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Right here are 3 true stories about Cults, the Occult and Witchcraft. I am joined by Brothers Jackson Videos to tell these stories. After you have listened to the three on this channel, please go to this hyperlink to hear the remaining three stories:

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DGJ_4239 – Cape Sharp Lighthouse
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Notice the door…………..

The initial lighthouse built right here in 1886 was a square white wooden tower, ten.36m (34ft) tall, attached to a two-story dwelling.

In 1904, a fog signal was installed at Cape Sharp in a wooden structure with a red roof and was positioned 68.5m (225ft) from the lighthouse with a horn projecting from its seaward face at an elevation of 13.7m (45ft) above high water.

This present lighthouse was constructed in 1973, a pepper-shaker style white tower with a red lantern room. There was also a dwelling for the keeper and his wife.

Place: South finish of cape, entrance to Parrsboro Harbour
Standing: This light is still standing.
Operating: This light is operational
Started: 1886
Year Lit: 1886
Structure Kind: Tapered square wood tower, white, dwelling attached
Light Characteristic: Occulting White (1992)
Tower Height: ten.7 (35ft) higher.
Light Height: 18.3m (60ft) above water level
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The crucial next step in the evolution of human consciousness can’t be additional delayed to accommodate worry. We are now living in what the Ageless Wisdom teaching describe as the age of occultism-the Aquarian Age-as we move out of the Piscean Age of Mysticism.

A pal told me years ago following paging through my 1st book ‘Understanding Your Choice’ and seeing the words occult/occultism that the Christian neighborhood would significantly object to those terms and so she recommended I change them in my book. I, of course, told her I would do no such issue and that in truth they must be emphasized given the truth that according to the arcane mystery teachings, this Age of Aquarius is a single of creating an occult understanding of life. The paralyzing effects of the fear of something need to usually be countered by the light of knowledge and pure reason.

The first step of any sincere aspirant of this age is to take the time to understand the fundamental variations amongst the Age of Pisces and its dominant function of Mysticism and the New Age of Aquarius with its dominant focus of Occultism.

The aspirant must have an understanding of the standard and enduring potencies of the final two thousand years of the Age of Pisces, and have to be achieved so that they can be counted upon. And at the very same time are balanced inside the context of the new suggestions and idealisms of the Aquarian Age to be brought into objectivity and expressed in a new way. This is vital for the new Aquarian civilization and culture to be wisely and sanely developed and for the foundations to be laid for the correct improvement of the human family in this new cycle.

It is critical then to compare this new age ways of coaching and discipline with those of the old age of Pisces. 1

I will lay out some of the objectives and orientations of each and every age to give a far better understanding hopefully of the aims of the Spiritual Hierarchy in its continued purpose of achieving humanity’s liberation.

The Objectives of the Mystical Age of Pisces:

1. To orient man to the globe of higher values, since the outstanding characteristic below the old regime was devotion. Now humanity have to seek and hold a 1-pointedness toward the soul in preparation for the emergence of the fifth kingdom-God-Man-in the Aquarian age. All world religions have been built around an embodied Idea and these different planet religions below the Piscean age have been adapted to specific nations, races and occasions and were created to embody some truth by way of the medium of a particular teacher who would attract these for whom he expressed the highest objective toward which they could strive.

two. To unfold the “capacity for abstraction” in man to enable him to appreciate tips and turn into able to formulate these ideas toward ideals-a direct proof of the operate of the Spiritual Hierarchy in expanding human consciousness by means of education, emotional development and maturity throughout the Piscean cycle.

three. To fade out the wish of devotees to impose their idealistic fanatical dreams of religious idealism on other folks to merciless excesses.

