than camo. I would bet on a statue in blaze orange in excess of a fidgety hunter in a ghillie suit every single day of the week. Turkeys important on motion as danger. Period. So never move.

two. Above-Calling. Who in their right thoughts isn’t going to get pleasure from a fired up tom ripping gobbles back to your each peep? But if you turkey get in touch with also a lot you are going to construct that bird’s ego to the stage that he could just end and wait for you to come to him. That is how nature operates. If you have turkey hunted sufficient, then you know you want the Tom to have an concept of exactly where you are and that you are offered – which is it. Depart the rest to his imagination – or your decoys.

three. Sleeping In. You are not a Ninja. Turkeys can see when it really is light out. So get into place in the morning when it really is not. Adequate Mentioned.

four. Poor Preparation. If you wait till the last night prior to season to gather calls, shells, camo, blind, decoys and this kind of, you will inevitably enter the woods short an item or two. Have you ever experimented with calling in a bird by mouth simply because your diaphragm phone is lying in a box in your basement? Will not inquire. Just make a checklist and make confident that everything on it is inside attain.

five. Laziness. If the best strategy to a bird on the roost is across the river and from the other side of the mountain, take it. A spooked bird doesn’t reply properly to the opposite intercourse.

6. Calling it Quits As well Early. I have killed virtually as several birds in the afternoon as morning although turkey hunting. They tend to gobble significantly less, but usually have been abandoned by their female friends. A lonely tom is a vulnerable 1. Stick it out if the weather is steady and there is little wind.

7. Sticking with Techniques that are not Generating. By definition, it is insanity. If you get shut to a tom on the roost two days in a row, and he answers each and every call you make, but doesn’t come in, DO NOT hold carrying out it. Come in from the opposite side of the farm, switch calls, try out decoys, get rid of the decoys, no matter what. Switch it up. A adjust in tactics may be his death sentence. But you will never know unless you go the extra mile and try out it.

To be a successful turkey hunter, irrespective of the game, YOU GOTTA WANT IT! Reside and hunt by that Mantra, and I guarantee you a wall full of trophies and a mind complete of great memories.

Straight shots, Louis J. Foggia III

An avid outdoorsman and hunter with far more than 19 years of expertise, specifically within the turkey hunting area, Louis Foggia elaborates on his turkey hunting guidelines. He is a contributor to the Trophy Area weblog. Trophy Space is an online video location and details supply for hunters and fishermen. The mission is to entertain, inform, educate, and connect you with the most significant outdoorsmen on the Internet – all for totally free.

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  1. Its merder to kil animals MERDERIS today i was in a trip were i have to go with my class over to a camp at nigt i was scared i saw a fave lock at me then i skreamed and tearns out it was a child like me GOOD GREAF i wad scared and i saw annoder face bot i went there and he was holding a nife and i streamd and it was a meder to this day i never go camping AND I WIL NEVER AGIN

  2. That’s why I only hunt for meat and hate people who waste life (the animal’s life, I could care less what the person does) om hunting for sport

  3. On number three, I’m a bit impressed the man in black didn’t die. Even if he was only hit in the shoulder, a wound from a rifle cartridge that can take out game far sturdier than humans, especially at point blank range, would have likely killed him within minutes from the massive amount of blood he would have lost.

  4. Lol I love that #1 only called the cops after his wife was like ope ye there have been some missing hunters… ?

  5. I and my freind in 2017 we’re walking in a field by my house we just mess around in there we were collecting concers and we herd sirens and a man running through a field me and my freind pegged it I was freaked out then I ran into a quary with a man crying behind me I called the cops i just think if he had got to me phew

  6. The last story

    Hunter: *Gets chased by an insanely crazy person*
    Killer: Imma get u and eat for breakfast!
    Hunter: *turns 360°* Ohhhhhh heelllll nooooooohaaaaaaaoaaaaaa
    Killer: *Gets shot* K, maybe next time……

  7. Omg if a head dropped on the ground with no body then I’d be scared like dang// omggg this is scariest stories so far???

  8. My dad told me one weird thing that happened to him while hunting. He was refilling the deer feeder on his lease, but when he went back to his four-wheeler he saw that the manual start switch that requires a lot of force to move, which was previously off, was now turned to the on switch. He then heard the deer feeder suddenly release its contents. My dad always fastens the latch securely so no boars or raccoons open it. My dad hurriedly fixed the feeder and went to ther other feeders on the lease for a check up. It’s still creepy to him to this day.

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