three Creepy Real Horror Stories

These are 3 true life scary stories. I hope you get pleasure from the video and I hope I can get the following video out ASAP.
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49 thoughts on “3 Creepy Real Horror Stories”

  1. The 3rd story… her husband wasn’t almost kidnapped. He was probably going to be assaulted. Why did she think kidnapped??

  2. WOW that 1st story is terrifying!! I just don’t know what the fuck I’d do if I’d been in his/her shoes. I’d probably have made DAMN SURE I grabbed my phone off the counter anyway, rather than leave it just sitting there idle. I’d definitely have let the bastard know I’d seen him anyway, and I was phoning the police. and I’d HAVE GRABBED A KNIFE TOO. Hopefully this would have been enough to make him bolt!!! But I’ve had time to think about what I’d do right enough, so I just hope if I was faced with this nightmare, I’d be able to act, as he was only 13 eh?? Scary shit!!

  3. Y does Mr nightmare have more than double corpse husband’s amount of subs. Like if you think it should be the other way round

  4. Lmfao!! Only after" SEVEN HOURS my boyfriend became annoyed by him." After seven hours?!?! It would’ve took me and I’m sure any other normal guy seven minutes! ! Seven hours of Skype with this maniac. Smmfh idk what goes through some people’s minds.

  5. Ever notice in all these stories people just up and move after something bad happens? Who are you people that have so much $ that you can just up and move out of state any time some shit happens?

  6. Did u see that one the first horror story look at a tree there’s a dog in the tree but a creepy dog did anybody notice that

  7. Kasia N ikr whenever theres a stalker police say Yes well be here in 5Min But then they come in One sponge Bob Episodes (22 Min)

  8. that was scary I wrote a few short stories but I have to copy right them when I do I’ll like to see if you can partner with me

  9. I just started watching and i love your video’s i even subscribe make lots and lots more i love scary stories❤

  10. why haven’t you done any new scary and paranormal videos?? I love hearing your videos, I also listen to lazy masquerade but you rock!!! please post some new ones. corpse husband rules!!!!!!

  11. Pictures of people killing them selves and wants to kill him self and its there fault. Uh no it’s his cause he had those thoughts!

  12. Not too far fetched that guy could have had a key. I have some keys laying around from previous residences myself!

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