4. Below the principle of need, large numbers of mankind have been shifted away from the material values of life. In contrast to in prior occasions, when a handful of excellent sons of God would, at this time massive numbers of mankind are motivated and are now prepared to make wonderful sacrifices for an Idea they believe in. This consists of even getting ready to die for a major planet need, an empire or a nation. This is a key racial achievement of the Spiritual Hierarchy who has been in a position to shift the attention of humanity into the planet from which these suggestions emerge and onto higher and much less material values.

five. The sense of taste is linked with discrimination and the development of taste reached a quite high state more than the final two thousand years of the age of Pisces era. This new and very cherished sense of “great taste” is a new issue given that this was usually the prerogative or a highly cultured few. This is an evolutionary achievement and is the correspondence on the higher plane of discriminating sense of values. The Piscean Age can therefore been noted for the evolutionary unfoldment of-Want, Taste and Discrimination- a preparation of the character vehicle of the much more mature individual for the inflow of the soul forces for the intrinsic expression of the correct nature of the man.2

The Objectives for the Occult Age of Aquarius:
This new age will be characterized by the numerous adjustments. We are beginning to see them, and they are generating much fear in the public at massive who are seeing an nearly radial departure from the way things were. This age is referred to as 1 of Alchemy, Ceremonial Order and Magic, one in which the magical perform will be that approach in which man goes in search of the magical agent inside himself utilized in the producing of the Philosopher’s Stone-integrating the physical, astral and emotional bodies, not only in the individual man but the Physique of the race of Man. Organization, Service, Partnership, Brotherhood and the rise of the Feminine to her rightful location of equality, power and rulership are some of the hallmarks of this age. The three items that will undoubtedly be manifested on the planet are

1. Changes in civilization and the culture of humanity initiated by the intelligentsia to whom these energies of variations of the age are understood. They in turn transmit them downward to reverse the involutionary path and re-direct humanity on the upward path toward liberation.

2. These forces are also directed downward to the other kingdoms in nature to initiate and make a distinct high quality in the soul manifestation to consequently make modifications in their types.

three. A difference in the sorts of souls which will now be incarnating on the planet. As the occult energies pour into the etheric body of the planet and consequently into that of every individual, a new globe order is being place in location so that the arcane mysteries can be revealed through them. The majority of the souls who have been in incarnation in the age that is moving out were mystical in nature, and so we are seeing the emergence of seventh ray or occult types appearing who will carry out the operate of synthesis, fusion, and oneness. The separation and division of the outgoing age being replaced!

This new occult force will generate the Western School of Occultism just as the Piscean Age created the Eastern College of Occultism. There will be a shift of the light in the East to over Europe and America bringing about a synthesis of the mystical way and the occult path. The rules of the road will not be discarded but, the same road will be followed, the exact same targets will be achieved but the procedures will be changed to accommodate the new types now in incarnation.three

In the comparison of mysticism and occultism, it should be noted that a mystic is not necessarily an occultist but the occultist embraces the mystic and in reality, mysticism is only one step on the path of occultism. The mystical path is one particular of “enjoy” and can be termed the probationary Path while the occult path is one particular of “will”. The mystic fails in the purpose of his being if he is unable to co-ordinate love demonstrated in activity through the use of intelligent will, to turn into an occultist, which he have to! In a equivalent way the occultist becomes a selfish exponent of intelligent power unless he is capable to locate a objective of that will and information to express, motivated by way of enjoy.

Further, the mystic bargains with the form in evolution and the God within that form and operates from the center to the periphery, although the occultist deal with the form itself, God in outer manifestation, and reverses the procedure of the periphery to the center.

The mystic mounts the spiritual cross through aspiration and intense devotion to God or a Master who he recognizes, even though the occultist attains by the recognition of the law that is in operation and wields that law, which binds matter. He then manipulates matter to meet the needs of the life that is inside the given form. In essence, the occultist functions with the Intelligences who operate with the law till he attains that Intelligence Himself. The mystic at the final initiation is merged into the occultist for he now has become a student of the law who need to perform with matter. The occultist, as a result, contains the qualities of the mystic.four

The Mystical Form Variety:
The mystic broods on that inner center of consciousness as he concentrates upon the God within him. From this center he attempts to link himself to his Master, some saint or the Divine Himself. He pays tiny interest, however, to the bodies inside which the consciousness dwells. In the elevation of his consciousness, he works with the divine fire within and moves from fire to fire, often concentrating on abstractions and on the essence of that life and not on the concrete aspects of that life. If the mystic had his way he would remove kind entirely, and as he harmonizes, loves, performs and burns with fire by means of devotion, he aspires to leap from the plane of the feelings to that of intuition although attempting to eradicate the concrete mind in meditation. The only form the mystic is mentioned to use if the ladder of fire, and through graded realizations of the indwelling Fire, plans to touch the fire of the universe. He is visionary, dreamy, impractical, emotional, and lacking the high quality of mind called discrimination. The mystic is intuitive and prone to martyrdom and self-sacrifice, and ahead of the mystic can accomplish Initiation, he need to:

• By way of meditation bring his entire nature beneath the law, find out to value of form and develop it..
• Find out to appreciate the concrete, and to recognize the numerous bodies by means of which life manifests and their location in the whole scheme of issues.
• Find out about his personal spirit-matter microcosmic automobile in which he exist.5

The Occult Type Type:
For the occultist type presents extremely small resistance since with the Age of Aquarius embodying the Ray of Type and its focus getting Ceremonial Magic, Ritual and Alchemy, the power of this age powerfully facilitates a rapid improvement of occult understanding and its simple assimilation. We will also see the look of many occultists in the outer planet.

In contrast to the Mystic, the occultist is more pre-occupied with the kind even though which the Entity manifests, than with the Entity Himself. Although the mystic attempts to transcend or get rid of the mind in attempting to uncover the true Self, the occultist due to the fact of his interest in the form which veils the Self, and via the intelligent use of the principle of the mind, he arrives at the identical point as the mystic.

He recognizes the bodies or sheaths which veil the correct Self and applies himself to the study of the laws that govern the solar system that is in manifestation, of which he is the microcosm. In his study, he arrives at the central life by a method of elimination, and through conscious expertise and control. He meditates on type (e.g. geometric symbols), till the kind reveals to him the creator hidden inside, and by that type. What is revealed is that the type and the Self veiled by that kind are in reality one and the same and that-Spirit is the highest type of Matter, and Matter is the lowest type of Spirit.

The path of the occultist needs that he does the following:

• Discover and apply the law to his own unfoldment through rigid self-discipline, not the least simply because of the possible dangers involved, are really different from those encountered by the mystic. The need to wield the law from the point of curiosity, and the want for power have to be burnt out of him, so must pride and selfishness. Only then can the secrets of the path be safely entrusted to his care.
• He must, by means of meditation on the form he has built, concentrate upon the indwelling life within and seek the inner burning divine fire that radiates all forms and shelters all divine life.
• Via his scientific study of the macrocosm which is the kingdom of God without having, he must reach a point exactly where he locates the kingdom of God inside, and this is the spot where the mystic and the occultist merge and become 1.6

In this regard, the Age of Aquarius gives wonderful challenges and possibilities for self-being aware of, adeptship and Initiation.


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  3. Why do so many of these stories paint witchcraft in such a negative light? I know plenty of good witches, and am one, myself. No animal sacrifice, or anything else that would make anyone feel uncomfortable or that would harm any creature in any way.


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  6. 1. sometimes you have to go trough shit to find yourself.
    2. magic is real and it’s out there. so are the People which practice it.
    3. not all magic is good, just as not all magic is bad.
    4. is sad that the dark side of the witchcraft is still popular among the practitioners and on the media(including interet).
    5. Being drawn by the dark path is bad, but Being ignorant is worse.
    6. you only atract that which resoates with you and your energy.

    Many blessings to you all

  7. The trouble with things like in the last story, is precisely because people don’t think that things like this are possible, and they also think if they "don’t believe in it" it won’t affect them. WRONG. If anything, they only make the work of evil people EASIER, with their lack of awareness, which allows people like Mike to fob "charged" items off on them. F’r instance: the movie star Angelina Jolie gave Brad Pitt a "ground-up bat" voodoo amulet back in late 2004- and his marriage sundered suddenly only a short time later…NOT a coincidence! She lied and said it was to ‘protect against car accidents". Well, I did a little research and bat bits are NOT used in protection spells-but they ARE used in relationship-destroying spells! Funny that, eh? She also freely admitted to "being into voodoo" back when she got married to Billy Bob; the admission is in her "blood vial interview in Rolling Stone. So, THERE YOU HAVE IT.

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